How To Make People Love Your Cooking Via Instagram Using Hashtag Generator?

Cooking Via Instagram

Hey, do you remember the amount of hashtags that you usually add to photos and videos on Instagram? Or maybe you follow another strategy and prefer not to add them at all? How long, as a rule, does it take to decide what tags to place?

Or let's pose the question another way: are you sure that you really understand how to utilize them?

Some years ago it was a real trend to put long lines of various tags. Even just ordinary users typed dozens of popular (and not very popular) tags for their family pics in order to...To tell the truth, they themselves couldn't explain what goals they tried to achieve doing it.

But now the situation has changed. The amount of tags doesn't matter at all. Now another thing matters: you need to define the most appropriate ones. Now people know that tags are intended to serve as a link between the account and its TA.

That's why account managers, bloggers, and active users are trying to study this issue deeper with a view to learning how to use hashtags on Instagram. But a lot of them are obliged to waste long hours trying to choose the most appropriate ones.

Do you want to be a skillful hashtags user but do not want to spend much time on studying all the secrets? No problems! Any folly for your lolly, my friend. Just kidding! It's free.

I am talking about BigBangram hashtag generator. Is this service known to you? If not, I'll tell you. But let me cover each thing in its turn and put the things as simple as possible.

World's best recipe accounts!

Let's imagine that you are a born cook (or maybe it's true then that's great!). But at the current moment, only your nearest and dearest have an opportunity to enjoy your delicious dishes.

Views, likes, followers connect people

Are there any good ways to demonstrate your recipes and culinary secrets to others? Without any doubts! So, Instagram meets all the requirements to become just an appropriate platform for you.

While you are just dreaming about it, others are already acting. But it's not the reason to give up, it's just a great opportunity to learn from their experience.

I'd like to show you 3 accounts that are working in the same segment but work with tags in different ways.

On the basis their behavior models, you will be able to realize which one will suit you better.


recipe from thefeedfeed

Look carefully what tags are added. First of all, you can notice a unique tag #feedfeed which was created by the account. This hashtag is intended for being published under each post of this account.

A tag of this kind is usually used to facility the way people can find the posts of this or that account. Moreover, do you know a comparatively new Instagram feature that allows people to subscribe to some concrete hashtags? It helps not to miss posts that could be interesting for you. You also can create such an account for you.

Secondly, there are tags that are associated with the pic posted. If it is a recipe of toasts for lunch there will be some popular Instagram hashtags including such obvious ones as #toast#bread #toasttime #lunch #easylunch and a couple of others.

Tip 1: Use related hashtags.

Though it sounds rather simple, in reality, it may take 20-30 minutes to define the best Instagram hashtags for every single publication.

But with an Instagram hashtags generator, everything is not only simpler but also quicker.

BigBangram hashtag generator can offer hashtags by Photo, by URL or by Keyword. Just try. I am sure that you will like it.

generate hashtags


Food52 is probably one of the most widely known accounts with recipes. At the moment that account can boast over 2 mln followers. It posts not only its own recipe but also reposts publications of other users who add a special hashtag.

Have you already caught the idea? The account has its own hashtag #f52grams that should be used by those who want to see their recipes in the account with more than 2 mln subscribers (a good way to attract new people, don't you think so?)

recipe from food52

Tip 2: Use the hashtags that will help
millions of users see your post.


Though this page hasn't managed to reach the same level of popularity as the previous one (it has around 60, 000 followers), it's a great example of how skillfully it is possible to combine hashtags of different groups.

recipe from dianemorrisey

Though here we can see rather expectable in this very case hashtags like #brunch #todayfood and #bonappetit, there are some tags which I've mentioned in the context of the previous accounts: #food52 and #feedfeed.

Why have they been added to this post? The answer is very simple: in order to make the post viewed by thousands of users who are subscribed to the most successful bloggers who post recipes and their tags.

It looks like I am ready to offer you the third tip:

Tip 3. Combine unique
and universal hashtags.

Hashtag generator: Is it really useful?

I can say without any doubts that tags represent themselves a very powerful promotional tool. Nevertheless, there is still one question that requires an answer: do you really need to turn to a hashtag generator to achieve success?

As for me, I see only advantages of the using this AI-based BigBangram service. And here is why:

  • It facilitates your work. You do not need to analyze hoe popular of this or that tag is, it will be done for you by the service.
  • It helps to save time. Tags that are recommended to be added will be shown just after you insert a keyword or browse a photo
  • It offers a choice. The generator will display a wide range of variants ranged based on their popularity.
  • It's free. Yes, you do not need to pay for this BigBangram tool

Nevertheless, adding appropriate tags is only one of the wide range of methods to gain new subscription, encourage followers activity and expand the reach of your posts.

Moreover, I recommend you to study our other materials on the issue prepared for you with love and care. Hope you'll like them.

I wish you good luck.

hell yeah

P.S. I am looking forward to seeing your amazing recipes in the top.

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