Instagram Hacks for Travel Bloggers

Instagram Travel Bloggers

If your greatest dream from the early childhood was to travel, yet, growing in an adult you lost your hope to gain money for doing what you love, then we'd recommend forgetting that nonsense. Start turning your dream into reality, and BigBangram will help you with the rest.

It's complicated to break into the top of Instagram travelers' accounts. The niche has a strong competition, so newbies usually end up with a few followers and end early their blogger careers.

Still, it's not impossible to become famous. Here is a guide on how to create a successful traveling account within a short time! And if you already own one and want to create more traffic in there, you should definitely try BigBangram Instagram comment bot – you'd be pleasingly surprised with its functionality.

Should it really be the Instagram account?

Certainly yes. The whole concept of sharing your traveling experience fits amazingly the format of Instagram posts, as soon as Instagram is all about aesthetics. Nature, new people and new places enclosed in the single shot may tell the world more than the hour-long video blog (and the first variant requires quite fewer efforts to create, by the way).

Travel pictures created for instagram

The platform is hard to break into, but the others are even harder. Facebook, Youtube and so on require constant attention to the statistic, tons of efforts of creating qualitative (and long) videos or text posts. It's obvious that the traveller doesn't have a possibility to bring tons of equipment during the journeys. Considering all of these arguments, Instagram is the best and relatively easiest way to become popular as a travel blogger.

Ordinary account or business account?

Business. Only it provides the creators with the instruments, essential to the marketing strategy and Instagram promotion. Personal accounts are good for the photos just for your close friends, but we're playing for the high stakes, right? At the same time, with the business account, you get.

Activity analytics

BigBangram statistic dashboard

This instrument is absolutely necessary when you need to learn, how good your account goes. It shows the traffic on your page, the amount of visitors, comments, likes under each publication. Here you can also get an understanding of your followers – their age, sex, location, as well as interests. This way you can figure out, which content will receive more appreciation, and start purposefully make photos or captions, related to your followers to get more response.

Links to the other pagesThe first thing your followers see when opening your account should be a link to your other social media page or even to your website. With the personal account, you can't customize your page that way, which is another reason for switching to the business account. Furthermore, as soon as you get your first 10k subscribes you'll be able to add links right into your stories.

Steps to the success

Now you have a customized business account with all of the great features it offers, so it's just the time to direct our steps to the actual fame receiving. Here are some practical methods of making the content on your page highly competitive and attended.

Step 1. Bio

We've mentioned that the bio is the first thing the visitor pays attention to. It's an actual label of your profile, so we have to make it unique and personalized. Start with these small improvements, but feel free to add something else if you feel that way.

Look for inspiration

● Name and login. You've probably already come to the name of your blog, right? Then the login wouldn't be a problem: put the name in without spaces (and odd numbers or symbols). It has to be easily searchable, catchy and simple at the same time. As for the name, use your own or the cool nickname, at the very least.

● Profile picture. The face of your account should obviously contain your actual face, or how should people realize who they're dealing with? Yes, you're the traveller, but you're the influential person in the first place. Choose the picture, where your occupation seems evident (as well as your identity).

● Bio. To create good bio you'll have to turn on the fantasy. There is a high limit on symbols, so the bio should contain the necessary minimum information, like your name, age, and profession (travel blogger, just in case). Another good idea would be to occasionally refresh your current location and the next destination point to bring some sort of interactivity for your followers.

Step 2. Feed

Congratulations, we came to the most challenging part of the blog creation – content. When posting the image, remember these tips so your posts will be thus remarkable and qualitative to outstand the numerous photos of the other creators.

Look for your own way

● Image quality. It's obvious that Instagram puts an emphasis on the photos. Bloggers have to follow the rules of the platform and share only the shots of the excellent quality. There's no need to take pictures on the expensive cameras – a good smartphone will do a great job too. Followers won't forgive dark or blurred photos, so the equipment decision is the top priority when becoming a blogger.
● Editing. Filters can be both saviors and destroyers of your photos. The good editing will make the already perfect photo even more impeccable. However, filters' misuse can at once screw up all of your job. So start your Instagram career from learning how to edit photos – find the guides or experiment until sensing the results.

● Color spectrum. This is the advanced option for those who've already tested the capacity of Instagram. The task is to create a personalized theme for your account. When opening your profile, the visitor has to see the certain tendency in photo editing, the style, which will distinguish your photos from the others in the feed. You can achieve this by experimenting with edit mostly, and eventually coming to the single variant of photo arrangement.

● Content. Your followers wish to see the wonders and curiosities, and you have to be their guide in the world of adventures. Don't share every single showplace you saw in the town you're visiting. Carefully choose what to publish, create your publication scheme, think ahead and offbeat. Don't follow the trends – create them. Shoot everything interesting, but share only those photos, which bring out emotions or thoughts.

● Captions. This is the part of posting, which you should never underestimate. Text under the photo has to continue the mood of the shot or the thought expressed there. Take this part very seriously and think twice before publishing the caption.

always stand out

● Supportive applications. Creating the blog from ground zero is sometimes an unbearable goal. In this case, you have to use the additional apps, which provide functions for the account's popularization. BigBangram Instagram Comment-Tracking service, for example, allows you to receive notifications about commentators' activity on your page and always be in touch when it's needed.

And, finally – always move forward. Experiment, challenge yourself and try everything new both in traveling and blogging. BigBangram genuinely wishes you luck in your path to the success!

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