Instagram for Musicians: How to promote yourself?

Instagram for Musicians

Many artists like when their efforts are compensated with the love of fans. Not many of them do their music just for amusement or self-entertainment. The artistic energy flow needs a coherent exchange with the audience. So the question of self-promotion really tortures the minds of young musicians.

The following tools will help you to make your first steps towards your fame. Are you ready?

Instagram Bot

The tool is made for finding the audience, that will like your content. But you can only succeed if you take your time and think for a while. The Instagram bot is not just a machine, that likes and follows everyone on Instagram. It should be applied with smart filters, like hashtag liker or hashtag owner, different locations, gender or even language. The tool may also be set up for a special list of aims. Complicated? Naah! How to build your own strategy, if you are a great musician, but do not have thousands of supporters?

Find people who look like you

BigBangram has a great feature. You can upload a list of people, and interact with the followers of chosen accounts. For example, you are a hot brunette, you like insane twerking and your photos are hot as hell? Overall, all your image is inspired by Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj? Start liking their active likers and followers. The chance, that they will like your content and follow you is incredibly high. Or you are a blondie, that likes fashion, has an astonishing voice and strong personality? Collect the list of your inspirators like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, etc. Their fans may find resemblance or the influence of your favorite artists and like/follow your profile!

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Find people who sing like you

We all have our inspirational figures. And at some points, we want to feel connected and look or behave like our crushes. It's a very useful thing when we are talking about Instagram promotion. Make a long list of your favorite artists and start your work. Sing their songs with all love that you have in your heart and set up Instagram bot right at their followers. Their fans will definitely appreciate and share your love, so get ready for new followers and likes!

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Make a cover for a song of a popular artist

No, I'm not mad and I have a great memory. Yeah, we've just talked about covers, but I want to mention one more thing. When you do a cover, every time you should tag a celebrity or their most-followed fan pages. We know lots of examples when people get famous overnight when they were reposted or tagged by a celebrity. So don't miss your chance!
Interesting case: Cindy Kimberly's life has changed overnight thanks to publication on Justin Bieber's Instagram. He just posted a picture with a question “OMG! Who is that girl?”, and on the next day, she was offered a contract for the best model agency in Madrid. The girl, who worked as a nanny for 3 dollars per hour, right now has 5,2 million followers and a top-paying job of a model. It's just a picture on Instagram, that has changed it all.

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Auto DM

Do you know how to reach every follower on Instagram? The best way to do this is to use Instagram Direct. But it's impossible to write 200-300 messages manually to Instagram followers, so BigBangram has a very special tool for your usage. Auto DM sends unique and customized messages to current or new followers or even an individual list of Instagram users. Pretty cool, right?

Auto DM sends unique

Thank every new follower

The first thing you may do to try the tool is to thank every new follower for their attention and support. It not only will take the person engaged, but also will create a positive attitude to your content. So get ready for likes and shares!

Thank every new follower

Ask local public places for job

No matter what art we are talking, the best thing to sharpen your skills is to practice. Find places in your town or city and offer your service! You will discover your audience, supporters, and will have the possibility to form your stage performance. How can you do that? Collect the list of local bars, restaurants, art-places, etc., and send them unique messages via Auto DM. All you need to do is to continue communication with those, who are interested in your performance!

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Ask other musicians for collaborations

What is the best way to get fast likes and real followers? Collaborations with the artists, that have a similar target audience. Work on the list of the singers and offer them collaboration! Sing together and widen your artistic outreach!

musicians for collaborations

Hashtag Generator

Hashtag Generator is a time-saver, that will provide you with relevant hashtags in a second. Upload the picture, paste the URL or just type the keyword, and the list of coherent hashtags is here for you. BigBangram has a FREE hashtag generator, that doesn't require registration or any login or password.

The most popular hashtags for musicians and singers are:

#singer #artist #art #instamusic #song #electricguitar #songwriter #concert #guitarra #rap #hiphop #rock #listentothis #acoustic #performance #musiclover #musiclife #guitarplayer #piano #cover #performer #musicismylife #songoftheday #livemusic #naturemusic #songlyrics #singing #guitar #guitars #guitarplayers #guitaristsofinstagram #femaleguitarist #musicalinstrument #musician #musicians #musicianlife #indiemusician #instamusician #music #musically #musical #musico #musically_cover #musicproduction #musicbox #musicproducer #guitaristlife #acousticguitarist #diymusician #musicianproblems #talentedmusician #jazzmusicians #classicalmusicians #dailymusicians #acousticguitarplayer #acousticguitarists #acousticguitarcovers #acousticguitarmusic #singing #singer #singers #singersongwriter #singersongwriters #supersinger #indiansinger #singerslive #myjam #melody #newmusic #musicians #songquotes #songcovers

Hope you find the information useful!

Have great promos and find your way to fame.


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