Want To Become A Fashion Blogger? Stop Dreaming, Start Acting!

Become A Fashion Blogger

Even if you have never thought about becoming a fashion blogger before, you definitely know that the competition in this very sphere is extremely high. Nevertheless, it won't be a good idea to give up your dream just because of the fact that other people have taken a decision to enter this business earlier than you.

And yes, I have said “business” not just because this word seemed to be the most appropriate one in this very case. I really consider this activity to be a business. It's a job as you wish. But in case you sincerely love what you do, nobody and nothing can stop you from achieving the top.

Being a fashion blogger: what does it mean?

Before proceeding to practical recommendations for promoting your fashion blog, let's try to define the role and the specificity of activities of such a blogger. Maybe we will reveal that you are already a fashion blogger but you still haven't realized it (oh, just joking, but who knows!).

fashion blogger

Fashion blogging is not a new concept. Even in a pre-Instagram era enthusiasts used various online platforms to share their vision on fashionable trends. Nevertheless, now Instagram has become the main platform for those who are obsessed with style and fashion.

Now bloggers write less but show more. They are much braver than they used to be before. They are more open and definitely more creative.

Who can become a fashion blogger?

My answer is: practically everyone who has a taste and clear understanding of his or her style. And you can become a fashion blogger as well (leave your doubts aside).

fashion blogging is not a new concept

Traditionally, fashion bloggers have a rather wide target audience. Girls and women like them for their useful recommendations and stylish looks, boys and men also quite often like them, maybe not for their textual content but for visuals.

Nevertheless, sometimes blogs are targeted at narrower groups. For example, a teen fashion blogger is seeking popularity among a younger audience and a pregnant fashion blogger has an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of being in the family way and to win the hearts of young mommies and other women waiting for a baby.

If you feel that the sphere of fashion is interesting for you but you don't feel like becoming a blogger, you can become an Instagram model. It's also quite an appealing and promising option. Don't be afraid to start!

The fashion sphere on Instagram is constantly growing and you also have a chance to rock it. If you are still two-minded: blogging or modeling, modeling or blogging, study our How to Become a Popular Instagram Model guide, it may help you to take a decision.

How to become a fashion blogger: main recommendations

If you are sure about your decision and want to create your own blog (or maybe you already have one and now are interested in its promotion), you will definitely like the following tips.

1. Define what makes you unique

Of course, it may seem rather simple just to follow one's example and to copy one's strategy. But do you really want to become a fake Alexa Chung or another one Julia Engel? I don't think so. I believe that you want millions of people to love personally you. And by the way, staying unique is one of the main steps to this goal.

Define what makes you unique

2. Study the expectations of your target audience

Don't worry I remember what I have said earlier. Yes, fashion bloggers, as a rule, have rather wide target groups but it doesn't mean that your audience doesn't have their specific expectations.

They may concern a type of content (maybe people your to-do or must-have lists) or they may cover some wider activities. Maybe your followers will be happy to read your book or want to have an opportunity to get your personal consultation. In such a case you can hold a contest: people will get what they want and you will get their activity and engagement.

3. Create catchy visual content

Yes, don't forget that initially, Instagram was about images. If we speak about the fashion sphere, high-quality photos is a must. Some experienced fashion bloggers insist that great pics (and videos) is the only thing that you need to pay attention to when you are just starting.

Create catchy visual content

4. Build your own brand

When you a fashion blogger, your name is a brand itself. Your followers should see your personality and associate you with the image that you are creating. People should understand what you want to tell them via your style (let's admit that it will be rather strange if a street fashion blogger or a person who looks like street fashion blogger will suddenly start attending glamour parties (and post photos). Remember: when you are a blogger, you don't need to promote some goods or services, leave it for others. Your task is promote yourself.

5. Try to create a plan

When you are developing a blog you need to have a clear vision in what direction you are moving and what aims you are trying to achieve. I don't expect you to write a detailed content plan for 6 months beforehand or to predict an exact number of followers that you will achieve or the names of the brands that you are going to collaborate in 5 years. However, I recommend you to think carefully about the general ideas that you want to spread and what audience you want to have.

Try to create a plan

Stay patient! In case you started yesterday, tomorrow you won't have 2 mln subscribers. Just try to put up with this fact. Nevertheless, we can help you to boost the development of your account.
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