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Money and Fame on Insta! How to get it? Read the article!
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How To Promote
Your Instagram in 2020?

 Ways of Making Money on Instagram
We all need Instagram to sell and buy, get inspired and inspire, learn something new, and share knowledge. We starve for popularity. How to achieve this goal without wasting time and effort? Find the answer inside!

If all social media channels can be divided by its marketing influence, Instagram surely takes the most of the impact on young buyers interest. Instagram is used by very buying-friendly people. And even you can get the lion's share of these Insta users. Why do you need that? They can easily increase your profit. Yeah, you know, that people make money on their Instagram accounts, right? Business accs sale goods or service. A personal account gets money from advertisers. No, I won't tell you how to make money on Instagram right now, but I will tell you how to get popular on Insta!

Instagram popularity.
How does it work?

We all know the main advantages that you get:

  • Popularity and authority;
  • Successful business development on the Internet and in real life;
  • Money, money, money!
Do you know how to make people see your posts more often than your competitor ones?
Kiss and hug the one and only ER - Engagement Rate. The principle is rather simple: your publications are shown more often if the engagement rate is high. ER raises every time someone likes, comments, or makes any interaction with your account.
 Ways of Making Money on Instagram
The indicators are the number of likes, comments, followers, visitors, saves, direct requests, replies to Instagram Stories, etc. So to become popular on Instagram, you need to make your coverage really high by increasing Engagement Rate.

Thus, the main aim of the promotion on Instagram is every day or even every hour work on the interaction indicators.

Promotion on Instagram:
Uncomfortable truth!

Life shows us the hard truth. A competent approach to the process of promotion saves time and brings the best results. But takes your money.

Promotion by non-experts is free. But takes money and efforts. And no one can guarantee any results.

All in all, Instagram promotion is a painstaking and long-term process. But you see " 100% real true honest cases of promotion" "up to 10,000 followers per month" with loud promises "You can too!" remember the following points:
  • In that case-stories could be hidden special benefits that you do not have (a friend is a popular blogger, the presence of already promoted pages in another social network, a large budget for advertising, etc.).
  • The case could be just fake (it was made nobody knows why).

Plus each personal or business Instagram account has its own goals, objectives, and features. It is necessary to consider the presence or absence of those advantages that strongly affect the results of work. So the promotion strategy is always built individually, and the approach to the process can be different. You can't just copy someone else's experience and hope for the same result.

how to become an influencer on instagram

How to Promote Your Instagram:
Who Do You Trust?

To succeed on Instagram, you need to spend time, and a lo-o-ot of time at first. If you are not ready to start self-promotion on Instagram, you can delegate this to professionals. They develop for you the optimal strategy, increase the number of interactions with the target audience to raise ER. The best option is to order the promotion at the Bigbangram Agency team - the all-around supporting system that can raise your popularity and sales to the next level!
BigBangram is waiting for you!
My precious, give me your account, and I will make it incredibly popular!
Instant start without risks! Your users actively put likes, write comments, reposts, and are interested in your product. You become recognizable in this network.
Always in touch with you. You can always write or call us at any time. Experts will be happy to share with you tips and help in the Instagram promotion.
The Agency is directly interested in cooperation. It leads only your potential customers and increases the number of followers. Besides, experts conduct a full analysis of your competitors.
The service is safe, and in the process of promotion, no bots, so promoted accounts are not blocked.
You no longer need to order services to promote any one component of Instagram promotion. Now you can order a full package of promotion services on Instagram in one place.
Make a payment and ask for the results. Now you won't spend any spare minute to worry about Instagram promotion.
For quality promotion, experts implement only the most effective and widely functional tools that increase the level of your Instagram popularity at several times.

Do you need a real example?

For a visual illustration of the effectiveness of promotion by Agency, let me show the latest cooperation with the business account –
The promotion campaign for this account was launched by BigBangram specialists who were engaged in the project to the fullest. What have we done?
  1. A comprehensive analysis of the account;
  2. An individual development strategy;
  3. Promotion tools: Likes, Follows and Comments to TA, defined by BB marketing team. Special offers to every new follower via Auto DM. All posting is planned by Post Planner to ease the life of the client;
  4. 350 interactions by the team of 4 marketing experts a day;
  5. Convenient Instagram Direct Chat for easy communication with a client;
  6. Daily, weekly, and monthly analysis the campaign results and its immediate updates.

As a result, for 3 months of work, we've received the ultimate result of a promotion campaign:
  • reached 48,1K followers (September 2019);
  • constant posting;
  • reached 500K total number of likes;
  • Instagram Stories views indicator has increased 4 times;
  • successful sales process via Instagram Direct messages;
  • the number of unique visitors to the Insta Page has increased 5 times.
Taty, personal thank you for incredible collaboration and allowing us to publish this case!
Do you want the same? Easy!
Let us work for your best results!

How To Promote Your Instagram Using Bigbangram Agency?

Here's how!
  • Registration of account
It all starts with the registration of your account in the system and leaving an application. After that, the specialists will review your application and send you a checklist where you will need to tell in details about the aim of IG acc and about the desired outcome of the promotion campaign.

  • Developing a strategy
The team of specialists analyzes your profile and the profile of your competitors if it needs. They define the necessary tools for each segment of promotion. The plan is worked out, and the results in the short-term and long-term perspective are predicted.

  • Setting up all the promotional tools
Your IG promotion will be launched according to the most effective promotional strategies which are based on the using of manual liking, manual following, manual commenting, viewing Stories, scheduled posting, direct messenger, etc.

  • Increasing profits
An integrated approach to maintaining an account makes it possible to attract a potential audience in a short time. You only need to accept new followers, likes, comments, and competent work that will provide you with additional stable profit.

  • Providing support services
The team of professionalists will support you from the start of the promotion process and till the end.

  • Price for the result
The specialists always fulfill all obligations, so the clients always trust them. Payment is only for the final result, which will not have to wait long. The cost of work is determined by the chosen tariff plan.
2 Weeks / 1 account
$ 129
Pro assistance
Instagram account analysis
Creation of promotional strategy
Custom setting up of all promotional tools
Constant analysis and strategy correction
Technical and marketing support
Monthly report

Promo module
Auto and manual likes
Auto and manual follows
Auto and manual unfollow
Hashtag, location, username promotion
Likes to feed and comments
Gender and Language filter
- 15% off!
1 Month / 1 account
$ 299
Pro assistance
Instagram account analysis
Creation of promotional strategy
Custom setting up of all promotional tools
Constant analysis and strategy correction
Technical and marketing support
Monthly report

Promo module
Auto and manual likes
Auto and manual follows
Auto and manual unfollow
Hashtag, location, username promotion
Likes to feed and comments
Gender and Language filter

Auto Instagram Direct Messenger
Free messages templates
Auto DM Mailout
Auto DM Chat
Sales Scripts

Advanced Post Planner
Video Posting
"Publish Now" function
Edit every picture function
Full Instagram gallery preview
The possibility to change Timezone
The opportunity to add Location
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