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How to communicate with your Instagram
followers via the comments

What is the most important thing in Instagram? Why do people open the application and look through their news feed? Probably, they want to share their own moments of life, get Instagram comments, to comment on the interesting photos of other members. In other words, they want to communicate. If you want to develop your business with the help of Instagram – communicate with your audience, be sincere and interesting. Big amount of comments, high activity of your followers will create a reputation of a trustworthy brand and will definitely attract new clients.

Have you already created the Instagram profile and filled it with the beautiful photographs? However, it somehow happens that your post have many likes and few or even no comments.
That does not mean that you have done something wrong – you just need to do some additional job for engaging your audience. What is the first thing to be done?
No social media promotion is possible if you do not know, which result you want to achieve. Are you interested in learning more about the tastes or interests of your target audience?
Do you want to know how you can improve your product or services?
Maybe you want to take your customers behind the stage and to tell them some interesting information about the life of your company?
These are different aims and in order to achieve them, you need to create and follow different strategies.

Have already decided, what is your goal, but do not know what to begin with? We will try giving the answer to your questions.
About what to talk?
The topics of your post should be connected with your product and services and be interesting to your target audience. Show them that you are an expert and you really know your job.

A hairdresser can tell his or her audience about the most popular hairstyles of this season, give some tips of choosing the most appropriate ones for different occasions. If you produce handmade cosmetics, tell your customers about the ingredients you are using or give them some tips about skin care. If you are an owner of a travel agency, share some useful information about planning the vacation.

If you have difficulties with choosing the subject of the post, study your competitors' profiles, look through the forums and create the list of the most frequently discussed topics. Seems rather difficult, but when you start get your comments on Instagram, you will understand, which topics are interesting for your customers and what do they want to read.
Have already written several interesting posts,
but the audience does not discuss them?
Unfortunately, the informative post does not guarantee that it will have many comments. Your customers may think that it is a cool article, like it and even follow your tips, but they will not discuss it. Why discussing if everything seems rather clear?
How to talk?
When you have already decided what you will talk about, it is high time that you start engaging your customers into discussions in Instagram comments.

Let's see the most efficient techniques of raising the followers' activity widely used by popular Instagram accounts.
Ask questions

The simplest and the most popular trick. Ask simple questions for the short quick answers, and complicated ones for discussions. Experiment, test each type of questions and analyze the statistics of your profile in order to understand what your followers like more.

Consider asking your followers questions in such formats:

● Tell them a story and ask a question on this theme;
A story will make your photo more interesting and attractive and your followers probably will love to answer your question.

● Share your personal opinion and ask a question about the followers' opinion on the same topic;
People like expressing their points of view, and they will be pleased to see that you are interested in their opinion.

● Create a permanent rubric of question and ask different questions concerning the theme of a rubric.
Your followers will get used and will be looking forward to seeing your new post with question. You may also create a hashtag, so that everyone could find your posts easily.
Ask for advice

We have already said that people love expressing their points of view. The same situation – your followers will appreciate if you show that their opinion is important and ask them for advice.
For example, if you have a personal Instagram account, you may ask your followers to advise you a café with delicious coffee and cupcakes. If you have a business account, ask the people what do they like most in your products or what should be improved - this will help you not only raise the activity of your account, but probably can give you some ideas of developing your business.
Organize a contest

Conducting a contest with the possibility of winning your product or a discount will help you to create excitement around your product and to get more comments on Instagram.
It can be a comment contest – you offer your customers to leave the comments under your post and then choose a winner who gets the prize.
It can be just a random user or an author of the most witty or original comment – it is up to you to create the conditions of your contest.
How to manage your
Instagram comments

Some users consider using auto comment in order to imitate the activity on their Instagram pages and to attract new followers in this way. It can seem rather efficient way of promoting an account, however, you should bear in mind that the main aim of promotion is acquiring new customers. Unfortunately, the comment bots will not buy your product and will not recommend it to their friends.

However, it does not mean that you should not use any tools for Instagram promotion. If your account is popular, you may receive even hundreds of comments under each photograph. It is quite hard to manage such activity and it does make sense to use tools for working with your Instagram comments.
For example, we can offer you a comment-tracking application which will help you to manage your comments efficiently.

Bigbangram comment tracker will display you the newest comments, you will be able to delete those ones that you consider spamming or offensive. You can save the most meaningful comments for later by marking them as important. If the customer asks you a question, you can mark the comment as solved, when the issue is discussed.

This tool will help you to track the activity on your accounts and will probably save you a lot of time – you will definitely appreciate this tool if you manage several Instagram pages.

If you are not sure that you need using a comment tracker, you may get a free 2 days trial – by trying it, you will definitely appreciate the convenience of the application and the amount of the saved time.
In order to know more and to set up a trial subscription, please refer here -
Interesting and interested
What is the most important thing that will help you to attract more followers and comments? Using different techniques of engaging and different tools for monitoring the activity?
Of course, these are the things that will help you in developing a business account; however, the most efficient technique in promoting your account is showing sincere interest to your customers. Be interesting and be interested, and may lots ofInstagram comments be with you!
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