How To Hide Your Likes On Instagram
If You Want To Stay Unnoticed

how to hide likes on instagram

Today it may seem that Instagram has become a platform for showing up. Yes, we are trying to look as attractive as possible and to pretend to be as cool as possible. But it doesn’t mean that we are ready to be a so-called “open book”. Even if you have a public (or corporate) account, from time to time you may have a desire to hide your activities. That’s why the questions about how to hide followers on Instagram or how to hide your likes on Instagram are rather popular.

how to hide likes on instagram

Why are people interested in
how to hide followers on Instagram?

When I first heard the questions about the methods to make Instagram hide following and liking activities, I was a little bit surprised. But then I realized that to hide followers on Instagram may be a quite natural desire caused by a wide range of reasons.

hide followers on Instagram

For example:

  • You don't want your ex to see your current contacts and activities.
  • You don't want your colleagues to be aware of what you are doing online.
  • You don't want your business partners to have an opportunity to find out with whom you are interacting.
  • You are too active on Instagram and don't want to show your unbelievable activity to others.

To tell the truth, it doesn't matter what reasons and incentives you have to hide followers on Instagram or make your likes invisible. If you want to do it, my task is to help you. And I've prepared an entire list of methods for you. And I am absolutely sure that you will find something that will suit you.

How to hide your likes on Instagram: 4 methods

Like more posts

If you have liked a post and don't want your followers to notice it, you can put likes on 8 other posts after it. It will help you to hide the first like from the eyes of people who are following you.

Don't forget that Instagram shows only your 8 latest likes.

Do not like a post now, just wait

If you don’t want other people to see your Instagram activities right now and in general don’t want them to know that you are online, you can just stay inactive even while scrolling your feed and reading posts of other people.

But what should you do when you see the post that you really like (and want to put a like on)? Just be patient, in order not to lose this publication, you can bookmark a post and put your like later.

Like more posts

Stay active during night hours

Yes, this advice may seem rather strange but it really works. If you are active on Instagram in the night, there are high chances that then, in the morning, your followers just won’t notice the likes that you’ve left under somebody else’s posts or the accounts that you have started to follow. When they get up, their lists of recent activities will be already full of likes and comments of other users.

Stay active during night hours

But how to define whether this or that is an appropriate moment to be active in order to stay unnoticed? If you have ever studied the ways of promoting your account, you have definitely heard about The Best Time To Post On Instagram. It's the time when a lot of people leave aside all their tasks and activities with a view having a possibility to scroll the feed on Instagram.

So, to stay unnoticed I recommend you to be active during “the worst time” to make posts, or in other words, when the majority of Instagram users are offline. Usually, this time is in the night, just because people with traditional schedules are sleeping.

Don't hesitate! Just block the users

If you have a couple of users you don't want to share your activities with, you need just a couple of seconds to block these users and then you are able to follow everyone you wish, like and comment on all publications you wish without a fear that these users will notice it. Then you can just unblock them in 1 click. It is highly possible that these guys won't even notice that they have been blocked and unblocked.

Need to hide followers on Instagram?
Here's a solution!

By the way, the latest tip will be of great use for you in case you are wondering how to hide followers on Instagram from some people if they are following you.

Just block them. In case something in your life/their behavior/your attitude changes, you can unblock them at any moment.

If you don’t want to let all Instagram users (I mean those who are not following you) see the list of your followers, you can change the settings of your account and make it private. Nevertheless, I don’t recommend to do when you are trying to promote your Instagram account.

hide followers

New approach to getting followers and likes

Quite often people need to stay extremely active when they are trying to get many followers and likes to promote their accounts. However, you can get fed up with this too high activity not just because other people can notice it while you don’t want them to but because it takes too much time.

followers and likes

Of course, to become popular you need to create posts that have all the chances to achieve the top and to gain your own audience that will share your interests. Yes, you can do it absolutely manually: you can follow many people, like their posts, leave comments with a hope to be noticed. But why not to read the article How To Increase Followers Number Twice in 2019? and make all the processes much faster and easier thanks to their automation.

If you are interested in making your account popular, just try out what our Instagram bot can offer you. It can be responsible for following, unfollowing, commenting, liking, greeting your new followers via DMs and posting. Don't worry, we know the limits! Or it's better to say that our BB Instagram bot knows the limits. That's why it is a 100% safe tool for your account and there is no risk to find your account blocked due to the activities that can be viewed by Instagram as suspicious.

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