The Power of Motion or Why You Need to Post Videos on Instagram

Post Videos on Instagram

Man does not live by bread alone — Instagram does not live by photos alone. Actually, at the very beginning you couldn't post stories, videos, and run ads on this platform. But, after a couple of major updates, it became possible to engage your audience by posting videos of up to 60 seconds in length. It's pretty enough to record a short product description or introduce your company in a laconic way.

However, some people prefer to stick with photos or, as a last resort, Instagram stories. They believe that there is no need to post videos — their profile generates good leads even without videos, photos are managing perfectly well. Videos are expensive, when photos can be taken in a matter of minutes. So what's the point?
We understand your objections and are going to cover the following questions in our article:

● Why is it important to combine photo and video content?
● Which benefits your videos can bring to your business?
● How to improve quality of your Instagram videos?
● Is it possible to automate video content posting?

Are you ready to fire away? Then let's get down to business and learn how to post videos that will make your customers beat a path to your doorstep.

Videos Make the Future

Over 100 million Americans watch at least one video on a daily basis. The number of people who watch online videos has increased by 43% since 2010. According to the predictions made by prominent marketing research organizations, video content will comprise 85% of search traffic in the USA.

Are you still not sure how this can be applied to Instagram? Well, 54.6 million of people watch videos using a mobile device. 46% of Americans say that they are encouraged to discover more info about the brand after watching its video content.

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However, videos aren't prevailing content on the web. That's why a lot of internet marketers still neglect video content on Instagram and focus on other ways of promotion. That's ok for a now, but what will happen in the future? Don't be too late, start creating outstanding videos as soon as possible and become a pioneer (or even an influencer) of a video marketing.

The Results You Get after Incorporating Videos in Your Content Strategy

They are impressive. But don't just take our word to it, let's back it up with some scientific facts and find out an impact the videos can have on your followers.

By interacting with your followers through video content, you can use more psychological triggers as it is possible in static verbal or visual content. It's obvious: people trust human voice more than just a bunch of letters they see on the screen. The same applies to the human face — that's why direct sales reps are much more successful in selling products than their remote counterparts. The final point: motion has a great power and turns a static picture into a lifelike experience.

Posting video content regularly, you keep your followers:

● More Informed — They are learning a lot about the brand from your videos. Moreover, you can make educational clips to teach them how to do something related to the service or a product you offer. For instance, if you sell smartphones in your online store, you can create a series of mini-reviews of the best smartphones of 2018. Also, you can teach your followers to choose the right mobile phone, to make the battery last longer, etc.

● More Entertained — Ultimate fun is what your followers look for here on Instagram. Initially, this application was created for entertainment purposes, so businesses need to adjust to the established culture of this social network. Make funny videos and try not to avoid being too “corporate”. Present your product in a friendly and informal tone in your videos and your customers will consider you as a fellow and customer-centric brand.

● More Interested — When it comes to photos in their news feed, the majority of Instagram users swipe them down without even looking at them for a second. All they see is an overall picture, while small details remain unnoticed, let alone captions. There is no guarantee that your prospect will click on the “play” button and watch your video, but if he/she does, you've almost hooked them.

However, poor quality videos won't make your conversion rate better and won't boost your revenues. Remember: quality over quantity. It is better to post one breathtaking video once a month than 10 senseless videos with no useful information to the follower in a week.

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Before Crafting a Video, Put These 5 Tips in Your Pipe

It's important to establish a clear visual language to be sure that you are great at conveying the message to the customer. There are some tips to help you develop your own style which resonates with modern tendencies.

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1. Keep Videos Short

The typical length of the most widespread video content is about 3 minutes. However, here on Instagram, you are limited to 1 minute for everything. It seems to be hard to fit all the information in such a short video, but it is possible. For example, look at these snackable videos you can create for the Instagram, Facebook, and other social media.

2. Optimize Your Videos

Don't forget to add relevant hashtags and location to the video. Also, if you have a Youtube channel and are going to duplicate your content there, you should know that videos are 53 times more likely than text to appear on the first page of Google search results. To increase the chance of this, optimize your video by adding keywords. Use Youtube keyword tool to pick right words.

If your video collects a lot of likes and comments, it can appear in the “search” tab of random people, even if they don't search anything.

Now the question is: how to improve the positions of videos on Instagram? Where is it possible to get more likes at short notice?

Bigbangram offers a solution: buy instant likes and followers. You'll get a fast leap in your video's popularity, so it will highly likely appear at the top positions.

3. Back It Up with a Story

Don't waste 60 seconds for no purpose: turn this small time interval into a masterpiece. You can draft the scenario and show your followers a very short story to leave them thinking. A lot of world-famous brands have already grasped this trend: their promo-videos resemble short films with a plot, characters, and even a hidden meaning.

4. Save the Words for the Caption

Speak to your audience in visuals and try to omit words where it is possible. Try to convey your text message using captions, not the video itself. If you decided to use a couple of words in your clip, here is a marketing tip: match the colors and fonts with your brand design. This will make your content more recognizable even if somebody will share it on the third-party resource.

5. Make Your Video Eye-Candy

Color schemes design is art and science rolled into one. Properly selected colors not only look eye-candy but have a specific impact on your customer's mood. Each color brings a unique emotion, so you need to design a color scheme according to the main idea of your video.

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Optimize Video Posting — Use Scheduling Module

Recently, we updated our posting module. Consider to use it, if you want to speed up your video uploading to your Instagram profile. Use Bigbangram dashboard to create a full-fledged scheduled post that includes video itself, caption, hashtags, and location tag. Set up a timer and our Instagram bot will automatically publish it at the right time.

Besides, posting module functionality allows you to edit any of your existing posts, remove them, respond to comments, resize photos & videos, and much more.

Carried away by video production, do not forget about your other promotion duties. Duties, which you can delegate to our Instagram bot or social media specialists. Aside from the posting module, let's automate your mass-liking, following, commenting, direct messages, and other simple actions which not always require your direct involvement.

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