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From this article, you will learn how to send Instagram messages on your computer.
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How To Send Messages On Instagram
On Computer? That's The Question

How To Send Messages On Instagram On Computer
Send Messages On Instagram On Computer
I think that everyone, who has ever used an Instagram website, has noticed that the web version offers not a full range of opportunities that are available in the mobile app. Yes, it is really so. The developers of Instagram have made their mobile app a priority for them.

Initially, Instagram was aimed at boosting the popularity of mobile apps usage. So, this aim has been achieved successfully. Just a quick test: can you go to bed without checking your social networks? It's okay, if not. Today we can't imagine our life without smartphones.

But what should you do if you need to use your PC to fulfill your tasks on Instagram? The first thing that you should do is to stop panicking. The second one is to attentively read this article as I am going to tell you how to message on Instagram on Mac and on a Windows computer as well.

And at this very moment, it doesn't matter whether you are running a private blog or a business account.

Let me clarify my idea by using some real examples.

  • If you are selling clothes for babies, who can be potentially interested in your goods? Of course, first of all, young mommies.
  • If you are a manager of a boy band's account, your main TA will be their fans (in this case, teenagers, primarily, girls).
  • If you are a travel blogger, your account can be interesting for a wider audience. The above-mentioned young mommies, teenagers and many-many other people can find it interesting to read about your trips and look through your pics. Nevertheless, when your account will gain its more or less stable audience, it will be possible to identify at least the most general groups of Instagrammers who follow your account and stay active.
Of course, I can't foresee all personal reasons why people may ask questions on how to dm on computer (maybe you are working on PC and do not want to go to another room to take your phone but you need to send a message on Instagram).

Nevertheless, quite often when you need to send a lot of messages or to send some precise info in Instagram DMs, it is just much more comfortable to use a computer in this very case. Just let's admit that when you need to copy some information from an external website, for example, and then to paste it into your message, on the computer you will manage to do it much faster.

By the way, while we are speaking about direct messages on Instagram, do you remember why you definitely need to learn how to work with this tool? If not, please, pay attention to one of our previously published blog posts Direct Instagram Messages: the Promotional Tool that Makes 56.8% of Sales.

Here I will just briefly summarize the key points. With DMs you can:

  • establish a direct dialogue with your audience;
  • inform your followers about your updates and news;
  • boost your sales;
  • increase the level of trust to your brand;
  • ensure a higher level of loyalty.
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How to send messages on Instagram
on computer: best solutions

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Nevertheless, right now for us, it doesn't matter what goals we want to achieve with our messages. Maybe we don't have any serious goals at all right now (it could be a simple message to a friend). Our task is just to understand how to check messages on Instagram on computer and, consequently, how to send them.

I have several options for you. They may have some advantages and disadvantages but you can decide on your own which one you will use.

Method 1. Try out desktop tricks

Though you may think that it will be a very complicated method, it's not true. You shouldn't be a programmer or a hacker to use it, I swear.

Everything you need to do is just to follow the instructions that I've prepared for you.

To perform such a trick as sending DMs on your PC, you need to use a version of your favorite browser that will allow you to switch to an IG mobile interface. The majority of modern versions of browsers can offer such a possibility.

The idea is to open a mobile version of IG on your Windows computer or Mac and enjoy the app's full functionality without using your smartphone. Sounds rather appealing? Let's start!

I am going to explain this method for the Chrome browser (given its popularity it is highly possible that you use it).

  1. First of all, you need to open the Instagram website and log in.
  2. Now we will check whether you will have at least some chances to become a hacker (just kidding, my friend!).
If you have a Windows PC, you need to press three buttons on your keyboard: Ctrl Shift J. If you are a Mac user, use a shortcut - Ctrl Option J.

In case you don't like shortcuts, I have another offer for you. You can use the menu of your browser, then press the More Tools option and then open Developer Tools.
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3. The next step that you need to take is to opt for a mobile app view. Do you see the Devices icon? Please, press it.

If after pressing this icon nothing has changed, refresh your browser page.

4. When the mobile device view is enabled, you can see the DM icon that you are accustomed to seeing on the screen of your smartphone. You can click on it and you will get a full list of your previous dialogues.


Now you can check, read and send direct messages on Instagram.
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messages on Insta on PC

Method 2. Third-side services

If you still think that the first option is too complicated for you (though I insist that it is absolutely easy), you can try to use some external app. Their developers promise that these apps are absolutely safe. But I ask you to be very careful and attentive.

Many of these services require some sensitive data that can be used in the interest of their creators but not yours. Nevertheless, such an option exists and you are free to make the choice on your own.

Moreover, you can also install a Virtual Android device on your computer. Thanks to an Android emulator (such emulators are available for Mac users as well), you can install mobile apps and PC and enjoy their entire functionality.

What to do if you need to send
dozens of messages per day

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Yes, now you know how to direct message on Instagram on PC (hope, you've found the most appropriate option variant for you).

But if you have decided to use DMs as a promotional tool, one day you may notice that it is impossible to cover all your audience on your own.

It's difficult to send greeting messages to all your newcomers manually when the rates of your audience growth are continuously increasing. It's impossible to inform all your followers about all your discounts and updates when you can rely only on yourself.

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So, my friend, I think that I've got a lot of useful information.
Now it's time to try using your new knowledge in practice, isn't it?
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