How to Get More Twitter Followers Than Your Competitors?

get More Twitter Followers

Oldie but goodie Twitter! It's one of the most powerful platforms existing for the time being. It brings you leads, helps to establish a brand on the market, and bridge communication with customers. Not yet? Don't sweat it, after finishing this article you will know how to get more Twitter followers, how to engage them, and finally how to get a boost from it.

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Twitter followers are not only an indicator of one's fair name. They are of real value to your business. Almost 40% of entrepreneurs say they get most customers via Twitter. Not a bad thing, isn't that right?
Now take a look at how to increase Twitter followers number.

How to get more Twitter followers?

Publish the most alluring and informative content

Twitter prioritizes information … and fun! This is not a visual platform like Instagram; sexy photos are not the end in itself here ( but still needed one.) Your content is your tool: the more quality you provide with it, the more appreciation you will get.

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How to get to learn that you create quality content? If you see retweets, likes, and comments under each of your posts.

You should bring real value. Post things that interest not only you but your followers as well. I know it's hard and sometimes dull, but it's worth it. Your followers will wait for it; don't let them down!
Add visual aid

How to gain followers on Twitter? Just add a pic to the post. It would be wrong to claim that Twitter is not about the picture. Some researches prove that tweets with images are 20% more engaging.

Use relevant hashtags

Yes, hashtags we born by Twitter and remain be the main driving force there. Users search the information of interest by hashtags. That's why put down only relevant ones and gain followers on Twitter easily. You can search for them aided by Hashtags generator – that will be faster.

Use other social networks to promote your Twitter

Leave links to your acc on your YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. It will direct users to your page, and therefore, new supporters will come.

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Don't use your logo

Add your photo to your profile, not your logo. No one wants to be friends with soulless brand. Using a personal photo, show that there is a real person behind your brand. Thus, you will engage your followers even more.

Follow other users

That's another effective way of how to grow Twitter followers. The more people you will follow, the more people will notice you. And if you completed all the steps described above, they will become your followers willingly.

Use @ if you mention someone

When replying to someone or mentioning a user, be sure to mention him with @. People are much more likely to respond to tweets when you mention them by name.

Participate in trendy talks

Speak up! Find a post relevant to the sphere of your activity and express your opinion. The right connections will find you. Who would mind networking?

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Retweet popular people of your niche

But do not just retweet thoughtlessly, read the content, understand it, and express your attitude towards it in the retweet, add a useful remark.

Message your followers

How else can you establish contact with your fans? First, send them your greetings.

If you got a new follower, send him/her your “hi, what's up, thanks for following me.” Thus, you contact each user personally, connect with them, and make them more engaged in what you are doing.

And here I can strike you with a piece of good news – Bigbangram has introduced new direction – Twitter promotion – now you can message your followers on Twitter automatically! My god, finally! No more time-wasting – you welcome your followers with beautiful words in auto-mode.

Add the Twitter button to a blog

Embed the Tweet it/Read @your-company-acc button to your blog (if you have one.) You will get a more concerned and motivated follower base rather than random followers.

Make your profile attractive

Most people use Twitter on laptops, PC, and tablets. And when they go to your page, they see a background picture first (it's bigger than your avatar picture.) Allocate some time to create a stunning design of it.

Your pic is no less important, let it be cool. Thus, you will increase Twitter followers number just thanks to your designing skills.

Make your profile attractive

Be consistent in publishing

There are users who post hundred of posts daily, and that is not a joke. I recommend you not to post so often – people will think you're mad but not hard-working. At the same time, the more often you tweet, the more users will notice you. So, it's better to stop at a couple of tweets per day.

Create a content plan and stick to it. To ease the process, use services for scheduling and auto-posting on Twitter.

Hold contests

Just like on Instagram, contests are powerful tools for any kind of promotion. Offer a good prize and set not complicated conditions. The prize pool must be your product or service.

Be creative, think up something that people would like to receive, but can't for various reasons.

Hold contests

Write your nickname on your visiting card

Why not? Let's dream wild! Let people contact you not via email, but via Twitter as well. It will be a more friendly conversation.

Publish diverse content

Yes, I told you to create only informative content, but it doesn't mean it should be of the same type/topic, etc. Mix news with quotes of famous people, wish happy birthday to stars of your industry, share tips, make up selections of books, films, and materials, share personal experience.

Publish diverse content

The point is not to repeat yourself.

Well, let's call it a day. Now you know the primary methods to grow Twitter followers number. Does it seem hard to you? I believe you will cope with it. Twitter follower increase will not be long in coming.

At least you know how to gain Twitter followers faster than anyone else – using Bigbangram!

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