BigBangram is Becoming the Best Instagram Promotion Service in Italy

According to the statistics, Bigbangram is rapidly gaining popularity among Italian brands and companies. At this pace, it may become the best Instagram promotion application in the region at short notice. It's not surprising because we are constantly updating our top services such as all-in-one Instagram bot and launching new options like Comment Tracking and Direct Messaging.

Why Italians Need Us?

The application is a third popular social media in Italy after Facebook and Google+. As of 2017, there are 11.5 million Instagram users in Italy – about 19% of the country's total population. More than 80% of those people are younger than 45 years old. A lot of Italian brands also use Instagram for more efficient communication with their customers: they promote here new services, make announcements concerning the discounts and arrange seasonal contests.

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Why does it happen? Italians prefer following their favorite brand in social networks over seeking the necessary information on the official website of the company or news portal. Furthermore, tourists who visit the country widely use Instagram to discover new restaurants, shops and other locations. A glimpse of the venue's profile is a quite convenient and quick way to get acquainted with its conception, interior, available offers and even prices.

And you'd be right by saying that manual promotion of the account takes a lot of time and painstaking efforts. That is the main reason why Italian companies use our bot and other automation services for the powerful Instagram growth.

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Italian Brands' Profiles as Examples of the Successful Promotion

Worldwide known Italian brands (Diesel, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Martini, Ferrari, Barilla)
have already gained a tremendous pile of followers. Look at the official Instagram profile of Juventus, the popular football team of Serie A based in Turin.

Instagram profile of Juventus

8.5 million followers – a huge community of Juventus fans support their favorite team. Here the football club encourages them by posting the best shots from matches, training and other events where the members of the team take part.

Pictures of Juventus Instagram profile

The iconic fashion house Dolce & Gabbana located in Milan can boast of an even larger audience – 15.3 million. It exceeds the number of active users in Italy because the brand has many admirers from other countries of the world.

The iconic fashion house Dolce & Gabbana

As we can observe, D&G share their new concepts of shoes and clothes, as well as publications in the reputable fashion magazines.

Of course, those companies have been already popular long before the service popped up, so there was no problem for them to get active Instagram followers. However, our next example is a pizzeria in Naples of which you probably have never heard.

fashion house Dolce & Gabbana

According to its profile, L'antica Pizzeria Da Michele claims to be the best pizza in the world. Take a look:

Instagram account of pizza

You're actually drooling, right? These tasty photos couldn't leave anyone indifferent and helped the venue gain almost 20 thousand of followers. Each slice of pizza “costs” around 1500-2000 likes.

Hidden pizza

Making Money on Instagram blogging in Italy

The Italian-born Chiara Ferragni started to earn for life as a fashion blogger in 2009. She had won numerous blogger of the year recognitions and made millions on her profession since that time. Her profile is among top fashion accounts in Instagram with 11.2 millions of followers, even though the majority of her nowadays posts are daily looks and occasional selfies with her boyfriend.

Chiara Ferragni and her instagram account

Our next hero is Marco Gaggio from Venice. He identifies himself as insta-photographer who loves traveling. His pictures of the most romantic Italian city are just breathtaking.

Marco Gaggio from Venice

Dorian Pellumbi is another visual artist based in Bologna. He takes bright and colorful photos of his hometown. Each of them gathers 10-15 thousand likes.

Visual artist Dorian Pellumbi
Beautiful Italian buildings
Beautiful Italian buildings

Good news: you don't need to have any special gear to become top Instagrammer such as Marco or Dorian: only your mobile phone, a pinch of creativity and strong promotional skills (or experienced helpers like SMM specialists here at Bingbangram) are required.

Boom! Bigbangram Grasps Rome

Users from Italy consider our Instagram bot a professional service for gaining target audience and real followers. It couldn't win the hearts and minds of these people without offering outstanding options as the following:

Conte powerful emotions

● No download application with the data stored on cloud services. It works automatically regardless of the device you use. Most of young Italians are keen travelers, so this feature allows them accessing their dashboard from any location of the planet.

● The anti-ban security system is always on guard. You'll never be blocked by Instagram because our bot is configured in such way that it can't exceed the limits.

● Automatic direct messaging is the perfect option for outgoing and frank Italians. Their setting is two-step: add pictures, emojis and text to the message and choose the target audience. That's all you need.

● 3 days trial: see our bot at work and don't pay for the unknown.

● Affordable prices – you pay only $24 per month for the standard pack.

Our service is suitable for any kind of the Instagram account. That's why it is being chosen regardless of a business specialization.

5 Tips for Our Italian Customers

If you are oriented on the followers from Italy or even the particular region in this country, take these tips into consideration:

1. Always mention a place where the photo has been made or the location where you run your business. For instance, the user from Florence specified La Bottega della Frutta as the location of her photo:

Location and hastags
Location and hastags

If your picture receives enough likes, it may become a top publication on the location's page. Like this one:

What's goin on around

2. Add Italian tags to your post. The list of the most relevant tags as of May 2018:

#moda #italia #film #arte #studio #milano #roma #amore #mare #pasta #TV #ferrari #buongiorno #only #mi #bella #casa #napoli #moto #estate #piscina #primavera #tiamo #vino #motocross #instaitalia #buonanotte #tramonto #io

3. Collaborate with famous Italian bloggers from your city. They can place a paid ad in their profile and promote your goods or services. To find them, check out top publications on the popular tags' pages.

4. Always answer the questions and respond to the comments. Italians prefer to communicate directly. Bigbangram's Comment Tracker and Direct Messaging are ready to help you.

5. Enhance your posts with a compelling description. Tell your audience the story or disclose the concept depicted in the photo in more details.

Are not oriented to the Italian market? Don't worry, our Instagram promotion service is intended for app's users from all over the world. Our methods are quite versatile, so they may be a part of any digital marketing strategy.

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