How Can You Use Emojis Without Knowing This?

You probably don’t even remember the times when all the text was plain and emotionless.

Trust us – it’s quite a challenge to guess what your companion means even by a simple “OK”. Is he angry, is he cheerful?

When the smileys, and later the emojis came in use, simple chatting on the Internet went to the next advanced level.

Emojis and Instagram – name more iconic duo

Define Your Style with emojis

Instagram puts the emphasis on the visuals and emotions, so there’s nothing surprising in the fact that the platform and emojis made a fantastic mix together.
According to the latest statistics, almost 56% of Instagram profiles have at least one emoji in their captions to the posts. Moreover, the same study showed that the usage of emojis directly affects the amount of engagement from users, which is 48% more for the posts containing ones.

The consectary is as clear as the noonday: to run a successful business profile on Instagram you have to learn the skill of choosing the deftest emojis for your content.

how to become an influencer on instagram

You really need affirmation of the emojis’ excellence?

Emojis present the basic and the most universal way of communication – emotions. With their help (both emotions and emojis) you can chat with people from all around the world eliminating the difficulties of finding the single common language.

They may also be useful for your marketing strategy. To be successful on the social platforms you have to show the humane, unbusinesslike part of your brand. You can simply use emojis in the captions for Instagram, or go further and follow the example of one creative pizza place, where users can order a product simply by sending a corresponding emoji. Use your fantasy and soon you’ll see the results!

Emojis + Business = ?

graphic of most used emojis

Absolute success. You have to start using them for the promotion of your brand if you somehow haven’t done it yet.

There’s a top of emojis used for business needs. The first place, as you see, takes a “camera”, which, however, isn’t that successful in attracting new clients. Consider the “red heart” as a caption – it’s an absolute leader when it comes to users’ engagement.

Some tips on where to add emojis

Here are some particular examples of where emojis could be added on your Instagram account.

1. Bio Bio is the face of your profile with which you have to charm your visitors from the first sight. This is why emojis in the bio section will be extremely matchable and proper. Use them to emphasize your personality or the account’s features. You can also define your brand with professional, serious or cute, fun emojis instead of splashing thousands words and gaining zero effect.

2. Posts captions This emojis’ application isn’t only the best way to share your emotions considering the topic. It’s also a great method to create more traffic on your page. Still, don’t get too far with emojis. People like reading your thoughts, not encrypting the rebuses.

3. Commentaries To create a reputation of the responsive, attentive brand you should always read the opinions of your clients and visitors, which they publish in comments. Take some time during the day to simply answer people’s questions (with plenty of emojis, of course).

Emojis are awesome, we know. Still, know when to stop and remember to use regular words sometimes.