How To Make A Photo Studio Promotion On Instagram? Real Case-Story!

Photo Studio Promotion On Instagram

Are you a big fan of photography and you have a photo studio that you would like to promote on the social network Instagram? Read the real case-story, how our experts promoted the photo studio in three months!
Instagram in its potential is an “untilled field” of various opportunities for photo studios. Cause not many people know about all the possibilities of successful promotion of photo studios on Instagram. However, a key role is played by a well-built promotion strategy.

But to build, establish and run the strategy for a promotion campaign is almost impossible for a beginner! After all, how much time will you spend to understand the nuances of the promotion system? I think a couple of months of your life that you can spend on creating quality content for publication! I hope you're not suicidal about this case.

Then, how can you launch the process without wasting of time? Bigbangram Agency team! Instagram experts know how to launch your promotion campaign so that at midnight your carriage-likes did not turn into a pumpkin and the coachmen-followers into mice.

How to make a photo studio promotion: Trust the Experts!

Promotion Agency provides a comprehensive approach to your promotion campaign. It's not just an automatic service that is managed by the user, or worse Instagram bot, whose actions can lead to disastrous consequences, such as blocking your account. The Agency is a new generation assistant, in which the main specialists are people who:

  • We take care of it!

A team of 4 specialists is ready to provide you with all the necessary assistance in the promotion in real-time around the clock!

  • All is done for you!

You do not need to spend a lot of time on promotion. You just tell the experts about the ultimate goals of promotion and that is all. Everything else they do for you.

  • Get the profit from the most effective tools!

In the arsenal of specialists only the highest quality and well-proven promotion tools. Your Instagram account will get a new level of popularity.

Talking about the various benefits and results of the work can be very long, so I suggest you consider the successful example of the IG promotional campaign of a photo studio, which the guys launched a few months ago. After all, a good visual example works much better, than just words!

It's time to look at your Instagram through the eyes of professionals

We know how to promote your account

Instagram Promotion Real Case

The account of “thephotostudioaustralia” is a professional photo studio account. The guys are focused on fashion photoshoots at any locations you can imagine.

Ways of Making Money on Instagram


  • present the studio portfolio;
  • attract new followers;
  • get orders the shooting.

The task of the photo studio team: provide high-quality content!

The start of the campaign!

Here began the most interesting, namely, preparing for the campaign.

First of all, it was carried out the analysis of the account, based on it the following data(May 2019):

  • Followers – 20 K;
  • Followings – 500;
  • The average number of likes – 3 K;
  • Number of orders per month – 36;
  • The average number of comments – 43;
  • Number of requests in direct – 15;
  • Viewing stories – 5 K.

Secondly, it was developed an individual Instagram promotion strategy, the main goals were:

  • increasing the ER;
  • increasing of orders for the shooting;
  • positive perception of the studio;
  • general awareness of the account.

Thirdly, the team selected all the tools necessary for the implementation of the strategy, such as:

  • generated hashtags that accounted for half of the success of the implementation of all of the tools. Thanks to them the specialists have identified the TA of the photo studio;
  • location, language, time zone filters which were selected based on the preferences of the client and under the TA;
  • massliking and massfollowing the similar publications of the photographic studios and their accs, based on the identified hashtags;
  • commenting on the similar publications of the photographic studios and individual photographers with the chosen hashtags, location, time zone.

Besides, the specialists introduced some special modules, which made the work of the guys on Instagram easier for several times.

  • Planner posts

The function simplifies the work on Instagram 6 times. The client set up scheduled posting, edited posts, added to posts the necessary files and locations, posted publications in the timezone they needed, viewed the entire gallery of posts in real time. This feature helped the promotion campaign for our photo studio. The guys are still using it at full speed! The result is the pre-prepared posts and a convenient platform for creating and editing publications.

Special thanks are sent to the support specialists Mia and Iolanta are always ready to provide the owner with all the nuances!

Ways of Making Money on Instagram
  • Auto DM online

An indispensable tool that saves account owner's time 3 times! We used it to send messages to customers.

This was a welcome message to each new follower who has started to follow. Like in our case, each new follower has received a message with such text as:

“Hello! Thanks for following! We are glad to see you in our public account! We give a coupon(link) with a 30% discount on photoshooting!”

As a result, the number of conversions on this offer exceeded all expectations.

For the first 3 days of the offer, we've sent 389 messages and the studio received 60 requests for photoshoots!

Also, we sent messages to existing followers. We carried out various mailings and tested the most interesting offers of the client, like the various competitions and giveaways for a free photo shoot, discounts on the second photoshoot. Special discounts for family photo shoots and many others. As a result, we have developed a formula that works perfectly for our account: hold contests for a free photoshoot every 2 weeks; arrange discounts on pre-holiday photoshoots, invite models to various photoshoots for free every week! Using this formula, the guys have had 378 requests in Direct per month!

The messages look like this:

“Do you have a birthday party soon and you would like to arrange a memorable photoshoot on this day? No problem! All the birthday off on holiday photoshoot!”

The third line was sending messages to a special list of followers. Using this method, we sent messages to various photographers to provide a studio for rent, models with proposals for creating a portfolio, followers of children's modeling agencies for various photo collaborations. All these actions have led to an increase in the popularity of the account 2 times, to an increase in requests to direct on this topic 3 times, and increased sales of photography 4 times!

Ways of Making Money on Instagram
  • Direct chats

It will significantly ease communication with the client, which involves instant messaging and a convenient channel for communication.

Fourthly, throughout the campaign, the specialists carried out a continuous analysis of the chosen strategy, as well as how accurately was the target audience determined, whether the filter parameters are correctly placed, whether the promotion tools are effective, etc.

Fifthly, the support team stayed in touch 24/7! They were ready to answer all the questions, as well as to help any time they were needed. They did not disappear as in the famous fairy tale and helped at all stages of the work.

Sixthly, Agency provided a daily, weekly and monthly report of the work done!

Instagram account growth: The result of the campaign!

For 3 months of promotion the results are as follows (September 2019):

  • Followers – 44.6 K (+22,6 K);
  • Followings – 691 (+191);
  • The average number of likes on a photo – 5 K (+2 K);
  • Number of orders per month – 87 (+51);
  • The average number of comments – 105 (+62);
  • Number of requests in direct – 367 (+342);
  • Viewing stories – 27 K (+12 K).

This apparent success is made up of several factors:
1. Proper setting of promotion strategy.
2. Quality of published content.

 Ways of Making Money on Instagram

And if the first is responsible for the promotion Agency, which is fully engaged in the development of strategies and implementation of methods of promotion, the second should take care of the owner of the account.

So, how to make a photo studio promotion on Instagram? There is nothing possible! if you're having trouble promoting your business on Instagram, start creating exciting content or providing the products or services you need, and then think about Instagram promotion and apply to real specialists which can lead you to success and will arrange for you the best promotion campaign in your IG life!

Raise Yourself To A New level of Instagram life!

We make an individual promotional strategy
We provide the team of specialists for you
You get money, fame, followers, likes, advertisers!

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