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This article will bring aesthetic enjoyment to your eyes. And after you finish reading, you will rush to the nearest gym, I promise!
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15 Hottest Fitness Girls
on Instagram!

This article will bring aesthetic enjoyment to your eyes. And after you finish reading, you will rush to the nearest gym, I promise!
Reading time: 4 min 40 sec

Hottest Fitness Girls On Instagram
Hot Fitness Girl
A healthy body has always been and will always be the fashion. Girls, who stay in shape and inspire the world to do the same form a great part of successful Instagram users. The hottest girls on Instagram have millions of followers and many lucrative advertising contracts. If you have a perfect body, don't be shy to monetize it!

Bigbangram knows how to make every Instagram account an outstanding star. But first up let us be encouraged by the examples of 5 hottest fitness girls on Instagram.

The Summer Is Coming! Are You Ready?


One of the hot girls on Instagram was born in Australia but was raised in rural New Zealand. Her modelling career started while she was still at high school and as soon as Rosanna finished school she moved back to Australia, to the sun and beaches of the Gold Coast. While living in Australia Rosanna modelled for various magazines and did promotional work. Her career really took off when she became a cast member of the reality TV series 'The GC' which premiered in 2012.

In life, her basic philosophy is to live a healthy, active and positive lifestyle as much of the time as possible. Sure you fall off the wagon from time to time but that's ok. A positive girl recommends enjoying life and keep a healthy and positive attitude. And every person will get to where you want to be.
instagram model AINSLEY RODRIGUEZ

The fitness world is oversaturated with programs and diets that are full of restrictions, rules and guidelines. They get in the way of life and force us to sacrifice all the things we love. Let's be real – If we give up our social lives and the things that make us happy, we'll never stick to our fitness goals.
instagram model bikini beach
That's why Ainsley has developed plans that encourage everybody to 'Work hard. Play Hard'. She knows that life is all about balance, because that's how she lives her life. Ainsley believes, that a person must train the mind to believe that the body can become whatever you want it to be. Once you change your habits you'll see that change reflected in your body. And I'll be there every step of the way giving you the customization you need for total success. The secret of the perfect body is simple: meal plans, workouts, and some lifestyle hacks.


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JELLY DEVOTE instagram fitness model

Regardless of what anyone says, as women, we don't quite feel complete if we aren't satisfied with our physical appearance. Jelly Devote is an online fitness coach who boasts over half a million Instagram followers and subscribers on YouTube. She was just an average young lady who had no idea about how to live a healthy lifestyle. At her 20s she started to gain weight and suddenly, she was really overweight and unhealthy. She was eating a lot of junk food and going to the gym was like an afterthought.

When she decided to lose weight she got to the other side of unhealthiness: one day she looked in the mirror and quickly realized that she had become too skinny. She was obsessed with the weight loss and ended up being ill because she wasn't eating enough food. It was extremely hard to find balance and harmony in my life, especially when it came to health. It was a longtime discovery: you don't have to go to the gym every day to get extraordinary results! And now her mission is to show other women "the right way" to find balance in their lives too.
 girl with a great body instagram account
If you have a fitness trainer or a girl with a great body, you can be popular on Instagram too. The secret of the success is simple. You should have your message to the world, high-quality photos, consistency in posting and a great tool for promotion. Bigbangram is a professional helper for Instagram popularity. If you hesitate or do not believe in your success on Instagram, please, contact our support team vie [email protected].
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LYNA PEREZ social media model

There are several ways to get to the top in life. Lyna Perez doesn't belong to the class of people who made it by making on-screen appearances, rather she became a star by turning what many people see as fun to real business.

A famous model and social media sensation, Perez is an Instagram queen best known for sharing her sizzling bikini photos on the social networking site. She had her first experience as a model at the age of fourteen when she offered to help a friend with a photography project.
social media instagram model
Four years later, after she clocked eighteen, Lyna gave the career a trial and that was how she began modeling for several brands and would later become a household name in the industry.

From exploring the modeling industry to scoring lucrative deals, Lyna's career journey is really inspiring and fascinating. She is not only a fashion model but also a role model to many young people struggling to stand on their feet in the same industry.
YANITA YANCHEVA fitness instagram model

Yanita Yancheva was born in Bulgaria on the 10th of February 1987. She has two Masters Degrees in "University of Economics Varna" and "FVU Chernorizetz Hrabar". And a girl successfully worked in a law firm for two years. She loves travelling and feels perfect working as a fitness model, influencer and someone who is inspiring others to follow a healthy way of life.
girl in bikini water
She believes that human spirit is the most powerful force there is. She loves constantly setting up goals, so when she started training she didn't expect that she would feel so happy with the results achieved. Yanita is happy to know, that so many women trusted her and together they achieve their goals as well. Waking up knowing that you have helped someone and you are part of this someone's success is by far the most wonderful feeling.
Instagram followers army: 1,7 m

She is one of the hottest and brave fitness girls on Insta. Oh, honey, you know how we all like nude fitness girls. Katie is a 24 years old hottie who is already a brand ambassador of a famous cannabis company. What a dream for eyes and mind! Check out her Instagram and join the army of juice pictures lovers.

Katie Bell is a well-known Instagram celebrity who loves sharing pictures of her beautiful body. She's modeling for American bikini brands and makes a profit from her popular Instagram account.
Instagram nude lovers: 1,2 m.

Eva is not a pro model, but her nude fitness pictures shake Instagram from head to toes. One of the sweetest and eye-catchy naked fitness girls conquers us with sunny bikini photos.

In real life, the girl is really shy. She studies design in one of the Universities in Barcelona. She has never modeled professionally, but she's an ambassador of a global fashion brand FashionNova.
Instagram followers: 1,7 m

We don't know much about this girl, except that she took part in several ad campaigns for bikini brands. But if you like sliding pictures of naked fitness girls, you should definitely follow this ideal of hot fitness girls.

Keilah ensures that she has never made any plastic surgery. That's why her body seems to be out of this world. Pretty and sexy, yeah?
Instagram followers: 1,5 m.

Let's get down to sexy fitness girls. A former artistic gymnast has something to show for sexy fit girls of Instagram. Gold medalist of the 2012 Olympics gained her popularity by famous meme and continues to shock the net by sexy pics on her Instagram.

The perfect athletic body allows taking pictures, that you, a fitness body lover, will appreciate at its true value.
Instagram fans: 4,8 m.

Do you like nude Instagram models? Check out the account of Stella - one of the hottest fitness girls Instagram. A Victoria's Secret angel from 2015, the girl who broke Miley Cyrus' heart and won Kristen Stewart's one. Charming and daring girl is a professional model with truly magnetic Instagram.

Numerous ad campaigns and hundreds f fashion shows make her Instagram look professional, arty, and really sexy.
All these girls on instagram has a great message, that unites their accounts. Stay healthy, be positive and love yourself and your life. The great thing about them, they help people to change their lives and never give up on the way to success. Why are you still here? Come on! Get yourself together and go straight to the gym to find the better version of yourself.

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