How to Increase Sales by 87%? Handmade Shop Case-Story!

We, at Bigbangram, adore people who are pretty good with their hands and can create something extraordinary from something mediocre. It was such an honor to help Alice's business to strive. To our enormous pride, we managed to reach really impressive results together. All the details are right below!


Client: Alice, owner of a handmade jewelry shop

Problem: high competition, low sales rates

The solution offered: hot clients tool

Results: +87% Sales Increase!

high competition, low sales rates

The start of the team-up

Alice, the owner of a handmade jewelry Instagram account, contacted our marketing agency with a particular, extremely pressing issue: she made (and still does) wonderful, really creative accessories, but due to high competition, there were a few customers. She decided that it would be the best option to turn her Instagram account into the real sales channel, but she didn't know how.

how to become an influencer on instagram

Our team offered Alice to use the new Bigbangram tool – Hot Clients.

Side note: What is the ‘Hot Clients' tool?

Hot Clients is the tool that tracks the Instagram users' posts according to, picked up by you, set of hashtags and locations.

Once you save your targeting settings, you see the most recent posts made by your potential clients. You can like the post drawing users' attention to your account, you can leave a comment under the post or send a message to Direct.

The additional convenience is added through the possibility to save a message and comment templates for further one-click sending. That is all about timing.


Yeah, we also like Hot Clients!

The problem-solving process

1. The first step was the strategy work-out.

Hashtags. What hashtags are your potential clients supposed to use? In Alice's case, it was #jewelry, #jewelryaddict, #jewelrygoals, #accessoriesoftheday, #accessorieslover, and so on.

how to become an influencer on instagram

Location. From what location are your customers supposed to post their posts? It can be the locations nearest to you – not relevant for Alice as she owns both offline and online stores and ships around the world, or it can be the competitors' locations. Alice pointed out all the locations of her competitors of her jewelry niche.

how to become an influencer on instagram

Templates. You need to prepare the comments and messages templates if you want promotion run fast, or you can choose the more personalized approach. Alice needed results, so she decided to follow our advice and create a couple of different templates.

how to become an influencer on instagram

Targeting filters. For some businesses, they are extremely important: number of likes, comments and followers, the engagement rate of the audience, the language, certain keywords in the posts, and even post type. For Alice's business, only one thing came in handy – keywords. She entered the keywords which should be met in the posts of her hot clients. To define them, you need to clearly imagine who your TA is and by what occasions it would buy your product.

how to become an influencer on instagram

Note: you may find the rest of the filters useful in case you are looking for cooperation on Instagram. For instance, you are an influencer and looking for some sponsors or mates for team-up.

2. Realization.

Once all the settings were configured, the Alice Feed was full of relevant posts.

how to become an influencer on instagram

Liking. Liking the post is a must. Alice liked every post from the feed. Thus, she managed to attract to her account more users. Most of them, seeing her masterpieces (It's art, I swear), immediately followed her. But that wasn't enough. Alice's aim was to boost sales.

Commenting. By commenting, you not only attract attention, but you also establish more personal contact – the basis for further communication. As Alice prepared templates in advance, all she needed to do is to click the right draft and then send it.

Messaging in Direct. That's the most effective tool for driving sales. However, it's vital to remember that it's not an Auto DM tool – you send messages, not to your followers. Here you talk to strangers, so you need to introduce yourself and what you do first. Alice knew that and did everything right. Probably, that's a half of success.

Handmade shop in-a-month result

how to become an influencer on instagram
  1. Brand awareness has increased. More and more people have got to know about Alice's account, attracted by her likes, comments, and DMs. The word-of-mouth marketing has some power, as well. Thus, she increased brand awareness significantly, which, in its turn, led to the following results.
  2. Even the audience ER increased, now it's 2,90%, which is the result above average for the account with more than 50K followers.
  3. Sales increased by 87%. The more people visiting the profile, the more potential clients appear. Thanks to carefully worked out strategy, precise targeting, and the catching selling messages, the number of closed purchases increased rapidly.
  4. The competitive ability also has strengthened due to the improved financial state of the brand.
how to become an influencer on instagram

Why do you need Hot Clients?

Hot clients is our relatively new addition, full of surprises and not so obvious benefits:

  • You get clients who are already ready to pay attention to you and to buy a product or service from you.
  • You get access to the huge client base, which is constantly growing.
  • You raise brand awareness and boost sales with one fuss-free tool.
  • It's cheap. Only imagine, just for $24 per month, you get access to an endless clients base.
  • It's fast. You need just 2 minutes to adjust all the settings and start interacting with new potential clients.
  • In combination with Auto direct Chat, Scheduled Posting, and Manual liking and following – all the Bigbangram services, you will get not only more followers and, consequently, more sales, but you will also become the King – with loyal and engaged followers and regular clients. Our online marketing agency will solve your performance issues for you.

– Auto DM – service for messaging to your followers. Great for establishing close contact and direct sales.

– Scheduled Posting – service for planning and automatic publishing of your Instagram content.

– Manual promotion – manual targeting, liking, and following by professionals.

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