Warning: 6 Instagram Myths That are Blocking Your Path to Fame

Instagram Myths

In medieval times, some people deemed that all beautiful women are witches and the Earth is flat. The same happened shortly after Instagram was officially launched. The platform is active for more than 8 years, but there are still tons of myths and prejudices concerning the application. Some business owners even doubt the feasibility of growing brand on Instagram. They think that Instagram is really hard to learn and prefer to keep hands-off the platform.

Today we are going to debunk some common myths about Instagram. No matter where you heard them, Instagram may turn out better than you think. And those urban legends will prove a complete bigotry. So, welcome 6 misleading thoughts that can cross your mind at least once.

Myth #1: “My Business Is Not Cut Out for Instagram”

“I kept scrolling my feed and saw nothing but food, selfies, fashion looks, footwear, and travel photos. Even targeted ads they are constantly slipping to me are somehow related to food, beverages, clothes or consulting business. Oh no, I can't use Instagram for my company. I run a CRM software business and it is too boring for Instagram.” – random thoughts of a “boring” IT business owner.

Evernote instagram profile

Myth: Forget about promoting your banking, business marketing, real estate, cleaning, plumbing, woodcarving or whatever company! This is unreal to create entertaining content for the Instagram audience who used to “popcorn” content mentioned above. Only glamorous or hyped industries have a chance to get on top here.

Fact: Even though fashion, food, and entertainment business are the most popular on Instagram, it doesn't mean you can't be successful if you operate in the other niche. B2B companies can also find the key to the heart of the Instagram audience and get tons of loyal followers. Look at Evernote, the “too-boring-for-Instagram” productivity app.

Evernote gained 46k of followers and receives 500-700 likes under each post on average. Yes, it is not thousands and millions usually received by Kanye West or his wife Kim Kardashian, but that is a decent result that allows you to keep high positions in search and nurture more leads through Instagram.

Learning from Evernote, we can highlight the following methods to grow faster:
● show your followers how to use your product or what benefits your service can bring to them. Use the examples of your previous customers;
● take photos of your visual brand identity in a splendid setting (Evernote takes pictures of their brand logo against landscapes, cityscapes, and neat offices);
● capture moments on the brand-related events or make short video reports;
● tell more about your company's history, corporate culture, and traditions.

Myth #2: “I Can't Sell Anything on Instagram”

“So how can I connect my profile to my website? Oh yes, here it is: I can insert a little link to the main page of my website in the chapeau of my profile description. Hmm, but I almost never click on these links while using my personal account. What is its real click-through rate? I hope it is higher than 3%...” – average thoughts of those who've just started using Instagram for business.

Myth: Instagram is not Amazon, it is not intended for selling anything. It's hard to drive traffic to the main website because people only like to look at beautiful pictures and watch funny videos. That's the only reason they come to Instagram making purchases in another place.

Fact: Not at all. 80% of users follow their favorite brands on Instagram. Moreover, at least 30% of users purchased the product they discovered on Instagram for the first time.

The recent updates also make the platform more business-friendly. Now you can create clickable advertisements based on your target audience, shoppable posts, and insert links into your stories. Even though people ignore that small link in your profile's chapeau, they'll definitely click on it somewhere else. And you're saying Instagram has poor selling power?

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To turn Instagram into a powerful platform for sales and leads conversion, you need to follow these simple tips:

● optimize your profile — add the profile picture, relevant link to your online store and craft a compelling bio;
● set up a business profile on Instagram to get access to the detailed analytics and ad campaigns. Create a few ad campaigns and see which one performs better;
● publish shoppable posts and stories;
● communicate with your followers via direct messages. Our direct messaging tool can help to automate this.

Myth #3: “Instagram Intentionally Underestimates Accounts with Few Followers”

My post received only 20 likes in three hours, but I have 200 followers. Why don't they like my posts? I added a full stack of relevant tags, the location tag, and wrote a compelling caption. What's wrong?”– constant thoughts of 90% of Instagram users.

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Myth: Probably this is a new Instagram algorithm penalize the account due to the small number of followers.

Fact: Instagram doesn't care about your number of followers. Of course, an algorithm shows the most popular photos by tag or by location, but their popularity is based more on likes than on followers. Instagram won't restrict you from any benefits it can give unless you violate its rules and conditions.

All you need is the proper promotion. If your marketing campaign doesn't perform well, don't blame Instagram for that. You need to reconsider your strategy and fix the leaks. Also, you can buy instant likes and followers on our website. This will boost your popularity and highly likely blow your posts up to the top positions.

Myth #4: “Instagram Promotion is Too Time-Consuming”

“How do all these people follow thousands of profiles in one day? Probably they've got nothing else to do. My company works on numerous tasks: we develop a marketing strategy, nurture leads, follow-up with our prospects, create marketing documents, so we have much better things to do. Instagram mass-following is ridiculous.” – typical thoughts of “serious” business owners.

Myth: Apart from creating valuable content, you need to perform boring activities such as mass-following, liking, commenting, direct messaging, posting, and so on. It seems to be too time-consuming: you may spend the whole day doing it.

Fact: Yes, it is true that you can spend a whole day on liking, posting or whatever. But it is time-consuming only if you do it by hand. Marketing automation services are in their prime now, so it's almost unforgivable not to take the advantage of them.

Use an Instagram bot to automate the majority of actions on Instagram. For instance, Bigbangram helps you to set up your custom social media campaign and delegate such tasks as auto-liking, following, commenting, and more to our smart system.

Also, we updated our posting module, so now you can manage scheduled posts by adding photos, videos, captions, tags, location, etc. Currently, we are working on scheduled stories functionality, so everybody who has already purchased a subscription plan to the posting module will be able to enjoy this option without paying more.

Myth #5: “The More Followers You Have, the Better is Engagement”

“I can't engage my followers because I do not have many. There is no wonder that so-called Instagram stars get lots of comments, likes, and often end up on the top positions of search by tag or location. People trust them more and enjoy their content more. It's a peer pressure” – sad thoughts of users with a small number of followers.

Myth: If you have a lot of followers, you'll be obviously interesting for your community. Those people who gained several thousands of followers always have better engagement than those who didn't.

Fact: Correlation between a number of followers and engagement rate exists, but it works not that way you could imagine. A company with 50k followers and with less than 100 likes under each photo won't impress anyone. And you can find such profiles everywhere on Instagram — they have many followers but quite low engagement rate. Do you think they're hitting their quota? If yes, not because of Instagram promotion.

Thus, engagement rate is one of the most important metrics. Even if you have only 2k followers and get 500-600 likes under your posts, that means they are truly interested in your product and will eventually buy it. Great two-way communication and compelling content — that's what makes your profile successful in the eyes of your customers.

To ensure the continuous two-way communication, you need to talk to your followers. “Capitan Hindsight!” — you may say. Yes, but only a small part of businesses knows how to communicate with their customers in the best possible way. There are 3 golden rules of establishing the great two-way communication:

  1. Always answer to comments with questions. If you receive too many comments so it's impossible to track them all, use Comment Tracker. With this tool, you won't miss a single comment anymore.
  2. Welcome each new follower via direct messages, inform existing ones about upcoming sales or new product releases, and follow-up with your prospective clients if you see that they are ready to buy.
  3. Arrange contests or make interactive stories with polls. Recently, Instagram introduced emoji slider to make your stories even more engaging.

Myth #6: “Instagram Lacks Quality Analytics”

“There is no way to know what's working and what's not. All my efforts may be wasted: I won't know what was wrong with my strategy. Instagram lacks quality analytics, that's why I prefer using other marketing channels to promote my products.” – frustrating thoughts of Instagram users who are still not aware of all Instagram features.

Myth: As we all know, Instagram was created for entertainment purposes, so there are no tools for businesses to monitor their accounts' performance.

Instagram Quality Analytics

Fact: Yes, Instagram hasn't got any analytics tools until the recent past. But things have changed and now we have a possibility to track down our progress as a for-profit company. If you still don't have access to detailed analytics of your profile, probably you haven't changed your profile's type from the regular to the business one. And it is constantly updating: Instagram adds new features to the analytics tool with each new version release.

Apart from software analytics, you can also take advantage of expert analytics conducted by real people. We at Bigbangram offer you to hire one of our professional SMM specialists who will analyze your profile's performance and develop a robust strategy for your business.

Don't look for runaround when you have a chance to scale your business. We know how hard it can be to go outside-of-the-box without being sure that it will definitely work for you. Nowadays Instagram is a multipurpose platform both user- and business-friendly, so everyone can take an advantage of it. Stop doubting, start acting — this is the only option you have after we busted the most common myths about Instagram.

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