How to Plan Instagram Content? It’s High Time to Realize Posting Module’s Potential

Plan Instagram Content

Posting Module is designed to automate and organize the publication of text, photo, and video right on schedule. You plan any number of publications for an unlimited period. And after that, the posting service publishes your posts in automatic mode at certain times. You don't need to be constantly at your computer or smartphone. You can relax on vacation, and the automation tool will publish your posts for you. Unsurprisingly therefore, the question “How to plan Instagram Content?” is one of the most popular Google questions.

Recently, we have made a detailed article with great ideas on how to make cool Instagram photos that your followers can't take their eyes off. Today we want to talk about how to plan Instagram content through the enhanced automatic posting module.

Posting Module Features That Will Blow Your Instagram

In our old posting module, you could only choose the image, write a description and set a timer for the post you made. That's not enough for a completely developed scheduling, so we come to a resolution to respond to the multiple demands and make better this service.

Let's consider the main features of the posting module on Bigbangram!

15 Wow Factor of Bigbangram's Posting Service!

How to Plan Instagram Content 2

You can post a video

We know that the consumption of Instagram video is growing every year. We are following trends and constantly developing. Now you can upload an unlimited number of photos and plan your video content for a week or month in advance. Log in Bigbangram and go ahead! To win the hearts and minds of the Insta Universe inhabitants!

You can alter the size of the photo

Crop the photo to the desired size. Use filters and watermarks to increase the visibility of your posts.

You can control the number of characters and hashtags in the description

Write captions and add hashtags without any troubles. As we know, a hashtag is a way that your followers are going to find your brand. If you don't know how to pick up hashtags, use another simple and valuable service – hashtag generator! It saves your time and nerves for social media strategy, makes your acc popular, and gain tons of followers. From this article, you will know about all nuances of using Hashtag Generator!

Full emoji's gallery

The most important part of marketing is to create a trusting atmosphere between the brand and customers. Using emoji in your content, you move toward your followers. Your text becomes emotional, which cannot be said about the usual text “canvas”. When a user reads such material, he begins to experience certain emotions and gets involved. And the goal of the marketer is to get a person in the mood, to build on the association with the brand. Make your caption visually attractive and increase your engagement!

You can set up a certain time of removal post

It's a great option if you want to delete the image some time later after posting. You can establish the posting and removal time.

You can leave the first comment in the commenting block

Write extraordinary comments, add hashtags and the automation tool will publish them. The maximum number of characters you can leave is 2000. The maximum number of hashtags is 30.

You can leave likes of your publication

A number of likes on Instagram is a content marker that demonstrates the value of your posts. Thus, without communicating in the comments, you can establish feedback with people on the social network. Also, likes talk about the popularity of the profile and make it stand out in a crowd. Did you know that early in careers many famous personalities used Instagram likes as an effective tool for promoting their account? A ton of likes on Instagram is the possibility of getting into the TOP publications.

You can select the hour and date when your post will be published

It's the essence of auto-posting. For the community and SMM managers, it is important to know when the audience is most active. Select the desired time zone and set the posting schedule. Instead of a 24-hour reference to the time of publication, it is enough to devote time once a day (or even several days) and spend the rest of the time on more important tasks. For instance, you can create awesome content or travel across Mexico on your motorbike.

multicolored motorcycle

You can create a visual grid

A visual grid not only greatly speeds up the process of composing and planning content, but also makes it easy to work on a common theme, color scheme and style of your IG profile. Using a visual grid you create a holistic page with a single semantic and stylistic message. If you have writer's block and don't know what to write in your personal or commercial account, catch a portion of breakthrough ideas, which will rock your audience and help you with the content plan!

You can integrate social media accounts into projects

Connect pages, profiles or groups to automate social media marketing. With the service, you can manage popular social networks, create and comment on a content plan, and track marketing and team results.

You can customize geotags for the design of publications

What is the potential of geotags? With the help of geotagging, customers discover the position of different business objects and receive news about promo or discounts on time.

You can mark users

Don't forget to mark people in the photos! Tap the photo and enter an Instagram nickname. As plain as the nose on your face.

You can edit your photos

edit your photos

Crop the image, make color correction, add cutting, apply watermarks and much more without leaving the service!

Final words

Thanks to auto-posting service, you can ensure the optimal balance of time and frequency of publication. Two or three times a day, at 6 am or 8 pm, on Monday or Friday, it is enough to plan future posts, and you can mind your own business without prejudice to your account.

Another important advantage of such service is the ability to schedule publications. As in the case of the content plan, auto-posting helps to adhere to the concept of the page and not to rack your brains about casual topics for publication.

Spending too much time on your posting?

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