“White”, “gray” and “black” promotion on Instagram

promotion on Instagram

The business world is irreversibly changing every day. It is really impossible today to imagine large, medium, or even a small business that does not use the channels of social marketing to increase their popularity and sales. And taking into account to the large number of social network users worldwide conducting online many hours, it is impossible to doubt the efficacy of such methods of promotion.

Instagram is one of the largest and most popular social networks in the world. Instagram is used by people around the world with different interests, income levels and interests. Nevertheless, with the popularity of the account in this social network open great opportunities for earnings. And size of sales directly depends on how many followers you have on Your Instagram account. According to statistics, the purchase will perform approximately one in ten of your followers, unless of course You are not signed only the fake accounts.

But promotion in Instagram it's not as simple as it may seem at first sight, especially if You want that number of Your followers will constantly grow, but You don't want to spend long hours behind the screen every day.

All modern methods of promotion in Instagram can be divided into 3 big groups – “white”, “black” and “gray”. So, today we'll go together deep in this definitions to put all the points on the Instagram account promotion issues.

What are the White methods
of promotion in Instagram?

If you don't have enough time, which could be given daily and regular to activities in the vastness of Instagram, pay attention to the BigBangram service and it's functionality which includes all possible actions to promote Instagram account. The content of the profile, communicate with users, likes, timely posts – all this can be done under your control through the use of simple system options.

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If you need technical support or clarification on the technology use you come to the aid of skilled professionals, ready to provide the necessary information. Today BigBangram – one of the most important and white available services of promotion.

  • Gifts for bloggers and celebrities, is using the stars

The big attention of users of social networks attract information and posts related to the life of popular people. That is why the barter interaction with media-persons can be a great idea to promote your Instagram page. The life of stars draws attention of the public, their profiles have huge number of subscribers, and, therefore, agreeing to cooperate, you will be able to improve the rating of your goods or services. Enough to offer to put one or more posts of the offered goods in exchange for a nice gift from the company. Positive feedback will attract new customers and increase sales.

Pre-arrange with celebrities on the necessary response on a social network and try to make a gift to the individual that he remembered and evoked genuine emotion. There is a probability that the simple gift is not enough and the blogger or a star wants to operate only on a commercial basis. In this case, you have to discuss the amount of payment and number of reviews.

  • Contests and flash mobs

Gaining more popularity the so-called marathons that encourage users to upload pictures in accordance with a specific hashtag like #icebucketchallenge or #conteststrart. Users are impressed by the opportunity to be part of a public event and open to subscribers. The account of a person who invented the action and published it on the page receives the highest response, a large number of likes and views, and its popularity and the number is growing rapidly.

a large number of likes and views
  • Activity and interaction with partners

Regular participation in events and activities will help you to be in the information field of followers of many companies. Note that all participants of large festivals, concerts, competitions, post photos about the production process, the course of events and start the wave of responses upon completion. Active participation in the event will allow you to be among the organizations mentioned in the posts. Exchange business cards, meet, offer your assistance and services, winning new friends and partners.

Becoming a media sponsor of interesting events in the social network, you can expect to increase the number of subscribers participating in the campaign. Smooth interaction, friendly and communicative skills will help you to be in the forefront among the hottest bloggers of Instagram.

  • Barter cooperation

One of the most effective options to promote the page could be mutually beneficial collaboration with partners, and that will be even more interesting to the competitors. Repost news, mutual likes, feedback about the work partners can positively affect the growth of followers and their disposition to you as the entrepreneur and are able to cooperate and open you ways to interaction with other organizations. Interesting PR company can succeed in such cooperation with competitors and publication of provocative posts, as it is practiced at the brands BMW and Mercedes.

SFS is an interesting tool, but thinking through a strategy to promote with it, should plan the frequency of posts and content, since frequent publications, they lose their relevance and are quickly bored to subscribers.

  • Mass subscription and affixing likes

Permanent users Instagram can do a good job, as well as affixing likes. Any user will be an interesting new followers, and thanks for the likes, he can sign up for an account and increase his attendance.

affixing likes

The only nuance is the lack of commitment of private individuals to commercial accounts. Page with business content and functioning as a complement to the online store, rarely attract the attention and arouse genuine interest among users. Such pages are often locked and are almost never added to the list of followers.

Real users may not like it and massliking that entails positive feedback on photos and posts without further comment.

Massliking causes less irritation, but provides the lesser conversion. In this way to promote you only put the likes, without a subscription.

If such ways of promotion are relevant to you, save your time by contacting the BigBangram service . By specifying certain settings in the system, you will be able to arrange the affixing of likes and subscriptions to accounts automatically without the need for a permanent presence on the network.

Black methods of promotion
of the account in Instagram

The techniques described below, entail the risk of being banned by the developers of Instagram, but in most cases they bring the desired result, although not are safe for your account.

Cat walk away from spam

Buying followers

Purchase offer on a commercial basis involves adding as followers of extraneous accounts that will never become actual buyers and consumers of your services. But, there is a likelihood that, seeing the impressive number of followers, potential followers will add your page to the list of monitored profiles.


Spam has become a routine way of informing the potential consumer about the product or service. It is presented online in all directions and social networks are no exception. In Instagram spam can be seen in the comments to the photo, and it can be delivered as a personal message in direct. To get rid of it is impossible, as the system does not have a similar option, so the comments in this format will have to remove manually.

The owners of the spam profiles create a separate page for the implementation of the newsletters in this format, since the operation of this type assumes punishment in the form of a lock and ban. Remember that the purity and quality of the image suggest a maximum customer orientation and, therefore, no imposition and aggressive promotion.

For such activities the developers of Instagram as a form of punishment can block or delete your account without warning, as it is described in the rules of use of the application as spam.

Black methods of promotion can cause fast ban or block. In order not to lose the invested funds and not ruin your reputation, use white tools or at least grey. In the right hands they will bring effective result in a short time and small additional cost.

Gray promotion

Between completely legal, so-called “white” methods of promotion, and very-very illegal “black”, there is a buffer zone, which it is possible to refer as “gray”. The most famous and recognizable method of gray advance is the using of bot-program that performs for account owner all the necessary actions in the social network. By the way, for the use of bots, too easy to get banned from the administration of Instagram, so use only proven and reputation from the user's decisions services. And of course on your own risk.

Instagram knight here for you

Bots are special programs that perform various actions for the people in the network. The same name are due to the similarity of functions and blank pages in social networks, simulating activity in user accounts.

Bots in social networks are programs that simulate human behavior. They subscribe, put the likes, are often filled with non-existent data profile, you can publish posts according to the specified algorithm.

If to speak about such bots — the virtual non-existent users — they are almost indistinguishable from the pages of real people, but most often they have no information or very little. There are no regular publications, and likes, other inherent activity of the living person in the network.

Why you need bots

  • To attract attention, to seem bigger than really are — to attract the attention of a number of readers, likes, views, and other metrics. Most people appreciate by the clothes, visual quantity, and not very immersed in the details. In fact, when seeing the two accounts in issue people first subscribe to one that numbers more. Experienced SMM experts usually use the bot cheat at the start.

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  • To earn more money. Again, the advertiser will advertise first in the account where is the higer number of indicators. Not everyone will appreciate the involvement and quality of the audience and calculate the share of bots and possible returns. This usually use the owners of the accounts for advertising, acting for the whole network lot of accounts of non-existent people.
  • To save your time. Some of the white methods of promotion are very time-consuming. For instance, you need to spend ~15 minutes to like 100 publications in a row. The same thing is about the mass following, bulk comments and direct messages. That's why it's reasonable to use Instagram bots such as Bigbangram which will complete such tasks automatically.

save your time
  • To establish stronger relationships with customers. May sound strange, but not every brand communicates with all its followers: it seems to be unreal. Group chats in Instagram are limited to only 15 people, so you can't send messages to all followers at once. However, there is nothing impossible to bots: with their help, you can easily compose the message and contact new followers, female followers, subscribers aged 18-25 and any other specific list. Not everybody answers to the messages from brands, so it will be easy to respond only those who are interested
  • To see full stats. The majority of bots, including Bigbangram, provide customers with a profile statistics. You can track the dynamics of a followers' number, likes and other parameters which define the success of your Instagram account.

Bots do not do anything on their own. They began, for example, to subscribe to users or liking, they should be given the job. Similar job bots are in the special services for the promotion of accounts after you access them the user of a particular social network. Bots start subscribing and liking, thereby contributing to the account.

As bots are used by normal users

One of the social networks where bots abound – Instagram. Among the subscribers to the virtually every user who has their number exceeds a thousand, and every one that has ever appealed to the services of cheating, they are present. Instagram bot, like all other types, does not comply after the subscription no action, but his plus is that he did not accomplish your goal. That is, if you just want a large number of people in subscriptions, cheat bots in Instagram has even some advantages compared to cheat live users.

Can I make money on bots in the business accounts?

Unlike ordinary users, the owners of business accounts on Instagram are not aimed to get as many subscribers overall, and get more new clients from these subscribers. To do this, all using different methods – some of them want to get a subscription themselves using only white methods of promotion, and someone accesses the promotion services. And you should be careful and not get carried away that we don't need a bot for Instagram, and need potential customers, who will be able to make a profit, unlike bots. But it is through the use of the bot Your virtual subscribers can become regular customers and buyers.

What services of Instagram promotion are suitable for business

To develop your business, to cheat followers in Instagram you should pay attention to the services where you are guaranteed to get live followers, which is only possible when selecting the services with the ability to determine the target audience for your account.

Great design BigBangram front page

One of the most popular of them BigBangram. It's not like the sites where users or you order a certain number of subscribers or perform tasks for the subscription in response expecting the same. Many of these services guarantee the subscription of the live followers on Instagram free and paid, but in reality it is not always the case.

In Bigbangram you have the opportunity to choose your own followers. The user is requested to specify the details about them, such as gender, place of residence, age, hashtags and forbidden words. So you can easily find people who may be interested in your products or services by customizing the search for frequently used hashtag or, conversely, by configuring so that people with unnecessary hashtags not showing in search.

It is the function of the target and distinguishes the professional services of promotion from all the others, and that is what encourages us to set high prices for services. So, if the majority of the services on the wrap offer hundred followers purchase for 2-3 dollars, using BigBangram you have to pay more for the use of the service. Over the last month with method of determining the target group is unlikely to succeed to gain thousands of followers, unlike the other services, but to dozens of new clients was very real, but the purpose of the business.

Identifying your target audience, you will avoid the risk to involve virtual accounts, since the targeted audience selected can't come under any one criterion in the search.

When can we use a bot to cheat in the Instagram?

Usually, setting the stage for the page in Instagram, user proposes what to do at this page, he will promote it himself – by putting his best photos, sign up for friends pages, making new friends using Instagram, and linking to his page in Facebook, commenting pictures, and eventually make money in Instagram.

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But very soon the user understands, that it wanted to sign at least some people, except his close friends and relatives, the page need to unwind, that is, to increase the number of likes and followers. The human subconscious put the desire to be interested in what interested in most, and if you under Your post, for sure very interesting, will be less than ten likes, probably, it desires to subscribe to Your page from a stranger does not arise.

This is especially Important for people who are registered in Instagram, and originally had a goal of earning on the Internet. For example, you want to conclude the contract on advertising in Instagram or intend using your account in this social network to promote your firm. In this case, the use of the bot greatly facilitates the initial promotion page.

Cheat bots in Instagram – the benefits and disadvantages

A bot is a computer program created, typically, to perform one specific action. For example, there are a liker. These bots perform only one action, that is, like users posts. The person gets a bot in the hope that people got likes from bot will provide like in response. The principle of reciprocity is very popular in Instagram. People getting likes with one particular page, just to be polite, sooner or later on this page go down and might want to follow, especially if it will interest by posted content. That is, in this case, the bot performs its task.

To buy the bot, for use in Instagram is not a difficult operation. It is in the use of such software has its disadvantages:

1. Normal bot doesn't understand the words “target audience”. Bot provides likes to all the posts in a row. Maybe people in response to the actions of the bot will follow to Your page, but the benefit of such subscriber You will be zero. He would not buy goods produced by Your company or to sign up for Instagram public face that You took to advertise.

2. There are bots that use fake accounts, in order to like Your page. The activities of these bots are even more useless, because why do You need likes from some bots?

3. The administration of integral strictly monitors the use of bots, so their use may cause blocking of Your page. Ordinary primitive bot will not be able to comply with a temporary restriction imposed by the administration. A common mistake of people who just made an account in Instagram and spoiling for a fight, from the first days of the connection to the page of the bot, which develops suspicious activity and the page is blocked.

Therefore, if You have seriously decided to unleash your page in Instagram, the bot needs to be smart. Moreover, it is desirable that the bot does not require large cash expenditures and was easy to use.
The program BigBangram Bot combines all the advantages of “smart” bot. And that is especially important. This bot runs using server capacity located in the cloud, so You don't need to install additional software. To make Your bot work, You don't even need to be online.

Dmitry Y. Social Media Specialist

The unique computer program BigBangram Bot – features and advantages

What's different about this program?

1. BigBangram Bot necessarily requires registration. It compares favorably with some of the sites which also offer programs. By registering on the official website, and this, given the high degree of protection will never lead You to the loss of control over their own page.

Cheat bots in Instagram

2. The use of the bot does not require any special knowledge. To configure and use it can even a person weak skills on the computer.

3. BigBangram Bot can be set up so it will comply with the time limit of the affixing of likes, and therefore Your page will never be blocked by the administration of the social network.

4. BigBangram Bot can not only like the posts of other users, but also attract followers to Your page. This action will most likely cause a reaction than simple likes.

5. BigBangram Bot can work not only in Instagram. If You will link your account to a page in Facebook, BigBangram Bot will work and there posting likes, inviting friends, subscribing to groups, accepting invitations to friends, and even replying to messages. All this will be done quickly, without interruption, around the clock.

6. BigBangram Bot can be set up so that it will attract to Your page not accidental users, but subscribers who belong to Your target audience, i.e. those people who will be interested in Your posts, who will want to buy Your products and services – these associates.

7. But the main advantage BigBangram Bot is probably the fact that it only works with real users, with real people, not bots. By downloading our software, You can safely go about their daily business, and BigBangram Bot will work for You in social media as a real administrator of Your page.


As you can see there is a very big difference between different types of promotional activity. Choose the way you only need. But, don't forget about ban, that you will got in case of use of low quality promotional services and software.

Once again, we advise you to use only high qualified teams to promote your accounts. Even bots developed by these kind of teams will work safe, and you will get with them followers and likes and not block.

Regarding bots, as we discovered for some kind of users they are useful and useless for others and if you don't have target of creation of excellent business account, it seems that there are no strong reasons for you to use them. But if your target is a pro account in Instagram, enormous number of followers and big sales – we are absolutely sure that bot is strongly necessary trick, using which you will succeed!

that bot is strongly necessary
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