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This selection of professional photographers' accounts will give you inspiration! Let yourself dive into the artwork!
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20 Photographers to Follow
at Instagram

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These Instagram accounts will diversify your news feed and add something beautiful to it.
Alex Strohl Nature
1. Alex Strohl
● Nature, traveling
● 1.9 mln followers

A French that was born in Madrid, lives in America and travels all over the world. His Instagram account is famous for its northern thematics: landscapes of Nothern America, Canada, Norway and Iceland.

Kat Irlin fashion industry
2. Kat Irlin
● People, street photography, fashion industry
● 1.2 mln followers

Kat Irlin is a New-York photographer of Russian origin. Among her clients are Elle, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Ford. In her account you will find the photos of beautiful people, talented love-story pictures and gorgeous New-York landscapes
Jason Peterson Street photography
3.Jason Peterson

● Street photography
● 1 mln followers

If you love black and white photography, you will probably love the Instagram account of an American Jason Peterson. The majority of his photos are made on iPhone. Jason does not call himself a photographer, however, he admits that he takes his photographs very seriously: looks for a suitable cadre and may often return to the same spot in order to catch the necessary light.
Scott Rankin people
4. Scott Rankin

● Landscape, people
● 181 thousand followers

Each landscape of this Canadian photographer not only takes your spirit away but also gives you a sense of peace and tranquility. While looking at his photographs, you have a sensation that the world has tailed away for a second. Contemplating his pictures has the same effect as listening to a relaxing music and has a meditative effect.
Mike Kus Landscape
5. Mike Kus

● Landscape, street photography
● 832 thousand followers

An ideal Instagram of Mike Kus - a graphic and web-designer from Great Britain. Photography is only a hobby for him, however, his unerring taste places him near the professional photographers. At least, on Instagram
Chris Burkard Nature
6. Chris Burkard

● Nature, traveling
● 2.8 mln followers

Chris Burkard is an extreme photographer that became famous for his photos of surfers. Now his portfolio and Instagram profile are full of beautiful and unusual landscapes. If you do not want to pad your newsfeed and want to follow only the best traveling photographer, he is the best option.
Michael Christopher Brown Documentary
7. Michael Christopher Brown

● Documentary, people, traveling
● 479 thousand followers

Michael Christopher Brown came to Libya at the height of civil war of 2011. He was wounded and lost his camera, however, did not abandon his work and kept taking the photos on his iPhone. Nowadays the photographer travels a lot depicting the life of peoples in different regions of our planet.
Vitaliy Raskalov street photography
8. Vitaliy Raskalov

● Landscape, street photography
● 266 thousand followers

Vitaliy Raskalov is a famous roofer and photographer. We recommend you to see his Instagram account full of beautiful landscapes and sights from the height.
Hannes Becker Landscapes
9. Hannes Becker

● Landscapes, traveling
● 1.1 mln followers

Must-follow account for those who love mountains. Instagram profile of Hannes Becker is full of them, cold and silent.
Kristin Addis with traveling and people
10. Kristin Addis

● Nature, traveling, people
● 107 thousand followers

Travel-blogger from California traveling alone all over the world. She promotes the idea of single traveling, gives advice to those who doubt and even has written a book about this. Now Kristin is in Indonesia.
Steve McCurry Documentary
11. Steve McCurry

● Documentary, people
● 2.3 mln followers

Steve McCurry is famous for the photo of an Afghan girl from the cover of National Geographic Journal. He still works with documental photography depicting the people in the different places of the world.
Dirk Bakker architecture
12. Dirk Bakker

● Design, architecture, street photography
● 424 thousand followers

Dirk Bekker pays attention to geometry: forms, lines, perspective. The author depicts the peculiarities of Amsterdam architecture, sometimes editing the photos. In Instagram he shows the results which can be called art.
Ekaterina Mishchenkova art
13. Ekaterina Mishchenkova

● Art
● 647 thousand followers

Ekaterina Mishchenkova cooperates Leica and is a member of the Union of Russian photographic artists. In her works dominates monochromatism contrasting with bright red elements.
Louis Cole love
14. Louis Cole

● Nature, traveling, people
● 1,5 million followers

A cheerful blogger traveling all over the world with his friends and depicting people and nature. His most interesting photos are the ones of Kenyan and Somalian children which are gladly posing to the camera and are sincerely surprised by a quadcopter.
Darryll Jones profile with art
15. Darryll Jones

● Art, street photography
● 109 thousand followers

Darryll Jones uses the figures of the characters introducing them to the surrounding context. It is particularly fascinating to observe the life of a stormtrooper in Jones' photographs: he wears suits, rides the bike and plays the guitar.
Simone Bramante art
16. Simone Bramante

● Landscape, art, street photography
● 924 thousand followers

Simone Bramante is an Italian photographer that sees the beauty both in fascinating landscapes and the ordinary items structured in a certain way.
Theron Humphrey with landscape, animals and traveling
17. Theron Humphrey

● Landscape, animals, traveling.
● 1,2 million followers.

This is an Instagram of Theron Humphrey - a blogger traveling around America with his faithful friend - dog Maddie. If you are an animal and nature lover, you will find lots of beautiful and cute photos there.
Designer Yevgeny Ivanov
18. Yevgeny Ivanov

● Design, architecture, street photography
● 27 thousand followers

Although he is a photographer working with Porsche and Adidas, he does not publish commercial photos on his Instagram. There you can find the photographs of different items united by a square corner in the bottom of the picture.
Dave Yoder from National Geographic
19. Dave Yoder

● Documental photography, people, traveling
● 155 thousand followers

Dave Yoder is a National Geographic photographer from the USA. He demonstrates the life of famous people and ordinary citizens of different countries. His most interesting photographers are the ones of Pope Francis.
Emilie Ristevski profile with nature
20. Emilie Ristevski

● Nature, traveling
● 1,1 million followers

Emilie Ristevski is a traveling photographer from Australia. Her pictures are recognized by soft colors and airy landscapes. Sometimes a girl in a hat is depicted.
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