How I Gained 3000 Followers in One Month

3000 Followers in One Month

This is a working method available to everyone. Read my story and learn how to grow your account on Instagram.

How to do?

There is a category of Instagram users that always get an easy win. They could register a couple of days ago, but have already reached hundreds and thousands of followers. How is it possible? Usually those people gained a formidable bunch of “followers” outside Instagram. They could be called local celebrities or ultra-social people. You also have a few in your world.

However, I belong to the opposite group. I started as an average user of Instagram without privileges in an online nor real life.

My path to fame began from few dozens of followers — all of them were my acquaintances. A bit later they were joined by bots, start-up brands and a small number of strangers who really enjoyed my content. I was fully satisfied with that until I grasped the need to use my account not only for entertainment purposes, but for making some money.

Let's be candid: you were also thinking about making money on Instagram at least once.

Otherwise, you won't be reading my story. And if you want to earn money on Instagram, you NEED to grow your account. That's a truth chiseled in the bedrock of social media marketing.

But we make leeway. I was struggling to get my first thousand of followers too long. I used various methods of promotion, some of them helped, some of them did not. The best working technique is mass-following. As you may know, that's when you follow a lot of users and get a chance they'll follow you back.

It was effective: I reached the point of 1.000 followers in a few months. I was exploring Instagram back and forth to find users that might be interested in my content. I was spending every free minute on liking, following, and commenting the posts of others. If you tried it yourself, you know that's not so easy as it seems to be. That's a time-consuming, exhausting, and boring job. But I had a goal and I won that mil with sweat and blood.

Likes and followers

Does it sound familiar? You may remain unnoticed even if you produce worthy content. It hurts. Sometimes too much to make you give in.

I understand. I was on the verge of capitulation when I suddenly discovered Instagram automation.

The Quick Way to Gain Real Followers on Instagram Exists. And It's as Easy as Pie.

I was surfing the web and came across this landing page dedicated to the service called Bigbangram. It claimed to be an all-in-one Instagram bot which can automate all those routine actions I hated such as likes, comments, and follows. Moreover, they can provide some help with direct messaging, comment tracking, and SMM management.

Frankly, I looked at this opportunity with a grain of salt. I heard a lot of stories about users who were banned due to exceeding Instagram limits.Auto liking on Instagram seems to be not a very nice idea.

However, this one was described as safe — Bigbangram has a thought-out algorithm that can't exceed those limits even if you want to. And they made me a very lucrative offer — 3-days trial for 1$ to try all their services available on the website.

“3 days. It's probably not enough for Instagram to ban me in any way.”

— This thought flashed in my mind and I tried. I literally pushed that magic button:

After the registration, I accessed my dashboard where I could launch a promotion campaign.
The mass-following technique worked best before, so I decided to choose “auto-follow + auto like on Instagram” to reinforce the effect.
“The results impressed me: I gained 72 followers in a single day!

switch for popularity

It took 3-5 days to gain this number of followers before I used Bigbangram. I spent 3-4 hours per day to promote my profile.

Now I spent no more than 10 minutes on registration and campaign setting.
Mike V CustomerDuring the next 2 days, I was experimenting with various settings. The 2nd-day growth comprised 87 followers. The 3rd-day — 103 followers. That was an overwhelming result after months of the desperate struggle.

That's why I decided to buy a monthly access. $24 is a ridiculous price for your complete comfort.

After a week I figured out the perfect campaign for my account. I started to gain 100-150 real followers per day. With no further efforts.

This way, my total increase in followers comprised more than 3,000 live users. Some of them like and comment on my photos, so my engagement rate also grows.

Here is the proof:

Create Portfolio for yourself

I think it is not bad at all. Moreover, this is only beginning. I'm going to test other options such as direct messagingposts scheduling and hashtags generation. And very likely will improve my current result.

Don't hesitate: the best time to get your fair bunch of followers is now.

*However, I don't guarantee you the same number of followers I gained. Your growth depends on a multitude of factors: quality of your content, the frequency of your publications, your location, quality of targeted users, etc. Set your campaigns wisely. These recommendations may help you:

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