Find out more Facebook contest ideas

Find out more Facebook contest ideas

Creative Facebook contests are a great chance to hook the audience and stimulate interest in your product. Today you don't need to use a third-party app to run a contest. You may create your contest directly on the Facebook platform.

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There are some Facebook restrictions for contests launching

You shouldn't:

  1. Ask contest participants to tag their friends.
  2. Ask them to share the post with a contest on the timeline.
  3. Ask them to share the post with a competition on the timeline of their friends.
  4. Relate Facebook to the competition, as the platform is not sponsoring your contest and has nothing to do with the case.
  5. Ignore the contest's format: in case of a lottery running instead of a contest, you may encounter a breach of the law and go to a Facebook prison.
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So, a Facebook share contest is not a good idea for a fair and non-violating Facebook rules contest. It is better to look at other contest examples.

Simple contest ideas for Facebook

You may choose the contest ideas from the proposed ones according to your target set. Whether you want to get more likes or comments, or your audience engagement, or get more followers. It's up to you what Facebook competition to select.

  1. Cool photo caption

An excellent idea to ask your fans to type the most unusual and creative caption under the proposed photo. With this contest, the participants have a chance to show their creativity and smartness. The person who offers the most peculiar caption will win the Fb contest.

creative facebook contests
  1. Idea help contest

Ask your followers to participate in your product promotion. Offer them to think of the product name or other ideas related to your brand. Thus you show them your trust. People believe you, and this is very important, not only at the root of your business but also in the midst of it.

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  1.  Facebook voting contest

Ask followers to send you their photos on a particular theme, such as their favorite pets or the best Christmas decorations in the room. So, announce the image theme, the time by which the photo must be sent. Then hold a poll for the best shot. Thus, you have a chance to get not only more likes but a new audience as the followers will ask their friends or relatives to vote for their photo.

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  1. Facebook giveaway

It is probably the contest that people like the most as they get a good prize for minimal action. Make a catchy announcement about the prize giveaway and ask followers to do simple steps. It is the kind of profitability that attracts users in any social network.

fb contest
  1. Question and answer contest

Think of an interesting question (preferably related to your product) and ask followers to answer it in the comments. The author of the best one wins the prize.

how to run a contest on facebook

  1. Mind breaker contests on Facebook 

Not all audiences prefer simple contests. Sometimes the best idea is to offer your followers to think carefully about the proposed task and suggest a valuable prize in return. This task may be connected with your product; thus, the followers will be engaged in your business and learn more about your brand.

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  1. Guess the price contest

Are you launching a new type of product or service? Then, ask your followers about its price. Whoever guesses accurately (or closer to the truth) is the winner.

facebook giveaway

Some tips about how to run a contest on Facebook

It's good when you come up with the competition idea, but the start point of running a contest on Facebook includes some more aspects.

  1. Know your audience

It is the most crucial point as your contest strategy will work only if your audience is interested in the proposed contest format. Yes, all people like a free prize giveaway. You don't do anything complicated and get prizes for it. Perfect! But you won't always be handing out prizes for nothing. So, explore your audience and create the contests that will hit the bull's eye.

facebook share contest
  1. Make the competition terms as simple as possible

Complex schemes for filling in and entering any data tend to put people off. Do not create unnecessary actions for users; thus, you have an opportunity to attract more users to your contest. 

facebook voting contest
  1. Set a goal

Different contests can produce different results and effects. That's why it is essential to have a particular goal defined in advance. For example:

  • to engage the audience;
  • to let others learn more about your product;
  • to attract more followers;
  • to get likes and comments;
  • to get info about potential clients (email, for example);
  • to get reviews about your product from independent audiences.

running a contest on facebook
  1. Choose the right time posting

Find out the appropriate time to post on Facebook and let more people know about your contest. 

contest ideas for facebook
  1. Post about your contest on Facebook in other social networks

Place information about the competition wherever possible and appropriate. The more people know about it, the better for you. Use a social media calendar guide to publish your posts on different social media platforms in time.

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Nota bene: don't impose the info about your contest as it may reject the followers. Just inform them about the competition and focus on how you present the information.

So, be creative; take care of your followers, providing them with the only necessary information; promote the contest wisely, and don't break Facebook rules.

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