Vacation Inspiration: Best Instagram Travel Locations in 2020

Vacation Inspiration

Have you already planned your best vacation destination in 2020? My lovely sunshine, if you want to catch warm weather days, you'd better go to Italy. This text is for you with a tag “made with love”.

Instaspot #1 – Lago di Sorapis

If you want a short description – it's a must-see place. In detail: it's a journey that you need to experience in your life. Do you know that it's a great allusion to achieving your goals? You dream about something incredible, and thoughtfully plan your every step, choose the path, fight rain and pain. No other people, only you and your aim. And in the end, you level up yourself to the heights. Enjoy the view, drink the essence of your success right here in the time of seeing amazing crystal-blue water of the Lago di Sorapis.

The place cleans out your brain, gives you time to sort out your thoughts, and find peace. Do you want to recharge yourself? Yeah, here's the place for you.

And please, don't forget to take a picture for your Instagram. The place is totally worth it!

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Instaspot #2 – Monopoli

It's the best city to spend your summer with grandchildren. When you will have ones. The Old Town is incredible, it has a perfect balance of life and ancientness. Sip the cold drink and spend some time chilling at the beach near the old town wall.

Monopoli is a homelike Italian town. Narrow streets, small patios, friendly aunties, who sit in the streets and examine the people passing by.

Instaspot #3 – Val d'Orcia

If you are tired of planning, driving, thinking, and sick of any problems on vacation, take a private tour to Val d'Orcia. Door-to-door journey to the Southern Tuscany, tasting of the local wine and cheese.

An incredibly memorable experience. Imagine, you are talking to a charming Roberto in a comfortable Mercedes. He takes excellent care of you, tells you about wine, Italian culture, and beyond. You are viewing the sunny warm Brunello region. Landscapes blow your mind. Muah! You meet his family members during a local meal and drinking the wines and views of Tuscany!

Instaspot #4 – Lavanda di Elvio

Do you want to have the best photos on Instagram? Start your lavender experience in Italy! Plan your trip during the period of flowering. It starts in June and continues until the cutting period in August. Make your eyes and nose happy with bright colors and honey-sweet smells. Be in the moment and feel the relaxation. Add a light wine tasting to your experience or plan a visit to numerous stores to buy souvenirs.

Instaspot #5 – Spello

Spello is a small town that is known as a city of flowers. Narrow streets of ancient architecture drown in juicy colors. Mark the thing you must see in your life. It's the flower festival Infiorate. In June, a little town fills up to the top with patterns. People make paintings with the flower petals. You can just walk around the city and make travel images for your Instagram for years ahead.

Don't forget that the place is not that popular among tourists, so you can sink into Italia up to your eyeballs. Eat pizza, drink wine, and live la dolce vita!

Instaspot #6 – Lampedusa

It's a little volcanic island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It's a paradise for surfers, sun, and wildland lovers. Oh, love! Lampedusa is the southeast Italian territory. Numerous grottos, clear water and amazing sea bottom pleases divers. The best specialty is couscous and regional fish. It may be topped with shrimps, lobsters or other seafood. Add cooled white wine, great company, and spend the best time of your happy life. Belissimo!

Instaspot #7 – Bogliasco

Bogliasco is another sunny and warm destination in Italy. It's a small southern town that has everything in it: azuline bays, small picturesque hills, emerald greenery. The place has a great geographic location, clear water, and a small number of people. What else do you need for a calm Italian vacation? Soak up the atmosphere and live la dolce vita!

Instaspot #8 – Sestri Levante

A cozy town on the Ligurian Riviera. The town is so small that it resembles a typical Italian fishing village with colorful houses by the sea and fishing boats along the coast. One indisputable advantage of Sestri Levante over other resorts in Liguria are sandy beaches. Just imagine the beach surrounded by authentic houses, feel like you belong to another culture, bite a slice of pizza, sip a glass of wine, and be a true Italian.

Instaspot #9 – Bologna

Bologna is the birthplace of not only the Bolognese sauce, but also tortellini, sugo bolognese, and mortadella. Food for the Bologna is the main cult and a paradise for gluttons. Want to get a gastronomic orgasm? You need to go to Bologna! Bologna people are considered to be the keepers of the secret of cooking the famous Italian dumplings – tortellini, the shape of which should resemble the navel of Venus, as well as lasagna – casseroles, which are layers of laid pasta and stew plates, heartily seasoned with bechamel sauce and parmesan.

With it is also worth trying another type of pasta – tagliatelle. The width was calculated in relation to the tower on which I recommended you climb. Back in 1972, the Bologna Chamber of Commerce and Industry officially decided that the width of the paste should be exactly 12,270th of the height of Torre degli Asinelli (and this is 98 meters).

Pack your bags, go to rest and try the real tortellini in the broth, the breathtaking tagliatelle alla bolognese and crostoni – hot grilled toasted bread with various delicacies on top (mushrooms, salami, prosciutto, tomatoes and other joys). The food is simple, the portions are large.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Instaspot #10 – Piedmont

Piedmont is located at the foot of the Alps, so it will definitely blow your mind by its beauty. A huge plus is that Piedmont is one of the largest wine regions of the country. It grows the famous Nebbiolo grape variety, which is the basis for the famous Gattinara, Barolo, and Barbaresco wines. Grapes in Italy have always been of high quality, so all wine lovers set their roads directly to Piedmont.

This region produces mainly red wines, perfectly complementing the rich Piedmontese cuisine. No less famous are the white wines, obtained from Asti Spumante and Cortese grapes – moderately sweet, they are well suited to any desserts. But perhaps the most famous Piedmontese wines are the vermouths of the Martini & Rossi distillery located in Turin.

If you need even more stunning photos for Instagram, catch the following information. Vinotheques are located in castles, where tasting rooms and wine cellars are organized. Just imagine yourself in a castle tasting the best Italian wines!

It should be noted that Piedmont is known not only as a wine-growing region, there is also the longest Italian river Po, as well as the Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa – one of the highest mountain peaks in Europe. On the territory of Piedmont, there are more than 50 nature reserves and regional parks, excellent ski resorts that are not inferior to the French Alps in their natural conditions, as well as many thermal springs.

Are you ready to take your passport and open your heart to a new experience?
Guys, welcome to Paradise!

Hope you'll find my research useful, tanti tanti baci!

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