Why is Social Upgrade closed? Any alternatives?

Let’s get down straight to the point. I was hit by the news, that Social Upgrade had been closed down. At All. Why? It’s simple. They cheated on people, who believed them, gave them their money for every month subscription and the access to Instagram accounts. If you are looking for Social Upgrade reviews on the Net, here’s the best one, I promise.

Social Upgrade had thousands of connected Instagram accounts with full access. Plus devs had a shop, where everyone could buy likes and followers. What have they done? They took accounts and sell their likes to other people.

Happy dancing on the match

If you don’t understand, what is the violation, I will explain to you in a few words: Instagram has limits for the number of actions per day. So if you pay $39-99 for 1 month of Instagram Bot performance, you expect, that all actions will be targeted at your potential customers, followers and mutual likes. But the developers sell your likes to other people. You pay money and don’t get maximum and effective performance. But the executives have your account for free and sell its actions at the best price on the market.

You pay money, give your Instagram account and simultaneously help Social Upgrade to make money out of thin air!

I was in shock by the height of rudeness.
Do you want to know how actual Instagram Bot must perform?

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Social Upgrade alternatives: How to get real benefit from Instagram Bot?

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