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I've prepared a detailed guide for you on how to promote your account if you are an Instagram model.
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Hot Instagram Models League Is Waiting For You:
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Today more and more boys and girls are dreaming to reach the top in modeling on Instagram. And despite the competition, it is still more than possible. I could say that for your promotion it is even good there are already successful hot models on Instagram. Yes, you won't be the only one start in this sphere but thanks to their success you can reach even the highest peaks. How? Really simple, my friend.

Your task is to choose accounts of female or hot male models on Instagram the success of whom you admire. Just make a list of their usernames (a little bit later you will learn why it is needed). And my task is to explain to you how to use their accounts in your own interests!

How to become one of hot models on Instagram?
Step-by-step guide!

To start your amazing promotion you need to create an account on BigBangram and to link your Instagram account to it. Already have it done? Amazing! Let's move further.

To add a new promotion you will need not more than a couple of minutes.

Just click the New promotion button and let your story begin!

Let's suppose that you need to promote an account of a model from Milan (or maybe you are such a girl).

There are 4 promotional strategies available and we will use all of them.

Strategy 1. Followers

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Let's start will the Followers strategy that will allow you to promote your posts among the followers of similar accounts. Have you already understood why I asked you to create a list of usernames of hot bikini models on Instagram or other categories of models you want to join?

It would be much better if you could find popular accounts of girls that look similar to you. For example, if you have dark straight hair and you have an amazing body shape, it's possible that people who like Sommer Ray, Ratajkowski, Miranda Kerr, Cindy Kimberly, and Adriana Lima, will like you as well.

That's why we can try to attract (=steal) their followers.
Yes, at least we can try.

  1. Click the +New Promotion button.
  2. Choose the Followers section.
  3. Now add the usernames of the chosen most successful models one by one.
  4. If you want to make your promotion very targeted, just choose an option to promote your acc among likers and commenters only. Yes, it will help you to gain actively engaged followers (just a dream, really!).
  5. Add your promotion!
Bigbangram control panel
But let's admit that if you are just beginning your Instagram journey, your account can't compete with the account of Adriana Lima. That's why it can be rather difficult to find your potential followers among the highly demanding audience of the world-class models.

However, you shouldn't give up. In such a case I recommend you to try to find smaller accounts of local models who have a similar appearance (yes, dark hair and beautiful body shape). Of course, the task to find them could be more time-consuming but the attempts to "steal" their followers may bear more fruits.

My advice is to try out these both options, just to be on the safe side.

As soon as you add all the accounts of the girls, click the Add Promotion button and start a final countdown. Your promotion is starting.

To learn more about this strategy I can offer you to read this article Let's Steal Followers From Your Competitors: How To Promote Yourself On Instagram?

But please don't be afraid of the word "steal" everything is absolutely legal and ethical.

Strategy 2. Locations

Invitation from Jessica Alba
With this option, you have a chance to make your posts seen by people who make their photos in some specific locations.

  1. Enter the name of the desired place;
  2. Click the search button;
  3. Mark the locations you want for your promotion!
Bigbangram map to promote business
How to find places? If you are a model from Milan, it could be rather sensible to promote your account among designers, photographers and other creative personalities, right?

That's why let's set up our promotion among the people who visit such locations in Milan as:

  • fashion studios;
  • photo studios;
  • designers' showrooms;
  • offices of model agencies;
  • bars with closed fashion parties.

You can also add some other places that come to your mind!

Strategy 3. Hashtags

Have you noticed that many popular account use hashtags? They do it because tags help other people find their accounts. For example, if you are looking for hot models to follow on Instagram, it's highly possible that you will enter some hashtags like #model #hotmodel #bestmodel to find some related posts.

There is a third strategy for you. As you see, there are 2 variants for your promotion: to promote your posts among lovers of posts with some particular hashtags or among owners of posts with some hashtags.
Post lovers in instagram bot
Variant 1. Post lovers

Let's try to find your possible followers among those who like pics of other models. In this very case, we need to add to the list of promotion some tags that may be used for models' publications.

For example, they can be:

#fashion #girl #model #modelling #modellife #modele #modell #modelo #modeling #modelos #model? #modella #modelife #modelshoot #instamodels #instamodel #instamodeling #instamodelsexy #instamodelo

Enter them in the empty field that you see on your screen and press the Add promotion button.

Variant 2. Post owners

How do you think who can be interested in following an account of a young hot model on Instagram? These people can be designers, model recruiters, photographers, artists...Now we need to find out what hashtags they can use for their photos and add these tags to our promotion list.

#photography #photo #photographer #photographers #photographerslife #weddingphotographer #awesome_photographers #photographersofinstagram #beautyphotographer #design #fashion #art #designer #designers #designerdresses #drawing #artwork #artist #artists #artiste #artista #artistry_vision #makeupartist #artistry #artistic #artistas #artistsoninstagram

By the way, to find appropriate tags you can use our free hashtag generator. Based on a keyword, pic or link to the already published post, it will recommend you some popular hashtags that you can either add to your promotion list or add to your captions to make your posts shown in search according to these hashtags.
choose different hashtags for promotion

Strategy 4. Targets

do successful Instagram blogs
In the framework of this type of promotion, you need to create a list of accounts that you need to interact.

What types of collaboration do you need for your promotion? Carefully study the local market and define the necessary accs.

You need the accounts of:
  • other models to exchange your audience;
  • designers to cooperate with;
  • photographers;
  • makeup artists;
  • hairdressers.
  1. Now you need to get the IDs of these accounts (convert their usernames into IDs using some special services). You can ask for service at [email protected]
  2. Copy these IDs into one text file (each ID should be in a new line or just separate the IDs with commas).
  3. Upload this file into our service.
  4. Add a name of your promo.
  5. Click the Add Promotion button.
targeted comments in instagram
You are awesome! Everything is ready!

So, now your promotion, like a heart of Celine Dion, will go on!

But are you sure that you are absolutely ready for it? Here is a short checklist for you what pay attention to if you are promoting yourself as a model - 7 Steps to Become a Popular Instagram Model.

If you have decided that you need to try to achieve success, don't wait for a mysterious sign. Start now!

Especially, when a 3-day trial period costs just $1.

Good luck, babe!
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