Instagram For Photographers: Best Tools For Promotion!

Instagram For Photographers

30% of all Instagram users upload only high-quality photos. Lots of them stick to one tone and theme. The very few become famous thanks to their pics and make the art of photography not only the way of life but a solid source of income. They travel all over the world and smash your feed with astonishing views. Jealous, huh?

Of course, not all cameramen put money and fame on the top of their life desires pyramid. Many of them become famous for their work, that changes people's world vision. Photography is their life mission. I'm talking about those artists, who send pictures from different places of the word as a stunning blow to humanity. The works of Steve McCurry or Michael Christopher Brown make you stop and think about the hell, that is created on Earth. The accounts, that are full of world-changing pictures don't need any promotion. They are promoted by a strong message within every picture.

Evernote instagram profile

Plus you will never be as productive as the Instagram bot. It can perform 700+ actions per day. Additionally, it performs actions within hour limits and makes pauses to imitate real human behavior. Can you imagine yourself sitting every day and liking only the TA? I doubt so!

But let's talk about picture-taking as a hobby or a job, that you enjoy. It's hard to become famous and find clients or advertisers without a smooth and well-ordered strategy. Are you ready to look at the most cost-effective tools? Let's go down to the point.

Auto Posting

The first tool to pay attention to is the Auto Posting. The benefit is simple: you save your time and plan your publications to the best time to post on your IG target audience. Usually, the tool has some freebies like the function of the first comment, that helps to avoid character number limitation, or the possibility to buy gradually coming likes for a post, to imitate increasing engagement rate (it will help to get more organic engagement for the publication). The auto-posting also helps to organize the information, that you need to post regularly, for example, it can be the list of the services or prices. You can plan the publication and its re-post with the deletion of the previous similar post.

Auto posting is a strong tool because you can spend half an hour and plan all your publications for a month ahead.

When you have all your publications planned, do you know what hashtags you should put in pictures captions?

Hashtag Generator

Everybody uses hashtags on IG, but not all of them know, how to use them right. A hashtag is a very useful caption element, that allows other users to find your account. All hashtags should be relevant and coherent with the picture and account.
You should never forget, that hashtags need to be analyzed. They are usually divided into common and unique. The best advice is to combine them and test their conversion for an IG acc. Every Instagram user should analyze hashtags into high-convertible and low convertible ones. It's very individual and it requires a lot of attention to make hashtags work for the account.

Hashtag Generator

Hashtag generator is a tool, that generates hashtags by photo, URL, or a keyword. It's simple to use and absolutely free to use.

Common list of hashtags for photographers:

#photographer #photo #photographylover #photooftheday #photographylovers #photoshoot #photographysouls #photographyart #photographyisart #photographylife #photographyislifee #photographyprops #photographyeveryday #photographyislife #photographylove #photographyoftheday #photographyaddict #picoftheday #naturephotography #travel #canon #photographyday #potrait #streetphotography #photograph #landscape #travelphotography #pictures #photos #photographers #ilovephotography #travelgram #picture #photographytips #photographys #photographyy #photography #photography_aks #photography_top #photography #photography_love #photographystudio #photography #photography_lovers #photographyig #photographylovers

Okay, our pictures are planned, perfectly captioned and ready to be promoted. What is the next step?

Instagram Bot

Don't get scared. Nowadays Instagram bots are made to perform in the aims of promotion, not banning or getting bot likes and fake followers. The true IG bot is a smart algorithm, that is set up according to IG limitations. It usually has a variety of filters, that help to define your target audience and interact only with relevant users.

Usually, the IG bot has filters by hashtag likers or owners, location or a special list of usernames. Advanced settings allow to apply gender or language filters, view IG Stories of like the feed of follows.

IG bot is a smart algorithm

The main aim of an IG bot is to draw the attention of users to the account, that may be interesting to them by message, content, service or a product. Smart targeting results into the constant flow of likes and fans, that form a client or fan base of the account.

So the photographer may collect the audience of similar account to his own, interact with accs that like hashtags related to photography or draw attention to the locals by applying a special filter.

Instagram Direct Messages

Auto DM may automatically send messages to current or an individual list of followers. It also can send messages to every new user of the account. So you can use it to meet and greet your new fans. Thank them for following and make a special offer. For example, you can offer to take part in the giveaway or contest, ask for support in some competition you are in.

Instagram Direct Messages

You can also send direct messages to advertisers or travel agencies. You can offer placement for their target audience and make money. If you want to gain supporters, address your messages to artists, that have a similar audience and offer SFS. The prospects for finding your fanbase are unmeasurable.

If you want to get 100+ FREE templates for Auto DM usage, contact our support team via live-chat or right now.

Promotion for photographers may be hard. But everything is difficult before it's easy. Feel free to contact us for help, if you are struggling hard to get famous but still have no idea how to promote yourself.

Hugs and kisses,

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