Top 5 Ideas What To Post On Instagram

Top 5 Ideas What To Post On Instagram

Even the most creative people in the world with the best imagination ever may face a lack of ideas when it comes to publishing great Instagram posts.

Yes, today we really need to think about the quality of the content that we publish if we want to promote our accounts and (who knows) to get profits.

Why do you need to worry about the popularity of your posts?

If you have just a private page that you use to store your photos associated with good memories and you are not interested in promotion than, without any doubts, you can even not pay attention to all the new modern trends that from time to time invade the entire platform. In such a case you are absolutely free from all this headache about how to make your posts popular.

But if you are trying to build a business on Instagram or if you are a blogger, you definitely know that the growth of your popularity greatly depends on your skills and knowledge how to create cool Instagram posts.

The interdependence is the following one:

good content ->
many likes and high engagement ->
appearance of your post in recommendations and top sections ->
new likes and followers ->
You win!

Happy dancing on the match

Are you ready for new top Instagram posts ideas? Then just continue reading and take notes (but you can omit the second point of my short instruction, just read and enjoy!).

What to post on Instagram: best tips for bloggers and businesses

1. Stay yourself

It is clear that you want to look perfect in the eyes of your audience. But do you really believe that your audience needs it? Nobody is perfect. You are not perfect either, sorry. But the same I can say about myself.

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I don't want to encourage you to share behind-the-scenes shots only but why not to use this idea from time to time? It doesn't matter whether you are a blogger or you are running a business account. Your followers also want to see that you are an ordinary person, that you also work and have a rest.

Maybe in some case, it will be appropriate to show how you spend your free time, to ask them for advice or even to share with them some family photos. Don't hesitate to be yourself. Instagram users will highly appreciate it. Such publications have high chances to win their place among the popular posts on Instagram.

how to become an influencer on instagram

2. Share backstage photos and reveal professional secrets

If you have a business page or promote your own brand, I recommend you to let your audience to know more about your activities. You may tell your followers about your professional interests, explain the specificity of your work, share some exciting knowledge or skills, add videos.

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If you offer your audience some goods, tell more about them. There are different specific are recommendations for various spheres of activity. For example, there is an article for those who want to know what to post on Instagram to promote a handmade blog.

3. Use the content created by your audience

People are always excited to see their photos on the accounts of their favorite brands. Definitely, it will be quite strange to post somebody else's pics without any reason and without their permission (by the way, do not forget to ask for permission each time when you want to share content that was created by another author).

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But it can be a good idea for a great Instagram post to organize a contest which will presuppose publishing a post about your business. Another way to encourage your followers to create content for you is to ask them to take a photo of their orders of your products. If you run an account of a cafe or hotel, your audience will eagerly share photos made in these locations.

It's always fun and authentic. Moreover, it's always interesting to get a fresh vision.

But please, don't forget that your followers may want to be rewarded for the work that they've done for you. And it's quite natural. Of course, you can make a present for them and send your product samples to the authors of the best posts.

But the easiest and the most obvious thing that you can offer them is to tag them in case you choose their photo for your post. Such an offer will look quite appealing for those who also seek popularity on Instagram.

However, I should admit that it's not always appropriate to ask your audience to create content for you. But if you have such a possibility, don't hesitate to try.

4. Share product teasers

Today Instagram is a fantastic marketplace. While some people are coming to this platform to buy something, some other people are here to do business. It won't be a good idea to make your account catalog-like but to advertise your product with the help of product teasers can become a very useful promotional tool.

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You can use Instagram to boost sales but don't be too pushy. Try to make people curious. And try to make this advertising posts as valuable and interesting as possible.

5. Find catchy templates

Some people suppose that to create best Instagram posts you need to be a savvy designer or Photoshop user. It's absolutely unnecessary. To make your posts look cool you can use online design services with ready-to-use templates like Canva or Venngage. Regardless of a type of a post that you want to make you can find a relevant template.

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Using these services you can use free photos from stocks, edit them, add texts (for example, quotes or headlines) and make your posts look really stylish.

Though we've just discussed different variants of what to post on Instagram, there is one more question that doesn't let many people sleep well: how to make people find your posts.

Hashtags can help you, my friend. Use popular hashtags that are related to your content it will ensure a possibility to be noticed. In case you don't want to waste too much time trying to guess what hashtags will be relevant, use BB free hashtag generator. Just enter a keyword or upload a pic that is used in your post, and our system will offer you a list of variants.

So, I hope that all these ideas will inspire you to create your own unique content that will help you to attract millions of followers.

If you have any questions to ask us, we will be happy to help you. Just contact us.

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