Instagram Trends in 2020: Don’t Miss These 5 Novelties

Instagram Trends in 2020

You dream of successful business expansion and ready to spare no effort to improve your positions, don't you? In such a case, it's time to roll up your sleeves and accomplish the goals you have adopted.

Now in 2019, there is a multitude of marketing tools which can help you in your endeavors. One of the best platforms to build the strong image on the web is Instagram. It has grown from a simple entertaining app to the reputable resource for brand promotion in a couple of past years, so it's time to take it seriously.

Some people don't really enjoy the recent changes in the service's policy: average users complain about a lot of advertisement post in their feed and stories. However, they continue using Instagram, because there are no worthy alternatives with the same potential. And again, they truly love it and its overall functionality. So why don't you take an advantage of that?

We Selected 5 the Most Effective
Instagram Tools to Use in 2020

2020 opens up even more opportunities for brands on Instagram. Let's consider 5 most significant tools which might be widely used by commercial Instagram users this year:

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1. Shoppable Posts

This option is Bigbangram's choice #1. Now your customers don't need to follow a link in your bio to visit your online store. Just imagine how much time they need to find a product you advertised in your today's post amidst a bunch of other goods!
Don't condemn your loyal clients to such a time-consuming clicking exercise — just tag a product in the post where you have mentioned it. This way, they will be able to access it in your online store with a single click.

How much outfit costs

Advantages for your business:

● Less intimidating process of purchase;
● Stimulation of instant purchases;
● Boost in sales, as the result of previous two benefits.

2. Story Links

Well, now you can add links to your stories. This option works the same way as product tags in the shoppable posts. What's the difference?

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Stories and regular posts are quite different types of content on Instagram. A story is a daily post with short life-cycle of 24 hours, while posts are displayed in your profile forever unless you decide to delete them. That is why story link can easily attract the attention of your followers today but will be unavailable tomorrow. So if you need a quick increase in your website traffic, it is better to choose story advertising instead of shoppable post. If you need a long-lived ad for this product, stick with a shoppable post.

Advantages for your business:

● An easy way to drive traffic and sales in a matter of minutes.
● An opportunity to highlight some important events related to your brand;
● Great for instant promotions and announcements.

3. Gallery Posts

Show them more through making gallery posts. Yes, now you can do this without being accused of spamming. Of course, it is a sort of bad form to make more than 5 posts per day and clog your followers' feed with advertisements. Someday they will press “unfollow” button, what's not in our interest at all.

Fila, likes and girls

Instagram solved this issue by introducing gallery posts. This feature allows you to upload up to 10 photos (as well as videos) in a single post. Apply it when you need to share photos of your new collection or to tell some story about your company.

Now you are able to:

● Provide your customers with more information without clogging their feed;
● Create compelling slideshows and use the last picture as “call-to-action”. It is way more effective than CTA in a caption, where some users may overlook it.
● Capture moments during a brand-related event and upload it as little video report, etc.

4. Changes in Algorithm

Who says that optimized feed is a bad thing? Those who established themselves as a successful brand should only be glad for that.
New Instagram algorithm determines accounts you engage with most frequently and profiles with the best engagement rates among accounts you follow. Therefore, the first positions in your feed will be occupied with the most popular accounts. The level of their popularity will be based on your choice and the choice of the majority.

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This may be sad news for those who only start their Instagram promotion when brands with a plenty of active followers will only take advantage of that.

What to do if you only take your first steps on Instagram? 3 tips:

1. Alternate between organic and promotional posts. First ones you need to gain more active followers and rouse the interest in your production. It is a well-known fact that native advertisement usually works better when it comes to the establishment of business image. Only after that, bring to bear your promotional posts.

2. Follow tips from experts regarding proper promotion of brand in Instagram. You can find some in other articles on our Bigbangram blog.

3. Use Instagram promotion services to automate your actions in the app. You can start gaining followers without effort right now! Automate likes, follows, direct messages, comments, and many more with Bigbangram bot.

5. Instagram Story Filters

We also had no idea how story filters may affect your business until we tried it by ourselves. The only thing you need to get a bunch of new followers is to add location or event filter to your story. It is a simple tool which can help you introduce your brand to a larger audience. The point is that this story will appear to anyone who has the corresponding filter.

Instagram Story Filters And Features

4 Little tricks to make your stories more recognizable:

1. Tag popular locations and events.

2. Use stickers and funny face filters, but don't overdo it.

3. Deliver only top-notch content, despite the fact this is only an insta-story.

4. Add call-to-actions and psychological triggers to your story caption.

Promise us one thing: won't let your rivals outrun you on Instagram. Now you know top 5 trendy features of 2018, so there's nothing on your way to success. Moreover, we at Bigbangram have no doubt that more Instagram updates are just around the corner. Keep tracking our blog and you'll be one of the first to know about them.

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