10 Instagram Tools That Entire Traffic To You!

No one will be surprised if I say that Instagram – one of the most popular sites, has 7.7 billion users. Instagram activity is 10 times higher than Facebook's, 54 times higher than Pinterest's and 84 times higher than Twitter's, although there are more registered users on Facebook.

Instagram is not only the world's most popular social network based on the publication of photos but also a unique example of how one application regularly acquires useful plugins. Such Instagram apps not only complement the original functionality of Instagram but often improve it.
For the most part, additional services and apps for Instagram perform the following tasks:

avatars of famous people

  • Add new filters, overlays, and photo processing tools;
  • Help in promotion of the user's accounts;
  • Create beautiful photo albums from Insta-photo for printing;
  • Promote your account automatically.

For our article, I have chosen the best apps for Instagram, with which your page can be brought to a new level of popularity!

10 Instagram Tools: Rely On Real Professionals!


Quite often, the application Layout put immediately after downloading and activating the Instagram account. After all, the utility adds an important function of creating a collage. You can create a combination of photos both in the Layout app and in the Instagram itself – a separate button appears on the photo upload screen.

For a simple plugin Layout has a fairly well-developed functionality:

  • Combining photos in a collage with the ability to rotate or mirror a photo;
  • Scaling photos;
  • Upload up to 9 photos in one collage;
  • Faces tab for quick search of pictures with people;
  • “Photo Booth” mode for quick shots;
  • The connection of all the filters of Instagram;
  • The ability to share photos to other social networks.


Free and convenient service that allows you to make a widget with photos from Instagram for a blog or website. The most convenient way to work with a web designer on a computer or tablet. To create a widget, you must enter your Instagram account, and then manage the various display settings:

  • Add a description;
  • To specify the size of the preview;
  • To configure a grid of photos;
  • Set frame for pictures;
  • To set the background and hover effects;
  • Add social media buttons;
  • To specify the display mode for the screen size

After all the manipulations, click the Get Widget button, copy the form code and place it on the website.


Gleam takes a different approach to Instagram contests and it is one of the best Instagram tools. You can add a widget to your site, and thus attract visitors to your account.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 128 million followers

For example, you can invite people to become your subscribers or view a specific post to participate in a contest.

With a free subscription, you can hold an unlimited number of contests and choose up to 10 winners. If you need additional features such as adding images and customizing the widget, there are two paid plans in the app.


This light utility helps to make a quick repost of photos or videos from Instagram to another social network with the label of the original account. To do this, simply select a post in the ribbon, click on the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, click on the “Copy link” and open it in the Repost application.

Ariana Grande: 121 million followers

The program will choose the place where the link to the account will be placed, choose a dark or light theme, and add a description. It is one of the most popular Instagram free apps! Download now and get the goodies of it!


Those who actively use Instagram, know that the surest way to promote your account or a specific photo – add to the most popular tags. This will allow you to quickly find a picture among hundreds of thousands of posts and earn the coveted likes. All relevant tags in the application are collected in thematic lists:

Beyoncé: 115 million followers
  • Popular (8 sections in descending order);
  • Weather;
  • Nature;
  • Animals;
  • People;
  • Holidays;
  • Family;
  • Art;
  • City;
  • Food;
  • Holidays and so on.

To add tags, just select the desired section, click “Copy”, go to Instagram directly from the utility and click “Paste”.


More than just an Instagram bot. This is a new generation Agency, which, thanks to its specially developed system, has learned to bypass all the limits on the Instagram promotion. Using it, you will not think that you can be blocked and you will remain without your Instagram account.

In the arsenal of the service, there is such a convenient feature as scheduled posting. You can create posts in advance and publish when it is convenient for you. This feature is perfect for those whose target audience lives in another time zone.

Besides, there is a unique opportunity to send auto direct messages, which is most effective and in a short time can increase your audience, and it is important to keep it many times!

Set Your Instagram Promotion To A New Level!

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One service that allows you to keep track of all your social networks where your account or brand is mentioned in one place. Above all, the resource has a convenient opportunity to conduct analytics mentions about you on the Internet. It also shows current statistics and audience response, and its location.

The bonus of the service is to analyze the coverage of the audience of competitors to always stay up to date.


A useful app for parents who are concerned about what their child is watching online.

With the direct tracker, you will be able to monitor what is watching, writing, and meets your child, and that a lot of importance on what links he goes.

 the coverage of the audience

Also, Instagram activity tracker works as confidentially as possible, so your child does not know that you care about him as much as possible so you have installed this program.

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It is unlikely that among SMM-specialists there is someone who would not be familiar with Canva. This is a great tool for creating the design for posts in social networks (especially true for companies where there is no designer). Among other things, Canva helps you create perfect Instagram stories.


I will not open America for you, saying that a great tool for promotion on Instagram is holding contests. They always provoke a lot of excitement and attract attention to you and your account a large number of people.

ShortStack collects and displays all user-generated content that has been posted in your contest post (such as hashtags or mentions).

Above all, there are many services and applications, just many with similar functionality and therefore not included in the list. I'm sure that many are already familiar with some, and there are new, more improved resources, which I don't know (I will be very grateful if you share them in the comments).

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