Promoting The Tattoo Business on Instagram

tattoo business on Instagram

If you are a part of tattoo industry, you are probably interested in promoting your business in social networks. Since Instagram is a purely visual platform, its users are expecting to get new aesthetics impressions, and it can and must be used for creating your brand, promoting it among your target audience and getting new clients.

Like any tool, Instagram is to be used correctly in order to give better results. Of course, you may use Instagram followers app to get thousands of likes and followers in no time and get new clients.

In order to achieve best results, you need to work with your target audience – the users who are interested it tattoo art, those who have tattoos and those who don't have yet, but who are about to firstly visit a tattoo artist. And it can be you, if your account will demonstrate you as a reputable professional. Below you can find some tips that will help you to build a trustworthy brand:

Fill in your profile

It is the first step of promoting a business Instagram account, and probably the easiest one. However, for unknown reasons it is sometimes skipped, and who knows, how many clients can be lost because of lack of poorly filled profile.

Fill in your profile with tattoos

Whom are your more likely to prefer: a tattoo master with fully filled profile containing numerous ways to contact them or the one with lack of personal and contact information?

People like tattoo of lion

That's the point. So, don't be lazy and pay enough attention to filling your profile! Remember to add your telephone number, email, links to your profiles in other social networks, link to your site etc. Think about brief description of your work. Ideally, the information in your profile should to somehow distinguish you from your colleagues, make you memorable.

Use only the content of high quality

As a tattoo artist, you should know the importance of paying attention to the details. Remember that poor quality of a photograph will spoil the impression even of the coolest and the most creative tattoos. Remember that and post only distinct, professional-looking photographs.

Additionally, do not forget about creativity: similar photos of fresh client's tattoos will bore your followers and will not help you get Instagram likes and new clients. Be creative, it is part of your job!

Adam Levine without tattoos and almost naked

Add watermarks

Adding watermarks with your on your photographs will not only protect your images from plagiarism, but also will help your potential followers to find you. The watermark may be large and distinct, or it may be laconic – it's up to you to decide, which one will look better on your photographs.

Colorful tattoo on the shoulder

Tell more about yourself and your work

Do not forget that first of all, Instagram is a social network and your followers are interested not only in your work, but also in your life. There is no need to post lots of personal photos – but you can tell your followers more about background of your work. You may show your working place or some parts of equipment. It will be interesting to tell your followers about workflow– show sketches, stages of work process. And, of course, your actual and potential clients will love to see your sources of inspiration.

Animals on the arm

Usually, such “background posts” get more likes and comments than average professional ones. Use such posts as an opportunity to communicate with your followers in comments. If you manage your Instagram comments properly, it will help you to engage your followers.

Use hashtags

Give your potential followers and clients the opportunity to find you. Use relevant hashtags describing your style, but do not overuse them in order not to look spammy. Ideally, each your post should contain 5-7 relevant tags. We recommend you to start developing your own hashtag – when your account becomes more popular, it will be inseparable part of your brand.

Encourage your clients to leave feedback

The testimonials of your former clients will be a nice demonstration of your skills. Re-post your client's photos with their new tattoos, encourage them to leave a feedback with tagging of your name, for example, by offering a discount.

Communicate with your colleagues

Use Instagram for communication with other tattoo artists and exchanging the experience. Follow the accounts of well-known artists, like and comment their photos and they will probably follow you back. In order to simplify the communication, you may use Instagram auto liker that will automatically like their photos.

Simplify the account management

Of course, everyone wants their Instagram profiles to have real followers that will soon become real clients and bring us real money. However, if there is an opportunity to make Instagram simpler, why miss it? An Instagram bot will not help you to get real followers that will become your clients, but it will do some work for you and save your time that can be spent on communication with your clients.

pissaro and other flowers

For example, you may setup auto direct messages in Instagram in order to send messages to your new followers – that will help you to attract attention.

A promotion of an Instagram profile is not an easy and fast job, however, it will help a tattoo master to gain reputation among potential clients. Use Instagram smartly, and may new clients be with you!

tattoo of scull on the face

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