Instagram’s New Feature, Which Will Soon Become Your Favorite. Music On Stories

Music On Stories

Recently Instagram pleasingly shocked its users with the first novelty since Stories – IGTV app, a platform for video streams in a vertical format. And now another reason for the immediate app checking has arrived.

BigBangram is happy to declare that users now can add music to their stories! The feature, which was desperately needed for years, is now available for everybody. Be the first among your friends who will share the new-style stories with the followers.

What can you actually do with this feature?

You can add the soundtrack for your stories to make them even more personalized and unique. The music shouldn't be saved on your phone – the Instagram base allows to search the composition you have in mind and add it without performing additional steps. Moreover, you can scroll around different sections like “Popular”, “Moods”, “Genres” to find something fitting your mood in a huge legal storage of music.

Define Your Style with music instruments

Adding background track to stories is now as easy as attaching stickers. Choose the option “Music” among the “Location”, “Mention”, “Hashtag” and the other interactive stickers – your followers will hear your perfect musical taste, see the name of the composition and its artist simultaneously (no more need to send the song's name to strangers in Direct, yaaay).

After choosing a composition, you'll be able to crop its best part for your story. The control is quite intuitive – there shouldn't be any problems with this step. You can utilize the feature either before or after shooting a video – everything seems like music in stories will become the next hyped Instagram trend.

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In a few words, you can…

● Attach the soundtrack to your stories, both photo, and video ones.

● Search for a song directly in the app, edit it without downloading or uploading.

● Choose the popular among other users' songs, scroll around “Mood” playlists.

● Add track either before or after making a photo/video.

● Fast forward and backroll the track to crop the best part out of it.

● Share your favorite songs with your viewers, tell its name for everyone at one haul.

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The step-by-step guide on how to add music to your stories


1. On Apple products: find the needed song before (or after) making a video or taking a photo in a “Music” section.

2. On any other smartphone: capture the moment you want to share and then choose the “Music” section in the stickers.

3. Search the song you wish to attach among a diverse assortment of the legal soundtrack: go through the popular songs, songs by the author's name, particular title, genre or mood.

4. Choose the song, “extract” the moment you want to add to your story.

5. Place the sticker with the name of the song and its author somewhere on your video/photo simply by dragging it around with a touch, just like any other attachment.

6. Enjoy your results!

Don't thank us – now you're into the very epicenter of the trend. Use this power wisely and don't spoil your followers' feeds with the last album of your favorite band. By the way, if you eventually decide to do the exact opposite, then you might need more followers to exasperate. In this case, BigBangram is always to help you with this goal. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about fast & simple followers' number increase.

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