How To Buy Views, Likes, and Subscribers in 2020?

Buy Views, Likes, and Subscribers

BB team presents a new feature. We are glad to share the news: now you have an opportunity to buy any SM metrics on YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The main advantage is that you can do it in all-in-one service you already know! You can safely boost your popularity and put the ER on the top. It's a very simple tool: you just buy views or buy likes, and see the metrics on a chosen acc or publication on the defined time. It means. that you hold a powerful method to influence your content ER.

Why should I buy Youtube views or Facebook shares?

Everybody wants fame and money on social media. So you require to make yourself visible to attract organic growth of traffic. That's why if you preorder a consistent growth of the metrics, you noticeably raise the visibility of the publications. Consequently, it definitely will rate your posts higher in search of the chosen social network. The higher positions you get, the more people view your content.

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The natural, organic outgrowth of your acc makes the publications more engaging, which turns to flows of extra traffic. The chances to make the profile viral are enormously higher if you make a smart buy likes plan. The mass effect will raise the fame of your name to the top.

How can I attract users?
Or engage the real audience?

The best way to attract new users is to get into recommendations. I hope everyone knows what ER (engagement rate) means. New algorithms of SM services tend to recommend the posts for a user if it's interesting to the big quantity of users. So you may attract the followers organically, if you raise the ER by bot likes or if you buy likes for specific posts. Thanks to smart marketing approach you have the possibility to get into service recommendations under the plan.

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How to promote a new account?

It's not that hard, actually. Everybody knows, that even top celebrities have bought their first likes, subscribers/followers or views. Y'all can do it too! It's the fastest way for a newcomer to get the first fans and get a wide outreach for your content.

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Try to expand your social credibility for users and opponents. Make other authors, producers, and subscribers take you really seriously. It's okay, coz everyone does it, but not half of them are ready to tell the truth 😉

How can you buy any metrics for your social media account?

1. You should have an acc in the social network you order. Remember, your acc should be public!

2. Go to Likeslive and sign up/log in.

page of Likeslive login

3. Go to the dashboard and click to the button Other Socials

4. Select your SNS.

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5. Select the metrics you want. T.e., video likes or acc followers. You can choose everything you miss!6. And rule the world!If you already have a BigBangram acc, just click here to see all functions.What social media networks are available on LikesLive shopping list?
Instagram is our favorite service. You may safely buy followers, likes, views, stories, saves, live video views.

 is a mastodon of all SMNs. Metrics buying is not really popular among F-users, so the credibility is really high. With the help of your BibBangram acc, you have an opportunity to buy emoticons, shares, video views, event members, and live streams.

 is the most viewed v-hosting service in the world. If you have great content, let the world see it. Buy video views, likes, dislikes, comments, favorites, and shares.

Soundcloud is a place where the music of newborn music treasures is born. To reach the top you can buy such metrics as plays, likes, downloads, followers, comments, and reposts.

Twitter is the fastest way to get fresh news. Buy followers, retweets, likes, polls, and views to raise you mass media influence.

 is a network for professionals. For your individual or company page, you can buy connections, endorsements, post/pulse likes, post/pulse shares, employees and even recommendations. Everything can be bought and everything is sold.

 is a strong instrument for musicians. Get followers or playlist followers to boost your popularity. Or just buy plays to become a reputable musician.

Vimeo is one of the most popular video hosting services. You may easily buy views or likes via BibBangram acc.

It is only part of the services. The full list of SMNs is available right here.
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