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How much do Instagram models make? The real income of the most successful ones! Read and earn the same!
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How Much Do Instagram Models Make?
+ All Secret Models Weapons For Insane Fame!

how to become an influencer on instagram
If you are a charming beauty who looks just amazing, so you are the perfect candidate to become a real Instagram model, whose earnings start from $1000 per post!

Surely you have already heard about such a phenomenon as Instagram models. What am I talking about? Surely in your following list, there are a lot of cool girls who are Instagram models. They post stunning photos of their figures, share beautiful pictures from their travels, talk about their diet and workouts that help them to have such a toned and slim body!
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However, do you know how much do Instagram models make?
Imagine, they have simply cosmic income! How do they do it? Firstly, it is advertising. Secondly, the affiliate program and services for promotion. Thirdly, participation in various collaborations!

Do you want to be the same? Not a problem! Today we will analyze this issue in detail and explain to you how much do Instagram models make and how to do the same!

Ready, steady, go!

Who are Instagram models?

With the appearance of Instagram, a new phrase has appeared in people's everyday life, and with it the term - Instagram modeling. Instagram modeling determines the field of activity of a popular Instagram model. Its meaning is stored in its term, that is, it is an activity that involves the promotion of your blog on Instagram.

Instagram model - a girl or a guy who uses this site as the main activity and the place for self-promotion. Unlike conventional models, most often they work without specialized agents and modeling agencies. Instagram allows them to perform many functions on their own, without the involvement and support of outside forces.

It works this way: a girl, most often very beautiful and sexy, starts a blog where she publishes her juicy photos. Besides, she can accompany each publication with text, contests, advice, to attract more users. The more followers - the more tempting her persona for advertisers and brands who want to cooperate with her, and therefore more income from this she will be able to have.
how to become an influencer on instagram
Advertisers offer the most favorable suggestions to models who have at least +10K followers. Therefore, the initial goal of young blogger - to get this cherished number! After all, it is always difficult to start, then it will be easier, everything will go like clockwork.

How do Instagram models make money?

In the 21st century, advertising rules the world. It's everywhere: on the street, on public transport, on TV, YouTube, radio and even on Instagram. In general, the latter is the ideal platform for the promotion of a product or service. Advertisers love Instagram for its visual development priorities. After all, good advertising is a very important visual component. Therefore, they are willing to pay fairly high fees for high-quality advertising on this site. For this, they choose popular pages and order their advertising posts, videos, stories, etc.

Besides, often bloggers can receive not only a monetary reward for advertising, but also a free advertised product, or a special discount to all followers of the blogger who followed the advertised link and ordered the product.

It is worth noting the fact that today's audience of many popular blogs has a negative attitude to the frequent advertising in the blogs they read. They believe that the blogger in this matter needs only the money earned, and the real benefit of the product comes second here. Therefore, in the matter of advertising, individual approach and frequency of publications are important.
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As for the models, how do Instagram models get paid, there is a wide range of offers from advertisers. After all, there is a huge number of different devices, cosmetics, clothes for girls. Also, they can advertise tourist tours, restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers and more. The main thing is that this advertising will have a stunning visual component, which is fundamental and attractive to all advertisers.

In addition to high earnings for advertising, models attend various events organized by brands and companies, where they receive a bunch of gifts, photos, emotions, and impressions. Moreover, at such events, it is possible to get acquainted with other models or advertisers and in the future to start cooperation with them.
how to become an influencer on instagram

How much money do Instagram models make: Calculation of earnings

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The aspiring model can start earning the minimum wage already with several thousand followers. Naturally, you should not expect multimillion-dollar contracts and offers from well-known and large brands. First, you expect offers from small companies, websites, and stores that can offer you a really small income for your work. However, this is a lot!

Based on our calculations, the Instagram model, which has about 10K followers, can expect a reward of $60 for each post. Next, everything is on the rise. For example, a model with an audience of 100K followers can already expect to receive about several thousand dollars for an advertising post. But those who have an audience close to a million followers will be able to earn thousands of dollars for an advertising post.

I've prepared for you a small guide on how much do Instagram models make:

  • The blogger with an audience of 4-10K followers can make from from $20 to $100 per advertising. Video advertising will be slightly more expensive - from $100. Advertising in Stories - from $5 to 10$.
  • The blogger with an audience of 50-100K people can earn from $500 - $2000/3000 per ad. Video advertising will start from $2000 to $5000. Advertising in Stories - $100 - $300.
  • The blogger with an audience of 100K people and more can earn from $10,000 to a million dollars per post. Video advertising will cost about $15,000, but the story is somewhere in the region of $5,000.
And these earnings exclusively on advertising. It does not take into account traveling missions, which often take place at the highest level, visiting events, restaurants, and gifts from brands and shops, which can cost a total of $20,000 to $50,000.
how to become an influencer on instagram
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This is good earnings!

However, if you think that this is easy money, then I can upset you down: all this takes a lot of time and effort. So if you are seriously thinking about how to start earning on Instagram do not forget about the negative consequences and sides of such activity. After all, the process of development and preparation of an advertising post sometimes takes a lot of time. And frequent tourist trips bring down the usual mode of the day. A large number of activities often affect problems or even a complete lack of private life.

Fortunately, there are many examples not only of successful Instagram models but also happy ones who have time to devote time not only to themselves and work but also to their loved ones!

Do you want make money on Instagram?

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How to earn on Instagram profile?

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Surely, after reading all the information about how much do Instagram models make and how much do Instagram models get paid at the beginning, you already want to earn your first money on Instagram. I have good news for you, there are still places in the ranks of Instagram models, so you can easily take one of them and stop thinking about how models make money, but on the contrary, start earning! So, take a motivation, a well-thought-out strategy, and self-belief!

Therefore, I've prepared for you a few simple steps, following which you can start to earn money.

1.Define your style

If you seriously want to be an Insta Diva, then you need to think in detail about your style, which would distinguish you from thousands of other models. You need to have your "highlight", which is primarily drawn by advertisers. For example, you can follow the classic style of clothing, and then you will find it interested in the same style of advertisers.

Therefore, from the first day of your promotion, you need to identify your style that will attract your audience.

2.Create a portfolio

If you think that choosing Instagram as a platform to promote your modeling career you will not need to send or share beautiful photos, then you are grossly mistaken. After all, Instagram is your portfolio. You must observe the structure of the photos, the visual line, publish photos only of high quality and in the correct poses.

Of course, it is not necessary to always publish only photos from events where you have beautiful makeup and brilliant styling. The audience likes to see their idols behind the scenes too because we are all people and want to see that our idols are no different from us.

3.Collect followers

Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult tasks. After all, to gain a real army of followers who would admire you and stay with you no matter what is happened. Therefore, you need to be as open, interesting and sincere person as possible who can not only gather an army of fans but also keep them for a long time.

4.Post stories and videos

Instagram is not only a news feed line that is full of beautiful and high-quality photos. This is also a platform where you can post videos and stories. In the first case, you can share with followers short one-minute videos from travel or events, and in the second, talk about the events that happened to you at the moment or today.
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Such Instagram features allow you to stay in touch with followers and use them as an additional source of income because video advertising is somewhat more expensive than advertising in the post, but stories advertising is somewhat cheaper, but its preparation and implementation takes much less time than the previous two methods.

5.Interact with your audience

Don't forget to communicate with your audience as often as possible. For example, ask them questions, or answer in the comments under the posts. Also, you can maintain communication in direct. Remember: satisfied followers - it's a lot of likes, comments, and views, which means a large number of promotional offers and monthly earnings.

Thus, you can start a dizzying Instagram career and start earning from the first thousands of followers!

How much do Instagram models make?
Top-5 Models!

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And so, how much do Instagram models make we figured out.

However, now we are going to look at some great examples of monetization of Instagram accounts, which allowed their owners to earn thousands of dollars on advertising posts.
This cute girl not only looks amazing and leads her Instagram, but she is also a famous designer with an audience of more than 2 million people. She started her Instagram career in a rather unusual way: she originally launched her blog. After she had reached popularity, she decided to create an Instagram account, where she began to implement her ideas.
Chiara started Instagram in the days when the Kardashian sisters were not so popular. She is the progenitor of all Instagram models. She has about 10 years of Instagram experience and more than 16 million followers, the number of which is increasing every day.

Chiara's average earnings per year are about $8 million. From this, we can conclude that the advertising post of beauty costs from $50,000.
Did you recognize this beauty who created the mega-popular video on "how to tie a scarf?" Yes, Yes, it is! The video is still in the top viewed on YouTube.

All we know about Wendy is that she graduated from the University of California and has a degree in psychology.

Perhaps it is the knowledge gained at the University that helped her to gather such an impressive army of followers, who in the year bring her the income like $1 million.
She took the leading position of the highest-paid models according to Forbes magazine in 2016.

She often takes part in various events, promotional tours and is not afraid to abuse frequent advertising, which allows her to earn more than $3 million a year!
The younger sister of the famous model Gigi Hadid, Bella, is no less known to the public than her sister. She actively participates in fashion shows and has contracts with famous fashion houses.

In addition, she actively maintains a page on Instagram: she has more than 23 million followers who support Bella. And in turn, she tries to please followers too, advertising them useful cosmetic products.

Are you get inspired by Instagram success?

Do everything possible for effective promotion!
Start your career now!
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