How to add a link to Instagram story. An Instagram swipe up feature

How to add a link to Instagram story

Today Instagram is doing everything to help you sell your product. Let us deal with another opportunity that has been given to you to develop your business.

add a link to Instagram story

What does it mean to have an Instagram swipe up link?

Swipe up on Instagram is an opportunity to “follow” the necessary link (website with your product description, catalogue, or other product information source). The user can go directly from the Story. It is such quick access for your “cold and hot” customers to find more info about your product. The user no longer has to close the Story to switch to your Instagram profile or use the link you gave to insert it separately in the Sahara. In general, you deprive the user of any unnecessary actions. It is what they like more.

To use an Instagram swipe up link function, you should have:

  • >10 thousand followers;
  • customize the profile into a business one;
  • or have a blue check=a confirmed account.
Instagram swipe up link function

A simple guide about how to add a swipe up link on Instagram story

Let us move on to the main actions of inserting a swipe up link. It will make your followers’ life more comfortable.

  1. Open an Instagram Stories function:
  •  tap on a “Profile” icon on the left upper corner;


  • “+” image on the right upper corner of your profile window;


  • “Plus” image on the bottom in the middle of the instrumental panel.
  1. Choose a photo/video from your gallery or create a new one in a Story tool.
  2. Pick on the “Paper clip” image among the other icons on the right corner.
  3. Choose “IGTV video” or “Web link” and insert a copied link.
  4. Tap “Done” or “Green check.”
  5. Make a preview to make sure that users get to the right link page.

how to add a swipe up link on Instagram story

Note: use call-to-action(CTA) phrases so that users can see the link exactly and know what a “swipe” is.

CTA phrases examples:

  • swipe up to get more information;
  • swipe up from the bottom of the screen to find out more;
  • tap “See more” to observe the product;
  • see more? Swipe up(and add a pointer/arrow to navigate the user.)

CTA phrases examples

With the help of the Instagram story swipe up link, you provide access to:

  • a new article in your blog;
  • a goods shop;
  • a product description;
  • a collection etc.

the Instagram story swipe up link

How to add a link on your Instagram story if you don’t have 10 thousand followers

There is always a way out! It is not easy to achieve a figure of 10 thousand followers. Still, you may advance your services/product without that many followers by adding links in Instagram stories in another way.

How to add a link into Instagram story(not only) without swipe up option

  1. A typical link in your profile/bio.

It is the most frequent link among Instagram users. Agree that you often notice the links when you enter a new profile. In such a way, people can learn more about your work, product/services by clicking on the link placed in bio:

  • switch to your Instagram profile window;
  • pick on the “Edit Profile” icon;
  • insert copied link into Website line;
  • press Done.

 typical link in your profile
  1. “DM ME” option.

This function allows you to paste the “DM ME” icon into the Story. So, your followers may connect with you in direct messages. In such a way, you may share a link in DMs:

  • download or create a Story;
  • choose a “Square smile” icon in the right upper corner;
  • pick out the “DM ME” icon to insert into your Story;
  • make your Story available and visible for everyone. Done!

Note: to see the icon make sure your Instagram is updated.

download or create a Story

  1. Poll creation

You may find out which of your followers desire to get the link by creating a poll:

  • create a Story;
  • pick out a “Square smile” icon in the right upper corner;
  • choose there a “Poll” image;
  • ask the question;
  • after 24 hours, check all answers with “yes” and send the necessary links to these followers.

Poll creation

Brands examples with a swipe up opportunity

Observe how the brands' accounts use the promotion swipe up option.

  1. Glossier account. Swipe up to see the video.

swipe up opportunity

  1. La Trends account. Swipe up to shop.

La Trends account

  1. Crateandbarrel account. Swipe up to shop now.

Crateandbarrel account
  1. Mejuri account. Swipe up to see more.

Mejuri account
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