How To Become Tik Tok Famous? Follow The Trend!

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If you still do not know about Tik Tok, then you remain behind the sensational trend and miss the opportunity to join the popular service. In its vastness, the service has united 500 million people from all over the world!

The prototype of today's social network TikTok was the notorious Doyuin. The birthplace of the service is the ubiquitous China, which bought out competitors to become a monopolist in their field and win a global audience.

TikTok is available as an application for a variety of mobile phone platforms. It can be downloaded from the PlayMarket and AppStore. How to use the available functionality in full force and become a guru TikTok? Let's read my recommendations below!

P.S.: From time to time we will name Tik Tok as Musically, cause for somebody this name is more habitual. So, keep an ear to the ground!

Features of Tik Tok platform

This video platform accommodates about 500 million registered people. There are ordinary people of different ages and interests, directors and actors, musicians and performers.

These and other talented users, for whom hobbies become a method of communication, can become your customers, buyers or partners.

On this site, you can search for new friends with the same interests, business partners, employees, customers, and advertisers. Therefore, if you want to expand the target audience and expand its geography to make yourself known to more Internet users, it is worth starting a page on this platform.

how to become an influencer on instagram

When creating content on tik tok musically likes, you need to take into account that most of your viewers will be young people 15-18 years old. For a video to capture the audience's attention, it must meet the general trends of the social network. In 2019, it is recommended to shoot videos in the following styles:

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  • Absurd actions, amateur dances, funny mini-scenes from life, real or staged sketches;
  • “Video-karaoke”– open your mouth to famous songs or make clips for them;
  • Tricks, “witchcraft”, “magic”, which no one takes seriously, but everyone is happy to watch;
  • Videos of professional or amateur sports competitions, videos about your training with achievements or tips;
  • Bold experiments with style, clothing, makeup, cosplay, with options before and after in one video;
  • Recording various experiments, mixing paints and other substances, explosions, build something or break, the main thing is to achieve a WOW effect and observe safety precautions.
how to become an influencer on instagram

How to become popular on Musically?

How to get famous on musically fast? To become a real Tiktoker, you need a set of simple but thoughtful solutions, and in this article, I've collected basic tips and even a few unique life hacks from top accounts with millions of followers.

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  • Make a simple but attractive profile

Capacious, but bright descriptions, a minimum of text. Avatar – always real photos in a good resolution or logo of the company.

  • An interesting content

Your followers will be interested in you as long as you offer them relevant content. This means that you need to shoot at least 2-3 videos a day. But without fanaticism: 10 and more is too much.

  • Online streams

These are a mandatory element of your followers' news feed. You need to shoot videos online at least twice a week to keep users interested.

And pay attention to the content itself – people need interesting and unique videos. Either funny or useful. All that does not entertain and does not give advice-too much on Tiktok.

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  • TikTok – is the platform for the promotion of popular music

Do not forget that Tiktok is not only a video but also music. Superimpose popular songs on videos that everyone can hear – this is a win solution to attract followers.

  • Don't forget about hashtags

The optimal number of them is 3-4 for one video. Ideal if hashtags are popular, trending. But don't use labels that don't match the video's theme.
Be sure to post links to your videos and streams on all social platforms where you are registered. Tiktok is increasingly popular and the links will go.

  • Consistency

An important point on which it is necessary to dwell particularly is consistency. Any social network today is a niche market, that is, your account should be devoted to one specific topic, in exceptional cases – two or three, but necessarily adjacent, intersecting at an organic deep level. You can not post today about your trip to lake LA, and tomorrow – about the birth of a child. That is, of course, you can, but you will lose the audience for sure.

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  • Communicate with followers

Not only with your followers, but also with competitors – account holders who operate in the same niche as you. Comment on their videos, write private messages, including offering mutual links. If you know some popular users from your city – try to cooperate and shoot a duet video, it will benefit both.

People love to be listened to, so always respond to comments, even if they're downright stupid. More activity under the video – more likes and views.

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  • Positivity and cheerfulness are the key settings for any video

No one is interested in “lean faces” and stories about personal problems, this and others in abundance.

  • Participate in challenges

Be always in the trend and participate in challenges, even if you are not very interested in them. Here as with hashtags – it is always more profitable to be on the crest of a wave, and not at depth.

Participate in challenges
  • Quality of video

Cheating likes in Tiktok is a plus, but low-quality videos are not interesting to anyone, even if it has millions of likes. Shoot videos in high quality and high resolution.

Stay yourself, don't try to be someone you think is more appropriate for your channel! Believe me, people will see the falsehood, no matter how brilliant an actor you are.

Tiktok is represented in 150 countries around the world, so consider the time zones of the region you are targeting. At the same time, it is optimal to upload videos and stream at a time when people are free – they go to work, return from it, sit in front of the TV in the evening with a smartphone/tablet in their hands.
Remember that your primary goal is to get into the “Recommendations” that appear on the main page of the application. That's where you can get tens or even hundreds of thousands of views a day, so always focus on a wider audience than you already have, but do not forget about your loyal followers.

How to become Tik Tok famous?

Do you want a magic pill that would make you mega-popular in Tik Tok so that your videos gain a record number of views, likes, and comments? Well! Prepare a glass of water. I have already prepared such a pill!

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I appoint you to drink these tablets 3 times a day for as long as possible because the process of promotion is endless: today you are more popular than yesterday, and tomorrow you will be more popular than today! Therefore, the longer you stick to a given course of treatment, the more effective will be your Tik Tok promotion.

So, let's start, I will explain how to become Tik Tok famous!

If you understand my idea, we will talk about cheating likes, followers and the number of views in Tiktok. It is optimal to use such a method to a young, newly created channel. This is a key advantage of Tiktok as a young platform – here many accounts shoot as soon as they appear, so no one will be surprised by the hundreds of likes under the video that you posted this morning.

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Bigbangram offers you a new cool service that will help to promote your profile from the first days of your use of Tik Tok. How to gain followers on musically using BigBangram? It's very simple!

The principle of promotion is based on the use of certain hashtags, driving which, the program looks for your target audience, which follows and puts likes. Your audience does the same thing, but now on your page, as if in response. As a result, the number of likes, comments, followers and views is growing exponentially!!!

Don't forget! This is all a systematic process that should continue as long as possible, without stopping.
To experience all the benefits of the service, we give you 3 days of free use! Yes, Yes, Yes! We are interested in that you did not make any mistakes and were precisely sure of the choice!

Become a cool TikToker right now!

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