Essential Instagram stats proving the network popularity today

Most Important Instagram Stats

Over the last 10 years (2010 is the platform launching) Instagram has turned into the most trendy social network on a par with Facebook. We've collected the basic Instagram statistics. According to the statistics the platform is worthwhile not only to post photos but also to sell.

Exact statistics for Instagram present us an Instagram global engagement among America and other countries. Now It's the best platform to sell the services and products as well as get inspiration from aesthetically beautiful pictures and motivation from influential people in art, sports, etc.

Instagram stats

Instagram users statistics

Look at what country has the vast number of Instagram users, what gender and age dominate.


  1. Age

Initially, Instagram was created to exchange photos, so young people under 30 represented most users. Over the last 5 years, Instagram has become one of the leading platforms for brand promotion and sales. So, an audience of over 30 years of age has appeared.

  • the average age of users is 18-25 years;
  • among American teenagers under 20 years of age, Instagram concedes only Snapchat;
  • 37% of American teens use Instagram both for entertainment and marketing goals;
  • 63% is the grown-up population.
  1. Gender
  • The difference between women and men is insignificant: 49% male and 51% female.
  1. Country

Instagram has become a trendy one, not only in America but also in the whole world.

  • only in the USA, the number of users is about 112.5 mln;
  • India with her 73 mln users is the second one;
  • Brazil has 72 mln Insta users.
  • 60 % of people(highest percentage of users) use Instagram in Brunei(compared with the USA, only 37%).
Instagram users statistics

Instagram usage stats

Usage statistics will help find out more about what purposes and how users take advantage of the network.


  1. Login frequency
  • Instagram is the second most visited website after Facebook;
  • about 63% of people use Insta once per day;
  • 42% more than once;
  • 16% less than once.
  1. Presence time
  • average presence time is 28 min during a day;
  • In 2019 more people were sitting on Instagram in comparison with Snapchat.
  1. Shopping
  • 130 mln users click on purchase Instagram posts every month;
  • about 11% of Americans make a purchase here.
  1. Business
  • 200 mln users click on at a minimum 1 business account per day.
Instagram usage stats

Instagram ads statistics

Instagram's popularity lies in the fact that this platform is becoming a sales platform rather than an entertainment. It's not surprising as millions of Instagram bloggers earn money with brand advertising, which invests thousands of dollars in promoting their product with Instagram influencers.


  1. Income and expenses
  • brands pay up to $3,000 to influencers(bloggers) for their product promotion on Instagram posts (slightly less for ads in Stories).
  • 31% advertising budget is spent on Stories and 69% on posts.
  • Instagram has got about 13 billion dollars from advertising in 2020(it's even more than Facebook has got).
  1. Reach
  • about 850 mln users are involved in ad promotion.
  • about 53 million young users(up to 17 age)are interested in ads.
  • 73% of American teens choose Instagram(then Snapchat and email) as the best source for brands to promote their products for them.
Instagram ads statistics

Content Instagram stats

These statistics show how active users publish new content to promote their brand or gain popularity, getting new followers and audience.


  1. Stories publishing

Instagram Stories stats demonstrate the popularity of Stories among people of all ages and in what way they use the opportunity to reach the audience and promote their business.

  • > than 500 mln Instagram profiles use Stories(to post their own or o watch the others) at a minimum once a day(Snapchat has about 190 mln);
  • 1/3 of the trendy Stories are published by business accounts;
  • a red heart is the most frequently used Stories sticker, as well as a face filter with heart-eyes.

Content Instagram stats
  1. Instagram video stats  
  • steps guides and exciting instructions are the most trend type of Instagram videos;
  • Instagram influencers use the Stories tool to upload video 6-7 times per day;
  • advertising video posts are more popular than advertising image posts and have three times more comments.

Instagram video stats
  1. Hashtags including

Instagram hashtag stats show the importance of hashtags usage when creating a post.

  • more than half of Instagram hashtags are created by businesses to promote their products and increase involvement level;
  • a magic number of hashtags to be under your post is 11;
  • to get more involvement for your posts, use long hashtags.

Hashtags including

By the way, you may use Instagram hashtag generator to find quickly the relevant hashtags without any registration and payments.

Instagram account stats

  • the average number of Instagram followers in popular profiles is 36 mln users;
  • the most followed profile is Cristiano Ronaldo (about 244 mln), the next one is Ariana Grande (about 208 mln), the third is Dwayne Johnson (205 mln).

Instagram account stats

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