Instant Likes and Views Option: +50% to Popularity

nstant Likes and Views Option

Never too many likes and views, right?
Likes are a sort of insta-currency which can be converted into real cash through smart promotion. Views became the number two important indicator of success after the emergence of videos and insta-stories.
Even if you have already used our Instagram liking bot and gained a swarm of followers, there is a new method to further boost your account's popularity.
Move on and read how to invest in your future through Bigbangram's new Instant Likes and Views feature.

Why does it Promote Faster?

Let's explain why this option is a very special one for our customers. Using it, you can order a huge number of instant likes and video views for both published and future posts.
There are no waiting time, no limits and no painstaking efforts.
Simply set, get and forget. Or set, forget and get, speaking of the pending content.

Instant Likes and Views Option: +50% to Popularity

The Whole Point of Likes
and Their 3 Effects on Your Business

Underestimation of likes is probably among the biggest mistakes in the Instagram promotion. Recent updates of the application have taken them to the higher level of importance.
Now there is a direct relation between number and likes and views, which have 3 effects on your business:

Clear victory and success

More Likes – More Popularity

Like and followers on Instagram are regarded as a sign of popularity by a majority of its users, but have you ever considered them to be a cause of it? Imagine: you scroll through the random pages on Instagram and stumble upon a profile with great images and 100k of followers.
Then you notice the other page with same-quality content and 5k of followers.
Who would you follow first?

Picture of the beautiful nature More Likes

Here a psychological factor plays out: accounts with a lot of likes will attract many followers even if they have a lower quality of the content than similar pages with no likes.
Both your loyal customers (acquaintances) and random people will pay more attention to your profile if you get more likes.

Whats why i go to the gym

Therefore, users appreciated by the community have more chance to speed up their promotion. It looks like a vicious circle for novices, so we offer a solution: instant likes.
You canget 100, 200 or 1000 of them without long and boring build-up of your audience.

More Likes – More Customers

There are two most common ways of looking for a new content in Instagram: tags and “search” tab which you can observe below:

Most of those posts have already gathered 500-1000 likes. Instagram recommends anyone relatively popular accounts basing on their preferences and previous actions.
Photos with 50-200 likes usually are shown to their possible acquaintances, while those which got many of them may appear in “search” tabs of random people.
The same thing happens with stories and videos which gained a lot of views.

Publications found by tags are not always available in chronological order. Sometimes you can see popular photos on the first pages of a tag.
Thus, a larger percentage of your potential customers will be able to see your posts in their news feeds.

How to get in the search

More Likes – A Good Future

Each tag in Instagram has “top posts” tab on its page. For instance:

Only pictures with a plenty of likes and comments may emerge in top posts of popular tags. Of course, there are less known tags with a lower bar, but their audience coverage is far less too.

Big news: even though the majority of photos in top posts are fresh, publications with unabated activity hold their places for a long time or suddenly emerge on the page after a few days.
Bigbangram's feature will allow you reminding your potential subscribers about long-forgotten publications through getting a bunch of likes at the moment.

Pictures of nature from hashtags

How Does it Work and
What to Expect in the Future

Our Instagram liking bot ensures you with the highest level of automation: all you need to do is to set likes and views amount needed for a particular post and turn the promotion on.

The other crucial advantages of Instant Likes and Views option are:

● purchase of likes and views is carried out right here on a dashboard;

● you don't pay anything: the demanded sum will be automatically withdrawn from your balance;

● there is no need to copy and paste links – choose photos directly from your Instagram account;

● incredible speed: no matter how many likes you ordered, you'll get them all within 5-10 seconds;

● auto like and auto view function for postponed publications for your convenience.

It is highly likely that we will add a new bonus feature to this promotion: insta-stories boost. You will be able to buy views on your daily videos too.

7 Ideas to Get More Likes on Your Photos

Actually, we have a lot of other plans but just keeping them on the low-down. Our Instagram botwill be substantially upgraded in 2018 – track our blog to know first.

1. Thoroughly select relevant hashtags. Use the combination of the most popular of them, suitable for this particular photo and local ones.

2. Add a location – some people in Instagram search photos by the venue.

instagram likes gif

3. Schedule your posts at best times: lunchtime from 12 A.M to 2 P.M and evening from 7-8 P.M until midnight.

4. Like other photos which you search by tag or just posts of random people. It was found that every 100 likes will bring you about 21 likes back and 6 follows.

5. Inform your followers about your new publication using insta-stories. Some people don't scroll their news feed until the end but routinely watch daily stories.

6. Run contests. For instance: “Like and comment my last post and I will like five yours.” or “We offer bonus $5 on any purchase in our store if you will like 10 our posts”

7. Reshare pictures on other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Apart from more likes, you will cover a larger audience and probably gain a few new followers.

Even though those methods work quite well, you will not be able to get 1000 likes in one day using them. So if you have higher standards, Bigbangram is here for you.
We offer our services at a fair price.
If you want to get more likes and followers on Instagram, you will pay 1.30$ per 100 likes and 0.60$ per 100 video views.
Looks more like a small symbolic contribution than a burdensome investment, doesn't it?

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