Instagram reels as a new platform feature

Instagram reels as a new platform feature

A new option of Instagram as Ig reels was launched on August 5, 2020. Now it is accessible in more than 50 countries.

Instagram as Ig reels

What is a reel on Instagram?

Reels on Instagram is an excellent opportunity to design your 15-seconds video content adding tracks, stickers, different effects to share with friends and followers. You will say that reel videos are a real TikTok! Facebook has made a competitor. It sounds like a try, but there are some differences. Let's deal with it in order.

a reel on Instagram

Reels vs TikTok. Are they the same?

The likeness is that both tools were developed for a short video recording. You may use this entertainment content to amuse your friends, gain more followers, or even let others know your product/services better.

The variance between the new Instagram video format and TikTok videos:

  • TikTok is a separate platform only for video creation while reels by Instagram is one of the features among the other Instagram options;
  • TikTok allows you to design a video up to 1 min while reel options are limited to 15 sec.
  • a reel on Instagram Stories has a short life(only 24 hours), while a TikTok video has an unlimited life.
  • a person may watch the TikTok videos without app registration, while on Instagram, you should go through the sign-in process to view the Instagram users' reels.
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Insta reels vs Insta Stories

It may seem that an Instagram reel is close to Stories: the same video recording opportunity with stickers elements. But this is not entirely true.

The variance between Instagram Reels and Stories:

  • reels have more extensive video features: Augmented reality(AR) effects, speed setting, and the possibility for leveling several clips;
  • reels option has a more extensive “field of spreading” on Instagram: use the Explore option to watch more video content from different users or post your own, post into your news feed, go through uploaded videos in the future, finding them in your profile window near to the IGTV icon;
  • the other Instagram people may use your placed track to add it in their new reels.
Instagram Reels and Stories

Can reels help your business development?

  1. Your reels on the Explore page give you a great opportunity to “climb” to the Top of recommended content. You may reach your audience and gain more followers that will interest your product/services.
  2. Use amusing guides or any educational content to promote your account and product. In this way, you can turn hard things into easy to understand ones. In our hasty time, people will be happy to watch a short video that gives advice or simple instructions.
  3. Use additional texts and stickers for Instagram to understand your content idea and decide how to place your reels on the Explore area.
  4. Share your backstage content. Are you designing a new dress, or are your workers cooking a dish in your restaurant? Show how you buy and select details for your future product, how you spend a working day, etc.
  5. Announce your product sales and actual dates to interest and engage your audience.

To know more about other new Insta features read about Instagram updates to make your presence on Instagram more useful. Keep up with the times and bolster your business.

Instagram updates

How to use reels in Instagram

Let's go through the main steps to create your perfect reel.

  1. Log-in process

Switch to the Instagram camera and pick out the “Reels” icon next to the “Story” icon;

  1. Reel creation
  • you may download a video from your phone gallery and apply any suggested effect;


  • create yours with the help of Instagram.

Before a reel video recording, set up the audio for your future video, speed, and timer to indicate the video duration.

Now press and hold a round button on the bottom screen.

Click on the button to stop a first video recording. Press it again to start a second “episode” recording.

Use the “Align” button that affords the individual episodes to be connected and adjusted to each other. The effect of moments transition appears.

Use arrows to switch to a specific “episode” to delete it or edit if you don't like it.

Add text, stickers, or emoji to diversify your video creation.

use reels in Instagram
  1. Reel sharing
  • click on the “>” icon(or the “Next” button);
  • use the “Cover” button to create a reel cover(or add from the phone gallery);
  • add captions if you have a desire;
  • pick out the “Share” button or “Save as a Draft” (if you want to postpone the publication).

There are some options to share reels:

  • send in to Explore, where different accounts may observe your video content;
  • send to Reels window on the Feed in case your account is a public one;

Note: Users may press on your audio, sticker, or hashtag placed on the reels to switch to certain pages with the same audio, sticker, or hashtag.

  • sent to your followers if your account is a private one (but they can't use your reels' audio or hashtags to share it with accounts that don't follow you).
Reels window on the Feed
  1. Reel finding

There are some ways to discover reels on Instagram:

  • use Feed to observe your followers' reels;
  • use Explore and the top right “Reel” image to watch various reels from different accounts;
  • click on the reel's audio or hashtag to switch to the other reels with this audio or hashtag;

Note: you may press the “Use audio” to record your reel with the track.

  • find more video content with a hashtag from a reel in a search bar.

So, now you are aware of the reels creation process. Take the opportunity to design the amazing content that will bring you popularity and more followers. Show about your product, the steps of its creation, and your sales will boost.

reels creation process
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