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Top 5 Safe Instagram Bots to
Gain Fast Followers in 2019

Top 5 best Direct Message services
A promotion campaign always starts in mind. The first step is to set your goals and determine your expectations. After that, digital marketers put a lot of time and effort into thorough research, market analysis, targeting, content planning, and many other procedures which can be done only by experienced specialists. "Ok, so what is the purpose of the top Instagram bot if I need a human-being to grow my brand?" – You may ask.

Choosing Instagram as a
Platform for Brand Promotion

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But there comes a point when objectives are clearly defined, a social media marketing plan is established and you already have content to post. An Instagram promotional activity boils down to posting, liking, following and a bunch of other simple actions which can be described as "daily grind". It doesn't require a human-being involvement and can be successfully automated. That's the purpose for what top Instagram bots exist.

Benefits and Shortcomings
of Instagram Automation Services

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Let's identify the basic capabilities of the majority of them. An average Instagram bot can:
  • like, comment and follow posts of other users;
  • schedule, publish and delete posts;
  • unfollow people;
  • track down a general statistics of your existing posts.
The services offer you to adjust such parameters as hashtags, locations, and some other before launching a new campaign. A bot will implement the chosen actions within a specified period. So why not to pick any and start enjoying a rapid gain in followers if they all can do the same thing?
There are some pitfalls in automatic Instagram promotions via bots. A program can leave strange comments: for instance a bot can add a comment "wow, this is so incredible" under a photo of a dead dog on the road or "your posts are much better than mine" under a poor-quality selfie of a teenager who uses old iPhone 4, as well as make other mistakes.

Another threat is to be blocked by Instagram. The application traces the followers who are unnaturally active and clog the feed with a never-ending flow of likes and follows. It seems strange because there is no human who will spend the whole day on liking or commenting. Not all the bots take Instagram limits into account and protect you from a ban.

To minimize risks of getting in an awkward situation, choose the best bots which allow you to obtain more control over bots actions. Our today's task is to tell more about 5 top automation services and their crucial features.


Price: starting from 38 Euro

The only Instagram Bot that survived all Instagram updates. The devs invented the way that makes every account get its promotion. Every user gets a paid VIP VPN. It helps to deceive Instagram that both service and the user have the same data (location, IP, etc.)

As Freddie mercury said, don't stop me now, we are having such a goood time with constant Ingramer performance.

The main tools are basic:
Auto Like and Auto Follow with a common choice of targeting filters. You can choose the indicators of the accounts, set up Gender or Language filters;
Unfollow that gives 4 options of smart unfollowing like unfollow mutual, non-mutual, all-Ingramer and all follows;
Watching Stories, Likes to comments and feed, that raise the engagement and wide the outreach.
Auto DM. A tool that is used for creating mailouts to new and existing followers. The devs have recently introduced DM Messenger for automatic messaging to all (all new) followers and a single Instagram chat for all accounts connected. Isn't that the best Instagram automation appliance?
Top 5 best Direct Message services
In addition to the auto-messenger, there is a Direct chat for all accounts you run:
Instagram DM chat
So, it's always comfy to chat.

That's impressive that after Instagram bots 'blackout' a couple of months ago, Ingramer managed to survive and continue to develop and deliver new features to its clients.

Thanks to that Growth Power, it can be called the best Instagram bot of the year.
Post Planner. It keeps all posts in control, plus you can upload both photos and videos, create galleries, plan posts to your Stories and even get an individual set of Hashtags for every publication.
Free Hashtag Generator. You can get tags by URL, an image or a keyword.

All in all, the Ingramer service is a stable tool for constant Instagram promotion. Yeah, it has not so many functions and tools, but do you want to pay more for the functions that you won't use at all?
Make your choice for a stable and competent promotion
Pay only for tools, that really work


Price: $24 month (only for the top Instagram bot).

Bigbangram is more than just a bot, it is an Instagram promotion service which can provide you with a holistic social media promotion using a vast range of tools. It can provide the highest level of safety: the developers integrated a code which doesn't allow the bot breaking Instagram's limits. Apart from basic automation features, Bigbangram offers plenty of other services that are listed below. per
Features of Bigbangram:
  • unlimited auto-liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing;
  • unlimited number of accounts, that can be promoted;
  • bulk direct messaging – contact custom groups of users in one click (also includes an ability to send Instagram direct messages using PC)
  • comment tracker will not allow you to miss any single message;
  • auto delete of negative comments;
  • posting module with extended functionality;
  • buying instant likes and followers;
  • proxy support;
  • full circle social media management – an opportunity to hire SMM specialist who will do cumbersome marketing-related work instead of you;
Also, before launching a global campaign, customers can try the service for $1 and use a 3 days trial feature.


Price: $25-50 per month, the price depends on the number of features.

Gramflare is a reliable Instagram bot, that performs standard actions: auto like, auto follow and auto unfollow. The tool is limited for the number of accounts, that can be added to the service. Also Gramflare doesn't have any variety of filters, so the qualitative target is really hard to be achieved.
Features of Gramflare:
  • you can manage 1-5 accounts;
  • autolike, autofollow, auto unfollow, auto comment;
  • you can schedule your posts;
  • you can target your promotion by location;
  • Direct Messaging is available;
  • and, of course, growth analytics.
The bot is famous for its high performance and approved safety and reliability.


Price: minimum $49 - $425 per 6 months (monthly packages are not available)

Followadder is an app with a multitude of feature for social media marketing and management. You can add up to 25 profiles and automate each of them. An application provides you with extended functionality and vast opportunities for customization, so you can manage even the tiniest details. Followadder is suitable for both personal pages and large business accounts due to its ability to satisfy the needs of the wide audience of users.
Features of Followadder:
  • automated Instagram unfollows, follows, likes, and comments;
  • schedule option not only for posts but also for likes and other repeated actions;
  • niche search by the photo hashtag;
  • creation of customizable lists for various purposes (including black and white lists);
  • automated direct messaging;
  • possibility to add up to 25 accounts to the application;
  • proxy support;
  • import/export ability of data.
This service offers a similar set of options in comparison with BigBangram, but it is more focused on customized automation, while Bigbangram is more about holistic promotion.


Price: $39 per month.
Popamatic is a very interesting Instagram bot. The creators claim to provide the Instagram assistant, that can replace the whole SMM agency. How can they do that? They provide a personal assistant, that manages the account. It helps to set up targeting and always helps with promotions. One of the best features of the service is 7 days of free trial. One of the great minuses - no smart unfollow function.
Features of Popamatic:
  • autolike and autofollow;
  • targeting via hashtags and location;
  • the possibility to create a blacklist of users;
  • the opportunity to schedule your promotions.


Price: $59.99 per month.

According to its website's main page, InstaMacro truly cares about your time and is eager to take care of your Instagram account. It aims at simplifying the majority of Instagram actions and is positioning itself as an Instagram follower and liker service, not actually a bot. The main advantage of InstaMacro according to its claims is an ability to shut off any of the services immediately.
Features of InstaMacro:
  • unlimited auto-liking, following, and unfollowing;
  • instant shut-off of any of the services;
  • targeting based on hashtags;
  • support services;
  • management of multiple accounts;
  • multiple speed settings.
The options of this service are a bit limited, but it is still a good website to promote the brand on Instagram. It also offers 5 hours trial (which is quite short in comparison with other services) and a detailed guide to help customers get started.
The Proper Way to Use Instagram Bots
Even though these services really can make your promotional tasks less time-consuming, you still should pay lots of attention to what you do. There is always a risk that your followers will catch you on using an automation bot. This can ruin your reputation, especially if you provide high-quality services or sell unique products which require a pinch of creativity while being promoted.

How to avoid this? There are some tips on Instagram bot's usage:
  • create a content plan and determine posting hours according to the activity of your followers. Your profile should remain visually attractive and have manually written captions (however, you can write them right on the dashboard of some bots);
  • be careful with comments feature if you are going to use automation: write custom comments without praising photos too much. You can add neutral emojis or write something like "your profile is nice" – even if the bot comes across strange posts which involve death, suffering or low-quality content, you refer to the user's profile without overpraising it;
  • answer comments and direct messages manually. If your message got a response, consider writing a sincere and engaging answer instead of sending a generic offer. It will help you to build trust and between you and customer – they will see that it is a real human behind the brand, not a machine which tries to pitch them a product as fast as possible;
  • use "slow speed" option when it comes to auto liking, following, etc. if the chosen bot doesn't control the speed based on Instagram requirements. High speed may play a dirty trick and lead to lockup, often without the possibility to restore an account;
  • consider automation a tool, not a replacement for your SMM manager. An Instagram bot is a powerful helper but it can't do the same thing as a marketing specialist.
Our Recommendations
If we had to choose between bots mentioned above, we would stick with two options: Bigbangram and Ingramer. Both of them have a vast set of features for a quite reasonable price and are easy-to-use. However, they are quite different: Bigbangram is a marketing agency, that provides you Social Media Management plus gives you Auto DM and Posting tools. While Ingramer is the only Instagram Bot that works. So, it's up to you which one will become your perfect Instagram assistant: real people from the agency, or an Instagram automation tool.
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