How To Increase Website Conversion Via Widgets?

Increase Website Conversion Via Widgets

Welcome here, a trendy online entrepreneur – this article aims to uncover details on how to increase website conversion rate by up to 300%. Regardless of you are a freelance designer or eCommerce enthusiast, you might have heard of website widgets. Floating popups trigger website visitors, guiding them across your online shop, spurring lead generation, and sales. Hence, your CTAs and digital marketing are becoming far more manipulative.

In this article, you will investigate:

  • Everything about widgets: types, purposes, and benefits;
  • Bit-by-bit guidance on how to increase online sales with them.

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Don't let this deal slip through the cracks – let's rock your online business with widgets!

Widgets: definition, types, and 5 reasons to add them

Widgets or popups are extensions for websites that embedded to provide information, collect leads, display testimonials, and demos. You can customize the CTA, emojis, design, and other settings on your dashboard. A triumphant widget always talks on a visitor's language and predicts his needs and feelings. Widgets are a marketing tool for online manipulation. Widgets look like this:

convert and sell more

And the close up:

55% discount

There are many types of widgets on the market. But BigBangram offers 14 proven and most triggering popups:

  1. Informational. Pick this widget to guide views with beneficial information they need to purchase from you – sales, offers, etc.
  2. Coupon. This type of popup will drive random visitors to buy since you suggest an exclusive coupon – likely, they will share it with friends!
  3. Live Counter. This widget shows how many users are staying active on your website in real-time to build trust.
  4. Email Collector. You can expand your customer database by providing a tempting offer in exchange for their email.
  5. Latest Conversion. Widget to broadcast the latest activities on your page to motivate visitors.
  6. Conversions Counter. Install this widget to let visitors know how many people have ordered your products in real-time to cite the urge.
  7. Video. Add this widget to place triggering video content appearing as a popup. It can be a demo of products, testimonials, and how-tos.
  8. Social Share. Grow your social media audience through the website and one-click shares.
  9. Random Review. Genuine reviews on your product collected across the web will improve brand credibility.
  10. Emoji Feedback. This widget is an easy yet useful way to get feedback about user experience.
  11. Cookie Notification. Kindly remind your visitors your website is collecting cookies – an excellent way to build trust among customers.
  12. Let website visitors express their emotions by leaving an honest score – be interactive!
  13. Request Collector. This widget is essential when amassing emails and phone numbers. Motivate visitors to leave their contact details and call them back.
  14. Countdown Collector. Limit your offer with time – this tool triggers the audience to play your rules and leave their contacts.

Keep on reading this article to understand how to add website widgets regardless of your website platform – no coding and specialized skills are required to upgrade your webpage. Further, in our blog, we will uncover hidden tips and tricks on every widget type.

5 proofs widgets

5 proofs widgets are a lucrative solution for every industry:

  1. Easy to embed. Simply sign in and pass to the settings of a widget you need. Adjusting a widget will take somewhat 10 minutes of your time. A widget's appearance and titles are all up to you. The widget's design is compatible with any website based on Javascript.
  2. SEO improvement. Widgets drive the audience across your website like a shop assistant. Thus they spend more time in your online shop when they interact with popups, which upgrades SEO metrics. Google ranks higher those pages that improve the on-site experience.
  3. Solve online business challenges. Widgets are indeed a multi-tasking marketing tool. They spur urgency, amass contact data, redirect traffic to the strategically important pages, and limit cart abandonment.
  4. Easy to measure. The effect of using widgets can be monitored right on the dashboard. When you check the statistics regularly, you indicate what type of widgets generate more income. You can test and measure several offers to detect to best.
  5. Proven sales growth. According to marketing surveys and investigations, websites powered by widgets generate 3X more income. Retail, eCommerce, travel leading platforms, like, Avaisales, etc. function with triggers. A properly-adjusted popup sales more than a mail

How much should I pay for widgets? The starter pack is free of charge. For professional use, widgets start at 12$ per month.

Increase website conversion
by 300% in 10 minutes – guidance

Widgets are 100% adapted to your website – correlate them with your marketing goals. You can adjust the message, color, button, durations, and other settings manually. Do as follows:

Sign up – 2 minutes

To start using widgets, you need to create an account on Bigbangram. The personal dashboard gives you full control over widgets and offers analytics.

Choose a sales-driving widget – 2 minutes

Decide what type of widgets from the 14 listed above will return in more profits for your business. We bet you have already come up with several ideas of popups.

Set aside a widget's performance – 5 minutes

1. Select a page where a widget should appear. You can trigger users on all pages:

widget should appear

2. Pick the right position of a floating bar and the duration of its performance:

 right position of a floating bar

3. Add a catchy offer and call-to-action button. Synchronize colors with your website design:

your website design


Examine the effects – 1 minute

Check the website metrics after you embed a widget. Regular estimations will help you to indicate the best widget type and message.

How to increase online sales fast? Know you know the real working solution!

Examine the effects – 1 minute

What to do if a widget wasn't sales-driving? Test different offers, titles, and descriptions. A right widget is precise, triggering, and a part of your marketing funnel. Never give up and...

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