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auto unfollow instagram bot

Did you know that it is possible to sell goods and services in Instagram no worse than on Amazon or even on your own website? In the early years of the application, the users could only share the visual content and interact with each other using likes and comments, but the recent versions of Instagram include a variety of tools which might help you on your business. Let's talk about 4 significant changes which made it a perfect platform for building strong brand-customer relationships.

Why do I have more follows then followers?

If you are in process of promoting your Instagram profile, you may face a situation that the number of you follows grows faster than the number of followers.
The reasons of this are quite simple: some users do not track notifications about new followers, the other ones are not interested in your content, and someone gathers new followers by subscribing on new users and unsubscribing after mutual following. Besides, some of your followers may be advertising or spam accounts. That is why you may need to clean your account from junk follows. When you need to unfollow numerous contacts, it will be useful to use auto unfollow instagram bot.

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Why do we need mass unfollow in Instagram?

Firstly, the big number of follows is not quite good for your reputation. The first feature of a successful Instagrammer is that the number if followers is several times bigger than the number of follows. If the situation is opposite, your profile will be rejecting for potential followers since they will consider it spammer one.

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Secondly, it is rather the matter of ethics. The spammer accounts selling cheap Chinese goods are successful because we follow them. If they are still listed in your followers' list, they are inactive useless items in your profile. If you will ignore the spammers' account, they will not have success, and the instagrammers will promote their accounts by filling them with interesting and creative content, and Instagram will become much more pleasant place.

Additionally, Instagram has a limitation, according to which, you can follow only 7500 people. Once you have 7500 follows, it will be impossible to subscribe to another blog until you clear your current followers.

How do I fast unfollow in Instagram online?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not have features allowing bulk unfollowing, and those who want to clear their list of Instagram friends are to do it either manually or with the help of fast unfollow Instagram online tools. It is hard to choose best unfollow app for Instagram, since every user has his or her own aims of maintaining the account.

Bigbangram also offers anauto unfollow instagram bot, which will help you to manage the list of your follows effectively.

There are several simple rules that will help you to use our Instagram unfollowers app in the most effective way:

1. According to Instagram rules, the unfollowing cycle lasts approximately 12-24 hours.
2. It is not recommended to follow immediately after the finishing of the unfollowing cycle since it may result in temporary blocking of the account.
3. For the same reason, we do not recommend to do following and unfollowing in the same day.

You may customize the tool
so that it was suitable for your aims:

Setting the following and unfollowing time:

Keep personal following

The timezone will be taken from your browser. We recommend you to set mass unfollow for night hours when the majority of your Instagram audience is sleeping, and the following one – for daytime.

– Keeping your personal followings

unfollow number

If you want to keep the blogs that are interesting for you, please feel free to use this checkbox. Having it online, Bigbangram will unfollow only those accounts which were followed by the bot.

– Setting the following threshold

Following threshold

When the number of your follows reaches the necessary amount, the tool starts unfollowing activity. The same happens if the number reaches the default Instagram limit – 7500 users.

– Setting the unfollow number

Setting unfollow number

The unfollowing activities are performed when the threshold is achieved. The unfollowing is performed until our system achieves the amount specified in the threshold
Bigbangram offers 3 Days For your to test the functionality of the tool.

What about the limitations?

Instagram has limitations regarding the daily number of likes and follows:

700 follows/unfollows;
Max 7500 follows

It is recommended not to exceed the limits in order to avoid blocking of your account as spam one.

What is the main thing to keep in mind?

Auto unfollow instagram bot is the tool that will be quite useful in managing and promoting of your account. However, always keep in mind that the only way to develop a popular and successful account is to fill it with creative, interesting content and meaningful content. The tools are only to facilitate the account management for you.

Instagram mass unfollow: Is it dangerous?

It depends on which side you are. For you, as a person who is promoting an acc and who is maintaining the image, mass unfollow Instagram accounts is a must. Though on Instagram unfollow all function is absent, fortunately, you always can use Bigbangram for that. I've already told you how to mass unfollow on Instagram

But what if you faced the problem – people unfollow you in bulk? That's a tragedy – the solution should be found immediately. Otherwise, you are at risk of losing your audience completely. First, you need to find the reason. From my point of view, there can be two of them: either your content is bad, or you publish it regularly.

Make sure that the quality of your photos/videos is high enough and that the captions are relevant. And yes, posting requires regularity and vigorous activity on Instagram. Due to competition. The more often your posts are in the feed, the more likely that the follower won't unfollow you for inaction.

And the last thing!

If you want to get only active followers who wouldn't unfollow you never ever, think about using auto Direct Messenger and Instagram chat! Bulk messaging increases engagement and allows you to stay in touch with your people no matter what.

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