4 Reasons You Should Be Scheduling Instagram Post!

4 Reasons You Should Be Scheduling

Today Instagram is a powerful platform for creativity, additional income and engaging a new audience. Whoever you are on Instagram – the blogger, entrepreneur or company – you need to know about the basic tools of promotion and scheduling. Well, or your SMM-specialists need to know. In any case, today I want to tell about our renewed posting module and give you four reasons you should be scheduling Instagram Post.

Our fresh automatic posting module and its advanced features

Our IG automation tool could before plan and publish your photos ahead, but his options were poor. Today we've joined a lot of interesting innovations that almost totally replicate the same options we have on Instagram.

The old scheduler performs three tasks: upload the photo, leave a caption and establish a time when the post will be published. It's clear as day that's too little for good plan, so we determined to reply to the various requirements and enhance this instrument.

Bigbangram's scheduler is an ideal solution for those people who are often working late, raking mountains of tasks with a “yesterday” deadline. For SMM managers are racking their brains over how to improve performance. For entrepreneurs who always don't have time.

So, let's immerse in the review of our updated planner!

Video publishing.
O, yay! We monitor trends and know that the video is on a roll. Now you can publish not only photos but also videos in a convenient format. And there is one more additional change! When you upload the photo, you can zoom, crop, rotate one in a matter of seconds. You can also add beautiful effects. And all you need to do is a few clicks.

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A limited number of characters in the description block.
To make your account popular, it is important to pay attention not only to the visual content but also to the text part of the publication. Brevity, usefulness, attractiveness, and unobtrusiveness are some of the important characteristics of a successful description. You can leave no more than 2000 characters and 30 hashtags under a photo or video on Instagram. It is very comfortable when a bot performs all calculations, isn't it?

Adding location.
When you mark the place in the photo, it helps your audience understand where you are and what the post is about. This is especially important if you share your impressions about a trip to other cities and countries, visiting an unusual art space or a fascinating museum. If you are the owner of a cafe, barbershop, or other company, creating a map label can help you promote your business.

Publishing and removal timer.
Post planning helps to boost your audience. The formula is easy: your activeness is directly proportional to your Instagram success. Your fans desire to get high-quality content as often as possible. To keep the audience engaged, you need to publish a couple of posts per day! But it's impossible to be at the monitor all day and night. Establish a certain date and time and go on a trip to the palm trees. If you need to create an interim post, realize a self-destructive timer.
Bigbangram removes it a short time later.

Emoji gallery.
“Nude” text neutralizes emotion due to the lack of non-verbal contact. Modern life rhythm doesn't express emotions accurately and quickly, so emoji become a necessary language for communication. Emoji help clarify the sender's emotional intent, giving the message a more “carefree tone.” It has a positive effect on the pleasure center, on the perception of information saturation and increases the sense of usefulness.

Beautify your messages and watch your audience engagement increases.

Integral image editor.
Instagram newsfeed and Stories are the covers of an Instagram bestseller. Whether you like it or not, based on your content, the user decides to follow your page or search for something tastier. Our posting module will help you to make an eye-catching content and highlight your page among competitors without colossal time loses.

Liking of own photos.
Like is an indicator of your popularity. When a photo gets enough likes, comments, the post becomes interesting and Instagram recommends it to more people, promoting it in the feed. Likes allow you to give your account a successful gloss and make it stand out from other pages.

The first comment is yours!
You can use this right to write the set of hashtags in the commenting block instead of the description. If you want to demonstrate your high opinion, you can set up the function of comment liking.

Instagram content analysis.
Using the posting module you can observe the level of customers' engagement and transform your work. Look at likes and comments and abandon some content. Find the most popular time zone when your posts gain more likes. Make recommendations to change the content. Find popular content in your account.

Having achieved excellent results and accomplishments, we continue to evolve. We're going to present more options for posting service in the nearest future. What have we prepared for you? To learn more about future great possibilities of our IG scheduler, read The Updated Posting Module. We think you're going to love it.

4 Reasons you should be Scheduling Instagram Post

The Instagram scheduler not only boosts your audience but streamlines all workflows:

1. It saves your time
You save your time. It is rather exhausting to open the app, upload a photo, write a text and post to other social networks. The posting module helps you to prepare various publications at once.

2. It organizes your content
Building your content can be a great business, particularly if you're working on multiple accs. Using an automatic posting module you know the appearance of your posts in advance.

3. It allows publishing via the computer
One of the central IG lacks is the incapacity to publish content through the desktop. Of course, this creates a lot of problems for active users, who have often jump from PC to mobile gadgets. However, automatic planning tools allow you to debug this process and work with your account using a computer.

4. It allows taking the next level
If you want to lead your IG profile to a fundamentally different level, you should use IG scheduler. It will make the page more attractive from an aesthetic point of view.

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Dreaming of posting your content without time losses, but don't know how?

Discover all nuances of Instagram scheduler!

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