How to get followers on Instagram? 50 Tips & Tricks

get followers on Instagram

Since mankind invented the camera, the memorable moments started to stay with people in the form of images. A family photo once a year, change avatars once a month, but what if life is boiling up, and would like to share with everyone? This is why there is Instagram:

Someone should watch pictures, and over time the family circle is not enough. Then you can gain more followers on your profile that will help not only to have confidence but also, if you want, to earn money.

Instagram in brief

The possibility of uploading pictures in social networking profiles existed for a long time. But somehow, in 2010, an application that allows you to do the same thing, blew up the Internet and gained the incredible popularity. The reason for the phenomenal success probably bases on the following factors:

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  • Simple and uncluttered. The design of this social network is fairly simple, but nonetheless elegant. Photos and videos are the main and to secondary things is given a very small amount of space.
  • The photo and video quality. The service does not disfigure the uploaded images, allowing you to enjoy the best quality;
  • Compatibility with mobile devices. Instagram is suitable for a smartphone as the key to the padlock, because there's no faster way to show all your subscribers a new event.

A greater role is up to followers in Instagram, as their absence makes the page in the social network useless. But it's important to understand the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of these followers.

Qualitative followers

If a social network profile is used as a platform for advertising of any product (e.g., car dealership), then it is important that the followers shall be just people interested in similar subjects, i.e., the target audience.

And to make people follow and stay with you, is not enough to know how to cheat followers on Instagram, it is also important to create an interesting profile that adequately represents its owner.

In order to conquer the right people, you should use some recommendations:

  • Correctly use hashtags. Correct description of picture or video gives the opportunity to the right people to find your page and subscribe to;
  • Subscribe only to the elected profiles. If you have embarked on the path of quality profile in Instagram – you should carefully consider the choice of subscriptions. After all, if those whom you are “following” will make a really useful activity, their small number is not so important;
  • Rigorous selection of photos and videos. Getting followers in Instagram will be wasted, if the content of your profile will be fable;
  • Learn to process photos. Instagram offers its own filters system, so it is not necessary to know how to use Photoshop or equivalents. From the beginning would be enough to learn a few techniques to make images more “delicious”.

Huge number of «wild» followers

Sometimes a profile on Instagram is not created for fun, not to meet interesting people or attract the right, but in order to reach a certain number of subscribers.

How easily boost account

If the profile is for advertising or sales, advertisers/buyers have to provide an impressive number of users following you. Next important point is how to cheat more and more followers.

To achieve these objectives, we also want to share with You certain tips and advices.

• Listen to the wise creators. Instagram knows whom to offer you in membership, choosing people with similar interests. Do not disdain the wise counsel of the system;

• Use old relationships. Followers in Instagram and friends in other social networks are perfectly combined. Friends will never refuse to sign up for your updates. Also set up an automatic repost of photos and videos to your pages in other social networks;

• Look for those who are looking you. Share follows with people with similar goals. You can find them by the typical hashtags #followme;

• Use programs for automatic following. A large number of pages which you are following, means a better chance that someone will become your follower;

• Trust the professionals. Getting followers in Instagram is a form of income for some people. Their practices should not worry you, because in terms of quantity of followers, is very easy to evaluate the result. The prices here can have a huge difference;

• Thus, Instagram is an ideal platform to embed images and videos. The success profile can be estimated by followers – people who is following account updates. With the development of this option, you should immediately determine whether there will be high-quality followers, or there will be lot.

• If you chase two hares at once, you will fail to catch a single one. Using automatic wrapping through a variety of programs at first, you can achieve a huge number of subscriptions and meager number of followers. A page with this ratio will not be credible to users.

• Social networks such as Instagram allow us not only to express yourself in creative and communication plan, but also to use the services for business purposes. However, we should not forget that quality content profile will help to make the social network better, and registered users will get benefit from this.

If you are just starting in Instagram just to post pictures can be boring. When all your enthusiasm and all your hard work will give you only a few likes, and the number of followers is measured in units – this is discouraging. Even if you know about all the benefits that brings social marketing.

Tips and tricks from BigBangram

Our instagram tips and tricks

Now I will tell you 50 ways to increase the number of your followers and motivate them to respond to your posts. You will notice that many of the ideas focus on the improvement of response (likes and comments) and here's why: prolonged cooperation leads to the increase of followers number.

increase the number of your followers

1. To increase the number of followers it would be better to use hashtags like: #FF (Follow Friday), #instafollow, #l4l (Like For Like), #tagforlikes, #followback.

2. After you define your target audience, you have to like their photos. It was found, that using this strategy found that if you will like 1 hundred photos, 6.1 people will come back and follow you.

3. Organize contests. There is nothing difficult to post an image, demonstrating the rules and information about the contest. Ask people to like it, and you'll see that they will do so!

4. Perform the promotion of your Instagram account in your other social networks. The bigger followers net you will create all over your accounts, the higher number of followers you will get particularly in Instagram

5. Simple liking and following other accounts and images in Instagram will attract an impressive number of followers.

6. Using of hashtags when posting images will help you to make them more popular. Here you can find the good and effective hashtags examples: #love, #instagood, #tbt and #photoofthday.

7. Use posting schedule when sharing new images. 2 hours and 17 hours delay are the best ones, in accordance to the researches results.

8. At the same time, if you will find content of people with popular hashtags, just like it. And you will see, that this will attract a lot of followers to you/

9. There is a very simple truth – quality is better than quantity. Don't share everything. Share only your best and outstanding content, This will give you better result.

10. When preparing images to posting, use Mayfair filter. It's amazing, but it seems, that users often like images where it was used.

Applying strategies given below, remember that there is no substitute for regular location of the catchy, creative and relevant images that will appeal to your audience. Feel free to choose those items from the list that you use but always remember that communication should have a specific purpose.

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11. Ensure that you filled all the personal data in the profile (such like bio etc.). Also don't forget to use hashtags and links to your websites (in case if you have em).

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12. Preparing images for sharing, post a question phrase in the title. This will increase the quantity of views.

13. Choose good days for posting. For example – on Sunday, there is lesser publications. So if you will publish images on Sunday, there will be better chances to get viewed.

14. Consistency – the right way to increase the followers number, if you will prepare content especially for your targeted audience.

15. Another good way to attract attention to your content is to put call to action phrases in the descriptions of your images.

16. Post content often. You shouldn't afraid of doing it.. Although you may think that the businesses that publish frequently, have lower response from the audience, studies show that it is not. As found by Union Metrics, the relationship between the number of published images and the level of engagement is missing... at least negative.

17. Follow recommended users. Find section ‘Recommended users' in the settings->'Find & invite friends'. Follow them. It would be helpful.

18. Using Piqora will help you to discover what types of images lead to best response.So you understand that you have to publish particular this type of content.

19. Geotags are useful if you are representative of a small or medium local business. If you will highlight your content by geotags, all people located in your region will discover, that you are near. It is a perfect way to attract a lot of followers.

20. To schedule publications in Instagram (and it's important as we already mentioned) you can use Latergramme. Regular publishing also will attract subscribers to your account.

Choose any frame you want

21. Draws also will be very useful. We can provide you hundreds of advices, but only real cooperation with followers will show you the best way to get promoted. Be consistent. Perform dialogs with followers, publish interesting, fresh and attractive content and you will succeed.

22. Make collages from your images and post them. There is nothing difficult, especially if you will use special tools, that will allow you to prepare a collage from up to 9 photos.

23. Ask for recommendations. First of all find the authority person, and demand to recommend or post an opinion about your service or products. It could work... and it for 100% will attract attention to your account.

24. Post blue-colored content. There are some researches that found “blue color attract more up to 24% of attention”.

25. Place your posts in the Environment: pictures that are published in the middle of the week, get little more more attention, than published on other days.

Worldwide acceptance from people

26. You should compose title to your content using the word “comment”. Some studies show that such content is more resultative than others.

27. A good idea to use faces in photos you post. It's true that mages with faces get 35% more response than all others.

28. When observing photos and preparing them for posting, tag people on them as more as possible. When other people will see it, they will provide you likes and comments.

29. Light – is a good way to success, because in accordance to the studies light photos get 24% more likes.

30. Branded hashtag – another good tool. It would be great if you will create your personal hashtag and let your followers to use it. It will create strong links between your followers and your product. Also you will become more visible.

31. Share backstage photos. These photos certify that people is your main brand. Publish photos that show your brand are real humans.

32. Make guest publications. If you have authoritative friends in Instagram – ask them to leave a guest post for you. This reliable strategy can improve the feedback to the sky and for sure, you will get a lot of new followers.

33. We recommend you to make regular reposts with pictures, where other users mentioned your production or services. This will motivate your followers to post images with your products more often.

34. At the same time there are results of studies, demonstrating high level of attraction to images posted without any filters applied. You can implement this approach.

35. Advertise your Instagram profile within mailings. It would be great if you will create special mailing lists and provide key news to your followers and contacts in other social networks. If you will put a link to your Instagram account, this will promote it!

36. Promote your nickname in Instagram on physical advertising and informational production: badges, product descriptions, gifts etc.

37. Follow all your Facebook friends list in Instagram. This will automatically motivate your friends to follow you back. To do so, just go to the ‘Find friends' menu, then pass to ‘Find friends in Facebook'. It doesn't look difficult, ah?

38. Publish photos with faces and bodies on them. Image with such kind of content get up to 125% more likes, than others.

39. Tell the story. Use pictures and collages to tell an interesting story. Stories help create an emotional connection between your targeted audience and your products.

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40. If you took part in the event and captured some photos there – mark the powerful Instagram users on them for better promotion. This will attract new followers, you'll see.

41. With use of special services you can define what kind of content is mostly liked by your targeted audience. After this you have to publish more of such kind content.

42. Using of special tools and software will increase the quality of your content. You have to use it. Mandatory.

43. Preparing to the publication, you can use a word like in the title. It will also increase the number of likes, as found by studies.

44. Before you make your first publication, you should develop a special schedule and a content plan. Answer the questions – who is your target audience? what content will be liked more, if you will place yourself on the place of your followers? What contests will you organize? What dalay will you use between the publications? All this will help your promotion.

45. People like quotes. If you want to attract a lot of followers, use quotes when publishing your content. It's an again good trick which will be useful for You.

46. You should share your Instagram account with all your e-mail contacts. It's easy with internal Instagram tools.

47. Follow powerful Instagram users. If you will share something interesting, they will repost it, and it will have a good influence at your followers number.

48. Crowdfire tool will help you to analyze, what kind of posted content gave the best followers number increase. Take this into account and give to your followers content that they want and like.

49. You can create a joint target audience. To do so, you have to join a couple of users with common interests and followers number. Following one to another you will increase audiences to both of you.

What you can do on your phone

50. Always use special hashtags. You can organize a contest or an event and apply a unique hashtag to it. It's useful when you already have a large target audience. Because there are great chances that this will stimulate your followers to use hashtag that you invented.

After you will reach the desired number of followers, don't forget to be always in contact with them. If no, any, even really enormous number of followers will give no any results.

People Unfollow Me: Top Reasons Why You are Losing your Followers

After you gained a bunch of followers, you should dedicate all your time and energy to sustaining your audience. You take a great responsibility for your content after reaching a particular number of subscribers, so that's why it's important to adhere to high-quality standards. There are 5 common reasons why people are unfollowing you:

Fails in instagram

1. Rare posts.
Post pictures every day or two; otherwise the followers will leave, especially if you vanished for a few months.

2. Too many photos.
Some users don't publish anything for ages but may dump all their photos from the last vacation in one day. Certainly, their followers will be annoyed.

3. Off-top pictures.
If you adhere to some topic, for instance, you take photos of wonderful landscapes using the high-grade camera, an occasional drunk selfie or picture of your home rat made by old 5 megapixels smartphone might be appalling.

4. Neglecting your followers' attention
You don't respond to the comments people leave under your posts and ignore their direct messages, right? That's bad form.

5. Your account is under bots' and brands' attack

Bots, brands and some people who would like to promote themselves or their services use a technique called mass following. They follow a lot of profiles which represent their target audience, but after a while, they unfollow you (and all the others too).


You've got to do the exact opposite if you want to avoid unfollowers in Instagram online. Keep the top level of content's quality and they will never leave you.
We expect our advices will really help you on the way of popularity increase. But frankly speaking, you have to understand, that if you will perform all these actions manually, you will spent long hours behind the screen. And the using of special services will make your promotion easy and quick!

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