6 Secrets How to Boost Instagram Engagement

How to Boost Instagram Engagement

It's no use explaining that nowadays it is hardly possible to find a platform that will be more efficient and powerful for brand promotion than Instagram.

Nevertheless, our problem is a quite peculiar algorithm that is used by the platform and an extremely high level of competition.

Due to these factors, the development of brands online as well as gaining the attention of a TA and boosting an Instagram engagement rate require constantly more skills, sophisticated tactics as well as deep knowledge from you.

Boost Instagram Engagement

If you are responsible and attentive enough, the success will be at our side. Having entered an online space, you can establish a strong army of real supporters of your blog (or brand) which will be an amazing helper for you to stay strong even in the most serious competition you could imagine.

Instagram engagement: Why should we take care about it?

If you are an experienced Instagram user, you definitely realize that having numerous subscribers means practically nothing. But having a lot of active subscribers is completely an opposite story.

That's one of the reasons why BigBangram offers only real followers to its clients. With real people in the list of followers, there are real opportunities to win their activity.

Instagram engagement

Engagement itself is calculated based on the number of your subscribers and their activities on your account (shares, reaction to stories, comments as well as likes. Don't forget about them).

Given the fact of how people react to this or that publication, the algorithm applied by the system decides whether value of the post as well as the content itself are appropriate to let other users see it.

It's one of the incentives for people to make up various Instagram engagement groups on different external platforms like Facebook and Telegram with a view to helping each other influence the Instagram algorithm.

In other words, the more positively your publication is welcomed, the wider its reach will be.

How to increase engagement on Instagram: really working tips

Nevertheless, are there any efficient solutions in case you notice the Instagram engagement down? Is it a reason to begin panicking? Definitely not. Leave this plan for some other occasions.

I am here to reveal some secrets.

1. Invite your users for communication via your Instagram Stories

Stories is an amazing thing to build interaction. Add some stickers asking your viewers to vote for this or that variant or to share their opinion. This tool really works and despite the fact that it is already can't be considered to be a new one, it is still gaining its popularity.

What sticker you can add

What sticker you can add:

  • Questions. Why not to offer your viewers to pose questions related to your brand or special offers?
  • Poll. Show your TA that their opinion really matters. Invite them to choose which features your new product will have or something of this kind.

2. Don't ignore the significance of captions

Yes, today users pay attention not only to images. They want to get useful information as well. How to make people devote more time on studying your posts? My answer is simple: try to engage them via adding valuable captions.

By the way, if you don't have many ideas what to share with people in the space under or pic or video, I strongly recommend you to study one of our previous articles. It will help you a lot.

It doesn't mean that you should create real long-reads. No. But don't limit your photo description just to a couple of hearts or flowers.

You can write not only about your product but cover some related issues as well. It's always a nice idea to add some questions as well. Let people exchange their views.

3. Find the most appropriate time to post publications to ensure good Instagram engagement

Time really matters. It isn't a good idea to make a post somewhere at 2 a.m. when your main TA is already sleeping and to expect high activity, is it?

Today there are a lot of studies telling us what type of post should be made at some precise time but my advice is: you'd better study your own TA yourself. Try out different tactics.

4. Establish cooperation with influencers

If you have just created your business (and even if not, if you are an experienced player), this tool will be an excellent idea. Cooperation with popular bloggers, media persons and various influencers will make a huge number of people come and subscribe to your account.

Nevertheless, please bear in mind that it's extremely needed to carefully choose people to advertise your brand. If you sell baby toys, it won't be a good idea to ask one of the most popular models without children to tell her followers about the benefits of your product. It will be more sensible to invite for cooperation one of moms that can boast thousands of followers. Her recommendations will seem quite natural and trustworthy.

5.Communicate with the TA

If your task is to boost activity on your page, remember that users should see activity from your side as well. It won't be just enough to make posts and publish stories, establish a dialog.

React to their reaction (I mean comments and answers) and don't forget to reply to their direct messages.

Try to be as attentive and polite if possible (even if you have answered to this or that question thousands of times before). It may require some time and efforts but you will notice the results of your job done, I promise.

6. Add a little bit of fun

Even if you manage a corporate account, it doesn't mean that you should be always absolutely serious. Maybe to publish some memes alongside with your product benefits is not an appropriate idea but why not to joke a little bit in stories?

Add a little bit of fun

Entertaining aspect is really needed even for adults. Just add it.So, as you see a decrease in activity is an unpleasant thing, of course, nevertheless, it's not a disaster. And you can quickly get over it if you follow these simple recommendations.

I strongly believe (let's put it simply: I am sure) that the above mentioned tips will be of great use!

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