PC-Application for Work with BigBangram

PC-Application for Work

New application works as a local proxy server and helps to work with Instagram accounts inside the BigBangram platform.

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How does it work?

We made an PC application for our system, which you can download and use on your home computer. This application works as a proxy server and all your accounts that were added to the BigBangram system will work on your home IPs, which exclude the possibility of blocking or blocking by Instagram or InstaForex.

Our application supports: MAC / LINUX / WINDOWS

You can download it on the page of adding Instagram accounts to our system. After installing the program you will be able to log in to your BigBangram account and re-add the Instagram account to our system through this application.

The interface of the application is as simple as possible, all you need to do is download the application – log in using the login and password from the BigBangram account and thats all, then you can go back to the site app.bigbangram.com

Please note that if you close the application or if you turn off your computer or if you lose an Internet connection on your computer – then your account will automatically switch to our local proxy and IP addresses and will continue to work in automatic mode, you do not need to manually delete or add accounts from the application to the online-system on our website, all switching works automatically.

If you assign a proxy server to your account, it will have a higher priority, i.e. the account will work through the assigned proxy and Instagram will determine the IP address and location of this proxy server even when the application is running

If you close the application, the accounts will return to our IP addresses and locations (if they do not have their own proxy servers), they will continue to work in normal mode, but some actions (likes, for example) can be blocked by the Instagram. If you decide to add a new account, we recommend that you start the application and leave it open while adding the account

Please note that since the application is new and has no users yet, your internal operating system firewall can alert you that the “unsafe” file – ignore this warning. Our application is completely safe and does not have the presence of viruses or malicious scripts.

Operating Instructions (short):

1. If you have a problem with work or adding an account to the BigBangram system – download our application to your computer

2. Log in to the application and make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and turned on.

 After successful authorization simply return to the site app.bigbangram.com and continue to work with the system in the usual mode.

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