How to save Instagram photos in 2020?

app to save instagram photos

Instagram pictures downloading is one of the most popular things in dealing with Instagram, but do you know how to do it? If no, so, do not worry, this article is for you.

Does it make sense to save Instagram photos?

The first thing is the inspiration. The inspiration that you can observe in the Instagram world: pictures with ideal bodies, motivational posts, style, makeup ideas, and educational content.

Thanks to the modern world of technologies, you have the opportunity to do this even without Wifi.

The second thing is memes. Have you ever seen a meme that describes your personality? I am sure- yes, or I hope so! Have you ever wanted it to save to use later or to modify it for yourself? Now you can have any meme saved on your PC or phone.

And thirdly, creating a collage of your photos with your buddy together. Using the profile pictures of a user to make a present for him is quite popular, let’s say, a joke.

In short, there are cases in which you need to save Instagram images to your phone or PC  even without Wifi access. So how to save images off Instagram?

save instagram photos

The app to save Instagram photos

Instagram photo downloader is a simple app to save Instagram pictures, and besides, it’s a legal and free tool to save Instagram photos.

So, copy the link of the photo, insert it to the input line, and Download. No registration and payments are needed!

Can I save pictures from Instagram DM?

Of course, you can save Instagram photos from the DM!

There are two situations: if a person sends a photo from his gallery, and sends a post by any other person. In the first case, you can save it by the Tap and Hold button, then the Save button. In the second case, you can use the mentioned option, then save photos from Instagram through Downloader.

How to save all Instagram photos?

The best tool to save Instagram photos at one time is using Instagram Profile Downloader.

All you have to do is just enter a username in the input line and then Download. You can download all of the offered posts or choose the ones you prefer more. So, you can download all the Instagram posts of the user.

Save all instagram photos

How to save Instagram photos from Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories Downloader will help you to get photos not only from Stories but videos too!

You need to enter a username in the input line and then press the Download button. And don’t remember to hurry up as Instagram Stories don’t have a long life.

App to save instagram pictures

How to save a picture from the main Instagram Profile?

The main Instagram Profile picture has a simple way of saving. The process of downloading is the same: you enter a username and then Save the picture.

What else can you download from Instagram?

Videos. Video saving is a rather useful thing because there are so many inspirational resources on the Instagram platform!

Just copy and paste the link of the video to the Instagram Video Downloader and press the Download button.

IGTV. Using IGTV, today, users are striving to put the maximum value and quality to these videos.

Enter a username to Instagram IGTV Downloader, see all the published videos and Download any you want or even all.

Two things you should remember about saving content from Instagram

First, it's free. So, nothing to add.

Second, it's legal but only in case of using these photos and videos as if they were not your own. Put it simply, you shouldn’t sell them or claim as your own. If you want to publish this content, you should always tag a person from Instagram or mention the resource, providing a link. 

You can save instagram photos


1. How can I download an entire picture? 

The way is simple: open the post with a picture, then copy the link of this post and insert a link next to the Download button in an Image Download app. Press it! That’s all. 

2. Is it possible to save photos of other people?

Of course, it is. The way is the same as was mentioned above: copy the link of the photo, then insert it to the input link and press the Download button on an Image Download app. But be careful: you must not use and sell etc. the photos created by the other person as your own.

3. Is it safe to download pictures from Instagram?

You can save photos from Instagram due to your agreed terms of service (while uploading). But you shouldn’t sell downloaded pictures or claim them as your own.

Nowadays, there are tools that don’t collect your personal data. You also can use the other person's photo in the future, but mention the author of the photo or provide a link to the original picture.

4. Is it possible to get pictures from Instagram?

You can not save photos from Instagram websites because Instagram doesn’t allow it, but with the help of some apps you have the opportunity to do it at any time and with any picture.

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