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What is the best Instagram Bot?
BigBangram vs. Ingramer !

How Proxy Work and Help
My precious reader, let me tell you a story. A few months ago in the blog of our competitor I've started discovering comparison reviews, that are complete bluff and dishonest deception of customers. I declare, that I am tired of lie and aspersion. That's why I decided to make honest reviews of Instagram Bots.

Instagram influencers post pictures advertising products, that they don't use in their real life. Youtubers make video reviews only if they are paid for the products. We live in a world of manipulating and insane lie. So I think we are ready for a series of honest reviews and comparison to our competitors. BigBangram is not afraid to look incompetent and get a sense of imperfection. It always helps us to improve the service, the tool's performance, develop new functionality and fight for our dear clients! Read the blog post and let the best Instagram Bot win!

What is Instagram Bot in general?

Instagram Bot is a tool for promotion, that helps every user to find its active and real followers. The main principle of any Instagram automation tool is reliable and constant performance and a set of tools, functions, and filters, that help to find the most reacting audience.

Must-have of any serious service is the adherence to Instagram limits and protection of user's Instagram account.

Today I'm reviewing BigBangram and Ingramer: 2 noteworthy Instagram Bots.

They presented Ingramer service 6 months ago, but the speed of development is incredible. They got all basic functionality of any Instagram bot, but improve the performance of every tool. The main advantage is the performance speed. The tool makes generally 2 times more actions and works faster than the competitors' analogs.

The project has been exposed in the open market for 3 years now and has the widest functionality of tools and filters. It differs from usual Instagram Bots by the incredible performance of the support team, that help with customers' promotions on Instagram.

How does it look? Interface!

The main principle of a professional service is a user-friendly interface. Every user wants to understand the service from first glance. Let's compare the dashboards of the services.

Ingramer service has a light and clear interface. When you enter the dashboard you see the visualization of your account data. You may check the statistics or go straight to the targeting.

The targeting section consists of 3 main bars: Common, Advanced and Pro filters. Ingramer team is ready to help with promotion on every level of users' experience + gives the opportunity to use the tool like a pro.

All tools are carefully annotated with recommendations or explanations about its usage. God bless client-caring services!

The Statistics section shows in every detail the number of performed actions. It's easy to analyze and build a strategy when you visually understand the results of previous campaigns.
BigBangram dashboard looks so familiar and homy, but in comparison with Ingramer let's be honest, it looks kinda messy. It's really pleasant colors, but sometimes it's hard to understand how to start promotion or how can you check the statistics. Plus the Statistics is presented just in numbers on the chosen period of time. Clients thank every day cute girls from BigBangram support team. They are really pleasant to talk to and always ready to help.

How does it work? Main functions!

Of course, it's really important to have a working tool, that helps to achieve goals and improve business. How can you do that? You need to have a high-performative Instagram bot and understandable and useful functions and filters to target the tool.
Ingramer performs up to 3750 actions per day. It costs $67 per month.
BigBangram performs approximately 600 actions per day. It costs $24 per month.
But if you count on the fast results of your promotion campaigns, you see, that it's reasonable to pay twice for Ingramer to get the tool, that safely performs more actions.

What about the functionality?
How do Instagram Bots work?

Ingramer uses Auto Like and Auto Follow and customizes it by Hashtag, Location or Usernames. It's a simple set of every common Instagram Bot.
The most interesting targeting comes on the Advanced level. There you can set filters for precise and accurate targeting. You can use Gender, Language filters to narrow the target audience for the most reactive. You can attract attention by imitating real human behavior, like watching Stories, put likes to accounts feed or like comments.

What catches attention is an advanced Unfollow tool. It can unfollow all or non-mutual new Ingramer follows, unfollow non-mutual follows or unfollow all. It's for you to decide how to ease your life and clean your account follows.

Black List is another noteworthy feature. You can add hashtags, locations, and usernames you want to skip. Remember, that the number of actions is limited, so it's better to narrow the targeting or exclude unnecessary aims to get the best results.

Timezone is an incredible feature for your targeting. Do you know what time your followers are most active? Check the Instagram Insights and set the work of Instagram bot to the timezone of your most active audience to get more likes, followers, and comments! If you timezone Ingramer tool, it performs the actions at the best time of the chosen timezone and "sleeps" when your TA sleeps too.

Finally, Ingramer has PRO Filters. You can set the parameters of accounts, that are chosen by Ingramer for interaction. You can choose the number of followers/follows/posts and the date of the last update. All for you to have the most accurate targeting settings.

In addition, if you hesitate in setting up the tool, Ingramer support team can help and consult upon the usage of all functions plus make a free set up.

Ingramer is not just an Instagram Bot. The developers presented Auto Posting tool and free Hashtag Generator, the first one helps to schedule Instagram publications, the other helps with Instagram promotion. Soon they promise to present Comment and Instagram Direct tools. Hope, they will revise and reshape the tools, that exist right now to perfection.
BigBangram is the most complex and wide functionality tool on the market. The working principle is the following: You add new promotion by Hashtag Liker/Hashtag Owner/Location or Username. After the creation of a new campaign you can choose the type of interaction: Like, Follow, watch Stories or Comments.
In the Settings section, you can select an incredible list of parameters.

Actions settings help to set the activity speed, turn on the night pause and the combinations of interactions: follow+like, comment+like, Stories+like (it helps to imitate the human behavior). Plus you can choose the number of likes.

Filter settings help to narrow the targeting. You may check language, gender, age of the account. You can skip used accounts, skip business accounts, accounts with the website or telephone number. It helps to avoid commercial accounts and find real and active potential followers. And of course, you can set the number of followers, follows and posts of the targeted profiles.

Unfollow settings give the opportunity to schedule your unfollowing if reaching a certain number of follows. You can also keep personal follows or put usernames to a special white list. Also, you can choose what actions can be performed while you do unfollow: likes, comments or Stories.

Comment settings are made to allow any user to customize the text of the comments. Remember, that the more personalized and individual your approach, the more mutual reactions you will get.

Limits settings allow advanced users to set the number of actions to every parameter. If you don't aware of current Instagram limits, I personally advise avoiding changing standard settings.

On top of everything else BigBangram has additional tools: Posting Module, Comment Tracker, Instagram Direct Messenger, and FREE Hashtag Generator.

BigBangram also has a function of buying likes and followers to any Instagram publication.
BIGBANGRAM - All tools in one!
600 actions per day!
❌ Lifetime activity


✅ Comment Tracker

✅ Auto DM

✅ Posting Module


Affiliate program: 15%

❌ Reliability

✅ Auto Like

✅ Auto Follow


Hashtag Generator

✅ Hashtag Owner

✅ Location

✅ Username

✅ Target number settings

✅ Blacklist

✅ Timezone

✅ Statistics

✅ Support

✅ Safety

Price: starts from $24

What is the best Instagram Bot?

In General, both Instagram Bots have great functionality and tremble over the safety of clients' Instagram accounts.

The main advantages of Ingramer are high-performance and safety-in-use.

Ingramer performs the greatest number of actions per month, so it's the most effective tool on the market right now. Plus I want to add, that Ingramer has a list of minimum requirements for every new account, that is planning to use the service. Ingramer team carefully alert accounts if they are in danger of block and warn by request to check any Instagram account for the above-mentioned requirements.

The main advantages of BigBangram are a close-knit support/promotion team and the most extended functionality on the market + affordable price for every tool.

I've tried to underline the strengths of every service, so it's up to you to decide, what service is the most suitable for you.

Have high-convertible and safe promotions!
Love you, my reader,
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