Caption Without Hesitation: 7 Types of Popular Instagram Posts You Should Try

Popular Instagram Posts

Instagram marketing is a challenging matter, which requires knowing all of its tricks and secrets from the people, who decided to search for the fame on this platform. Many articles around the Internet center around the importance of qualitative photos, color spectrum of a profile, single filter on each post, yet, not many articles tell what can ruin even your best shot.

From the title, you may have already guessed that we will talk about the Instagram captions and their influence on your brand reputation.

There are three reasons to reconsider captions in your system of values:
● This is a great instrument of self-expression. Nothing tells more about your personality than the thoughts in your head you wish to share, the same is fair for the brand representation.
● Text has a huge power on people's minds: through invocatory, touching, indignant caption you can make your followers feel the same way you do, direct their behavior, steer their thoughts in the right direction.
● Captions = hashtags. By using appropriate hashtags you can sufficiently increase traffic on your page, the same research states.

As you see, the suitable caption is the biggest part of the successful post. Still, not many users see their real potential.

Captions shouldn't be the random phrases you heard in songs or read in books. They should continue the thought you share through the photo, become an organic part of the post and attract attention.

So, BigBangram collected 7 ideas for creating qualitative & influencing captions for your Instagram photos. Combine them together in any way or order to find out your own success recipe!

Story shared on Instagram

Share your genuine story

Photos, despite their quality or beauty, will bring you no response when you publish them just to get likes. Your followers will appreciate better the less-qualitative shot if coupled with the sincere caption or true story.

The heartiness vanishes borders between the brand and the people, who follow it. Try to tell them about the history of your company creation (tip: share either dramatic or cheerful moments, do less information, yet, more emotions).

Another idea is to publish the stories of your followers or employees, somehow related to your business. This is a great way to show that behind the loud name and officiality there are real human beings – not heartless mechanisms.

Create discussions

Stories are fine, but people like to communicate with adherents, especially on grounds of their love for your brand. Use this feature to create more activity on your page!

Post a regular question (“How's your day?”) or a request to share their user's experience/funny story/point of view on some hot topic. This will not only bring you 1000+ comments and hundreds of likes but also will create a traffic so that even more people will bring their attention to your discussion.

Another benefit from questions in the caption is a chance to learn more about your audience. If you want to collect ideas for the new products or to simply learn about the interests of your followers – rely on the wisdom of crowds. Your audience will really surprise you if you give it that chance!

Great wall of China

Be a jokester

Dog in the trunk

Users of Instagram see tons of commercials every day, and so they're less likely to pay attention to your profile if it only consists of ads and brand promotion. Try another path – post funny pictures with funny captions.

Cats, dogs, children will surely warm hearts of the public, yet, the same as with previous tips – both photo and caption have to be connected to your brand. It might be a joke around the name of the company, or simply a cute puppy with your logo in the background.

Don't always be the “serious” company; we're all people, after all. A light-hearted funny post will bring you lots of likes and followers, who will subscribe for more of such content. And new people is always a fete!

Thank your audience

Always remember, that your brand wouldn't have achieved any results without clients, followers, and other people who believed in you. Create a post of appreciation, where you'll thank everyone who helped you during your path to the success (it will be especially appropriate if you've recently achieved some milestone like 1 million followers etc.)

Look for Collabs

Be creative. Many brands simply write “Thanks”, yet, the more genuine your words will be, the more people will like them (literally and figuratively).

Still, you can show your fans some love even by reposting their photos and captions on your brand's page. Such action will generate at least 6.9 times higher response, according to statistics, and incite your followers to continue using your products.

The more hashtags the better

Insta hashtags

The latest research has found the optimum number of hashtags for a post on different social platforms, including Instagram. According to it, 11 tags is the most efficient way to get new followers! As soon as people discover new Instagram pages through hashtags search, by adding the appropriate amount of those to pictures, you'll get a natural increase of engagement on your page.

Choosing the best hashtags may be a complicated task, especially if you upload new posts every day. This is when BigBangram Instagram hashtag generator will come in handy. Simply put in 1 keyword, and the program will get you more 29 perfectly chosen tags.

We'd recommend always add hashtags with your brand name and some of its distinctive phrases to increase tags' popularity in the search.


Post Stories and Videos around art

People love when the brand pays attention to their lives. This is why the laconic call-to-action caption will bring you lots of comments and likes – simply use your imagination.

Uploading a photo of a couple in love? Ask subscriber to tag his beloved person! It also works with best friends, parents, and even co-workers. The secret to the creation of a good tag-a-friend caption is sharing your warm words with your own close people.

Such a format allows more users to discover your page and provides you with easy & organic traffic increase. Just go easy with such posts – they have to be the exceptions in your feed, not the regular content (which is, actually, true for every mentioned type of captions).

Laconic and minimalistic

everybody likes flowers

We know we've said that photos without captions are pointless, but sometimes it's fine to publish an aesthetically pleasing picture just for no reason.

There's no universal recipe for the good laconic caption. Look up to popular bloggers' profiles for the inspiration & examples, and experiment to find the perfect addition to your shot.
In summary
The key to popular Instagram profile is a good picture and even better caption. Don't neglect this simple rule and in no time you'll be getting thousands of followers every day.

Try every tip you find interesting, but remember that the biggest part of your posts have to be the “regular” shots, while the described formats should better be the pleasant exceptions to diversify your content and to have some fun with the audience.

If you want to learn more about the Instagram myths, that are blocking your path to fame, then do not hesitate to visit BigBangram blog!

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