15 best Instagram Stories Hacks in 2020

best Instagram Stories Hacks

I think that avid users of Instagram and Instagram story hacks know about its cool tool options to create excellent content. In turn, nowadays, in a social media world, good content is your chance to get your new followers. Are you dreaming of designing your stories useful and aesthetically beautiful? It's uneasy to keep pace with constant updates of Instagram stories, but now we are going to take note of the best Instagram stories hacks or let me say tricks.

best Instagram stories hacks

15 useful stories hacks

Maybe you already know about some of them – that's great, but I'm sure something is interesting here for such experts as you. So let's get started!

How to Instagram story effectively?

1. Instagram Stories 

Can you imagine how to insta story without wasting plenty of your time? One of the cool hacks for Instagram activity improving is an Instagram scheduler.

Some Instagram stories schedulers (free ones):

Later (modern design; convenient “Photo Cropper“; post collaboration).

Sendible (the platform publishes content on its own; sort negative, neutral, positive references with key phrases; adapted for IOS and Android).

Hootsuite (you can use Hootsuite not only on Instagram, but also on other networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

instagram stories schedulers

Filters and color

2. Have you ever wanted to design your Instagram story with background color?

Instagram story hacks have the method of “display” painting in the Instagram stories. It's simple! In Instagram, tap “Aa” image and pick a colour circle. Next, you can tap it, choosing a color background you’d like to get in your future Instagram story.

3. Filters in instagram stories

I think you often see other people's stories with new filters. They are secret! No, it's only at a glance! Do you know how to get it? When you run into the story with the desired filter, you may press the filter's title (you’ll see it on the top right). Do you want to get it? So, just save and apply for stories!

Filters in instagram stories
4. Collage designing

Social media Instagram app is a suitable variant for collage designing hacks. Sometimes, it is necessary a saving app for such functions, but if you already have an Instagram on your desktop, why not apply it?

There are two variants:

The first variant is a relatively simple one. Open the existing collage instrument in the stories. Insert the necessary images you want to add from the phone camera roll.

The second variant includes background color (a solid color is preferable). Apply for stories the desired background image. In your phone camera roll, you'll see the “Share” image. Tap it. Then you will see a “Copy Photo” image. Copy it. Return to the stories and press “Add Sticker” image(you can see it on the top of the screen). Continue to add those you want to use in the best collage designing.

Collage designing
5. Color Blocs designing

A colored bloc in your Instagram stories is an excellent idea for unique text content. Print a text you want to use. Press the “Stars” image and apply any color you’d like to see in your rectangle.

6. Colour gradient feature

Instagram story hacks consist of color gradient features for designing your texts unusual and  reader-friendly. Do you hear how to get excellent stories full of beautiful text? So, in the Instagram stories, tap “Aa” image. Pick out your text you want to add. Tap and hold the “Colour” image. Choose the necessary color. Tap and hold the display on the essential color. Pick the grade you'd like to apply for your text story. Great!

Colour gradient feature

Element dilution

7. Instagram story transformation with stickers, emojis, and texts

Attachment is a food method to make your story more beautiful and creative without spending plenty of time. Pretty good! So we insert the video in stories, adding the necessary feature you’d like to see in the story, then tap and hold the component or element. You may use a scroll bar to localize the component in the desired position.

8. GIFs

Designing stories with a GIF is your next Instagram stories hacks! It's your mood today! Amusing, comedic, joking! So, why not put it into your story? It can smile your followers. So, design the Instagram story. Next press the “Smile” top image. Pick the “GIF” image. Now you are free to pick out the preferable GIFs you'd like to observe in the story. Look for the GIFs by keywords. You can resize the GIFs or rotate it.

stickers, emojis, and texts

Some more hacks for your story designing

9. Erasel Tool

Do you hear about Instagram story hacks with which you'll design 3D images in Instagram! So, using the drawing instrument, put twists line over an object with future 3D “impression“, remove the twists parts, and turns the line with Erasel tool.

Do you know about such Instagram stories hacks? If so, you're just an Instagram prof!

10. Two or more “Ask me a question” windows

Today, “Ask me a question” windows are so popular in the Instagram stories. it's not surprising as it is the Instagram hacks to set a contact with the followers. But how do I do such “question” windows in one story?

Firstly, design an Instagram story and include a “question” window in it. Next, is the screenshot creating. Open the ready screenshot and make another story using a response window. Continue till you get such numerous “question” window responses in one story. Do you manage to get this useful one of the Instagram stories hacks?

design an instagram story
11. How about Instagram stories in your gallery?

Have you ever had a desire to get Instagram stories to your camera roll? So, swipe up in the downloaded story, there you will see the “Arrow” image, just tap it. You’ll be able to open and watch your story in any time in your gallery!

12. Hands-Free recording

Video with15 seconds duration is another trick from Instagram stories hacks, that is rather convenient too. So, open the stories instrument in the Instagram, tap “Hands-Free” image (square in a circle), press the central image. This circle image is designed for video recording. Excellent!

13. Do you want to mention other accounts?

It is a suitable variant for paying people's attention in Instagram stories. You can “glorify” your profile and the other person's account. Why not?

Adding mentions is rather a simple way to design Instagram stories hacks. Just mark a story with the necessary image background you want to apply for highlighting. Tap the “Smile” top right image. Tap “@mention” rectangle and enter the account name you'd like to refer to. Here, the photo background is one of the useful things because you are selling or attracting the highlighted product's attention that you post in your Instagram stories. Please, make sure that this product is perfect, and you let other followers know about it with sincerity.

mention other accounts

About hiding

14. Keep a hashtags hidden

It often happens that hashtags look unnecessary in stories, for insta and you think it should become invisible.

A first variant. You should write the necessary hashtags. Try to make them smaller and put in one story location. Choose any image you want to overlay on hashtags for hiding.

A second variant. You should choose the color instrument from the “Aa” image in your stories. You can see that image at the top right. Next, try to apply color as your background color. I think here a solid color is the best one. So, you have both hashtags and an aesthetically pleasing Instagram story.

You can choose which variant is preferable for you.

Keep a hashtags hidden
15. Instagram story hiding

We live in a social media world. It is impossible to stay in the shadows while keeping an Instagram account; it seems that to hide from people in Instagram is rather tricky. But you can. It's quite useful hacks to “stash” your stories of people who do not deserve to keep an eye on your unique Instagram stories content! A kind of joke that has a grain of truth.

Let s examine two hacks in Instagram stories hiding: A first variant: tap the image at the top of the screen in your profile – tap “Settings” – “Privacy” – “Story” – “Hide Story From” and here you may pick out the people from whom story will be hidden. Tap “Done” image. That's all!

A second variant: in a person's profile, tap “...” image – “Hide Your Story” image. Done!

Instagram story hiding


1. Instagram story: how to paste a track?

Just download any image in your stories and tap “Smile” image. You will see the “music” image, so the stories are designed with the music track!

2. Is it possible to tap the location in the story?

So, design your story with a necessary photo(or it can be a video) and then pick “Smile” image. Tap on “location”. Instagram itself can demonstrate your real location, but you have an opportunity to type a desired location in a “search” field.

3. Can I design my story with IGTV videos?

So, you will find a “paper plane” image on your screen when you watch a video. Select “Add video to the story”. Before posting, you have an opportunity to design your stories with appropriate elements or text if you need it.

4. May I resend the desired story to a person?

You're run into a funny story. And you have a desire for your friend to see it too. While browsing the story, you will see the “paper plane” image, so open it. Pick out the person among your subscribers you want to resend.

Note! Your friend should be a follower of this profile; otherwise, he did not manage to observe the story.
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