How To Increase Followers Number Twice in 2020?

How To Increase Followers

Today I would like to share with you the story, of how we promoted a world-famous brand of eyewear. It took us 5 months to increase the number of followers twice. We've started from about 60k followers and reached 131k by the end of 2018. If you want to know how to get Instagram followers, take a look at the cross-promotion strategy, that we applied for the young startup of esthetic eyewear.

popular Instagram page

Starting data: a start-up fashion brand, that has a fine consumer product.

Goal objective: Push up worldwide sales, give a boost to brand awareness.

We've decided to focus on 2 main objectives and do not distract for overcomplicated marketing campaigns.

How to find the target audience?

If you wonder on how to get more Instagram followers, you should know that the best way to popularity is to find TA and build a strategy according to the engagement metrics. We decided to search via high-convertible hashtags. We have chosen 2 directions: promotion of hashtag likers and promotion of hashtag owners.

use high-convertible hashtags

Promotion of hashtag likers.
We wanted to find fans of esthetic eyewear, so we started with a standard list that was provided by hashtag generator. The main point was to experiment and leave high-convertible hashtags and omit low-convertible ones. We tried to have active hashtags with 10-15% CTR.

statics of hashtags from bigbangram

Here's the list of most successful hashtags for small fashion startup:

#eyewearfashion #eyewearstyle #flatlayforever #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookslover #bookstagramfeature #bookworm #readingtime #stylediary #bloggerstyle #opticalframe #portrait #portraitphotography#portrait_vision #portrait_mood#flatlaystyle #vintageglasses #bookstagram#christmasdecor #christmasmood #christmastime #christmasdecorations #christmasiscoming #holidaymood #holidayseason #newyeardecor #christmasvibes #sweaterweather #winterfashion #rainydays #wintermood #earrings #earringslover #sunglasseslover #sunglassesfashion #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram

We posted the mentioned above hashtags in our publications and we also used Bigbangram Instagram bot for promotion via hashtag likers. It's obvious, that people, who like pictures with these hashtags may be interested in esthetic eyewear. So we've chosen the right direction to move. And we got our next 13100 followers in a month!

Bigbangram Instagram bot dashboard

Promotion of hashtag owners

We also needed great media outreach. So we needed to drag the attention of ‘influencers' in our niche. So we applied the following filters to the promotion via hashtag owners.

Here's the list of hashtags, that the person we need posts:

#blogger #travelblogger #travelgirl #travelgeek #model #modelling #instablogger #fashionblogger #fashiongeek #vscoblogger #fashiongirl #bookblogger #globepeople #bookishgirl #booknerd#bookgram#currentread#currentlyreading #bookstoread#reader #artstagram#kindle #ebook #reads#bookgeek#wordporn #bookporn #bookaholic

We wanted to give notice to people with a great fanbase of followers. We searched for those who may be interested in the eyewear, buy the product and post it on their Instagram page. Plus we wanted to get more Instagram followers and build a brand on Instagram hashtags. And we succeed! How we structured the results of that promotion? Read below!

Create Portfolio

How to communicate with the followers?

To push up sales we chose Instagram Direct Messenger as the main tool. It's the best tool for maximum reach of users. We outlined 3 main directions for use: direct messages for bloggers for mutually beneficial cooperation, direct messages to our clients with a request for publishing a photo for the reward, and direct messages for new followers with a trigger to provoke a purchase.

chose BigBangram Instagram Direct Messenger

How to start WOM marketing on Instagram?

We've made research of 700 users on Instagram with a followers number 10 000 – 50 000. If you have a list of profile names, it's easy to send customized and randomized messages via Auto DM tool.

The objective was to get a post with a product on their feed. In return, we offered a 10-20% refund for all items of the new collection. As a result, we got 58 posts with an approximate outreach of 2 160 000 users! We spent 20 minutes on setting up the tool and 9 bucks for the Auto DM usage.

create new message with Auto DM tool

Here's the draft for the main message:

{{Greetings|Hi|Hello| {| |, my friend}!} I have something special for you! Let me offer { | you} a {10%|15%|20%} refund for our new items of esthetic eyewear by [Company name]! Click the link in the BIO and take a { | detailed} look on a limited collection! The only thing you need to do to get a refund is to make a photo on your Instagram feed with the items you've bought! {Thank you for your attention!| Give me feedback, what do you think?| I'm glad for any feedback from you!}

How to engage new followers of your Instagram account?

If we have a new subscriber, that means that he or she is some kind of interested in the product. To push up sales we used Auto DM tool to send messages to every new follower. We used a pack of triggers that provoke people to make an instant purchase. Here are the most successful examples:

{Hello|Hi|Hey|Nice to meet you| !|, friend|, my new follower!} Let us make a { | little} present for you! Use a promo code NEWCOMERINSTAGRAM on our website to get a 10% discount on your first item! {Thanks for following| Thank you for following!}

{Hi!|Hello!|Hey!} Nice to meet you {, friend!|!} If you doubt what frame will suit your face, feel free to ask! We will define it and offer the best pair of glasses for you! { | Thank you for following!| Thanks for following!}

Also, we started structuring the clients and had special drafts of direct messages to send. We needed quality photos of our clients to make our gallery breezy, lively and fresh. It's a great content strategy for building a personal brand on Instagram.

We share the effective draft:

{Hey| Hello| Greetings| H!!} We would be honored if you tag our product in your gallery! We appreciate your fashion taste and your choice as our client. In return, we offer a {unique|stylish|individual|limited edition} case for your glasses with your next order! {Thank you for your choice! | Thank you for the support!}
How to organize the work of Instagram online shop?

If you read attentively the article, you've noticed, that we made a few lists of users. We structured the profile names of our clients according to our objectives. How have we done that? We used comment tracker to handle comments and further communication at one place.

Instagram is not about the money

We faced waves of comments and divided every engagement into certain lists:

  • a list of influencers (accounts with a number of followers more than 10k)
  • leads (to turn them into clients).

BigBangram is a web-interface service, so it is easy for an online shop to structure all comments.

How much does it cost?

In 5 months of our marketing campaign, we increased the follower's number twice and pushed up sales to 155%. How much does it cost? Let's count together:

Instagram Bot – $24 a month
Instagram Direct tool – $24 a month
Comment Tracker – 19$ a month.
BigBangram Help Centre – Free.

Total cost: $165 or just 4 pairs of glasses for 70 000k followers, 2 160 000 outreach and 156% of sales growth.

Do you want to know how to promote your Instagram account? Feel free to contact us for FREE Account Analysis!

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Hope you find the info useful 🙂

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