The Top 10 Most-Followed Celebrities on Instagram in 2020

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With the advent of Instagram, people often began to share their photos and look for strangers. After all, it was originally invented as a place where users could upload their photos and nothing more. However, today Instagram has become one of the most popular resources in the world. It’s not just a social photo network – it’s a lifestyle. And, like all social networks, Instagram also has its own leaders in the number of subscribers. Do you want to know who these people who have collected the most followers? Then watch the 10 most popular Instagram In the world!

Who has the most followers on Instagram 2020?

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: 197 million followers

The full name of the world-famous football player sounds like Cristiano Ronaldo DOS Santos Aveiro. Parents could not find a compromise in choosing a name for the child for a long time. The first name came up with the mother, and the second – the father, deciding to name his son in honor of the President, Ronaldo Reagan. Cristiano Ronaldo, playing for the Italian football club “Juventus”, three times became the owner of the” Golden ball “as the best European player, and four times was awarded the”Golden boot”.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 128 million followers

2. Ariana Grande Instagram: 171 million followers

Such a young age of the American actress and singer, Ariana Grande, with an unusual tone of voice did not interfere with the conquest of the hearts of fans-teenagers. The career of the immediate girl with a pretty “doll” appearance began in childhood, now Ariana “is torn” between recording albums, filming movies and TV series, in addition, she still plays in the theater.

Ariana Grande: 121 million followers

3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: 168 million followers

On account of the American wrestler, a famous Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson, more than 300 movies. His name appears twice in the world record book: the first time Dwayne was noted for the mind-blowing amount of fee that he received for his debut main role ($5.5 million), and the second-for the incredible number of photos taken in just 3 minutes (105 selfies).

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: 108 million followers

4. Selena Gomez: 165 million followers

At the age of 24, Selena Gomez was held as a singer, actress, composer and author of musical works, in addition, She was awarded the title of “goodwill Ambassador” UNICEF. 2002 was very busy for Selena Gomez, because it was at this time that her career began. She took on everything: starred in numerous films, recorded albums and gave concerts. The crazy working rhythm had a negative impact on the health of the rising star – in 2014 she was found lupus. The fight against such a terrible disease has added only the popularity of the young artist. All photos of Selena Gomez, posted on her account in Instagram show subscribers how to look good even in the most difficult situations. That’s why her instagram is the most popular.

Selena Gomez

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5. Kylie Jenner: 157 million followers

On the page Kylie Jenner, American model, participant of the reality show “Kardashian Family”, posted photos of designer dresses, jewelry and pictures from the dressing room. And it is unlikely that her fans expected to see something else in her Instagram.

Kylie Jenner: 109 million followers

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6. Kim Kardashian: 156 million followers

The number of subscribers of the account of the American model and actress Kimberly Noel Kardashian has already reached 1 million. The image of the stars of the popular reality show “keeping up with the Kardashians” and “dancing with the stars” creates the appearance of a huge number of photos and videos that are used for different purposes and arouse the excitement of fans. Fans are not so important that the next time will be published on the page of the model, they are happy with any news.

Kim Kardashian: 112 million followers

7. Leo Messi: 140 million followers

Do not know who it is? 136 million people would do tisk, tisk.

Leo is an Argentine soccer player, striker and captain of the Spanish club Barcelona, since 2011 he’s a captain of the national team of Argentina – top scorer in the history of Barcelona and Argentina.

Leo Messi Instagram Love

8. Beyoncé: 137 million followers

Despite his isolation and shyness as a child, Beyonce became a legendary figure in the world of show business in the early 21st century. She has sold tens of millions of her music albums, and has been awarded a Grammy award on several occasions. According to music critics, beyoncé is one of those individuals who strongly influenced the musical style and made a significant contribution to the sphere of popular music.

Beyoncé: 115 million followers

9. Neymar Jr.: 131 million followers

The 26-year-old Brazilian professional soccer player made his professional debut at 17, and now plays as a forward on the Brazilian national team. Recipe for success: unlike Messi, a Brazilian (or a specially trained person) updates his page regularly – often several times a day. In addition, we do not forget that the population of Brazil is almost five times more than Argentina.

Neymar Jr.: 94 million followers

10. Taylor Swift: 125 million followers

Fans loved the singer not only for her talent, but also for her attitude to them – she loves all her fans as much as they love her. Once on instagram, the singer even published pictures from the wedding of his fans, max singer and Keni Smith, which was attended by herself.

Taylor Swift: 109 million followers

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11. Justin Bieber: 124 million followers

The fame of the pop singer from Canada, Justin drew Bieber, came after a video with a composition of his own composition called “One time”appeared on the world video hosting Youtube. A gentle voice helped the young singer to become the winner of the leading award-Grammy. Bieber fans today can enjoy not only the musical works in his performance, but also perfume, which is produced under the label of the stars of show business.

Justin Bieber: 100 million followers

12. Kendall Jenner: 121 million followers

You may say – another Jenner- Kardashian, but this girl is worth attention – look at her beautiful face and body. She is one of the most successful models of a new generation and an ambassador of many brands.

Kendall Jenner Instagram

13. Nicki Minaj: 109 million followers

This fierce Barbie is stunning. She is doing rap like a goddess and that’s why she has so many fans.
There is no sense in describing her, just listen to her music and oh my gosh, look at her “but”!

Nicki Minaj Instagram

14. Jennifer Lopez: 109 million followers

She is 50 and she is Diva. Singer, dancer, actress, mother of two… She is an idol for many generations.
She exemplifies that you can be gorgeous at any age, all you need is work out.

J Lo Instagram

15. LeBron James Instagram: 52,9 million followers

LeBron James Instagram acc has more than 50 mln fans all over the world for a definite reason. He is a King James, after all. American professional basketball player is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers National Basketball Association.

LeBron James Instagram

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16. Khloe Kardashian Instagram: 103 million followers

Khloe is the third daughter of the famous Kardashian family. Today she is 35 years old woman, and she is a successful businesswoman, TV star and mom. Her popularity is grateful to the sensational reality show about the Kardashian family. A few years ago, this show made a real revolution in the media space. The ratings were so high that the Kardashian family instantly became popular.

Khloe, after a while, remains one of the most recognizable Kardashian girls. Her Instagram page has about 102.9 million followers.

17. Miley Cyrus Instagram: 102 million followers

This outrageous girl is still familiar to us from the Disney channel. In her youth, she was able to star in several dozen films, as well as build a successful career as a singer. However, her awkward age was tough. Miley went from an exemplary girl to a provocative star whose name never disappeared from the headlines. Mostly because of her behavior.

Now, Miley is 27 years old girl, she has a failed marriage with Liam Hemsworth behind her, and with a lot of plans to refresh her career ahead. Moreover, she is supported by more than 103 million Instagram followers.

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18. Katy Perry Instagram: 88 million followers

One of the most successful pop artists of our time! Katy Perry rarely leaves the top positions of the world music charts. She has many different music awards. Also, Katy is one of the highest-paid singers of 2019! Her name has long been written on the pages of Forbes.

Today, Katy’s Instagram is supported by more than 88 million followers. She leads the page as an ordinary person, not a star. Maybe that’s what captivates her audience.

19. Kourtney Kardashian Instagram: 85 million followers

Kourtney is the eldest daughter of the Kardashian family. She is not much different from the famous sisters: she is a businesswoman, TV star, actress and model. Kourtney’s Instagram page boasts more than 85 million followers.

20. Kevin Hart Instagram: 84 million followers

Kevin is a star of American stand-up, who was able to gain world popularity. Today, he is a well-known producer, actor and screenwriter. His year is scheduled by the minute: it’s shootings and concerts. His Instagram has more than 84 million followers, acts as an excellent platform for announcing all his future events.

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21. Ellen DeGeneres Instagram: 82 million followers

Who has the most Instagram followers among standup girls? It is Ellen Lee DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres is a famous American TV host and comedian. The woman was honored twice to lead the Oscar ceremony. Ellen is considered the most open and direct person on American television.

The future artist was born in 1958 in Louisiana. Ellen DeGeneres began her creative biography in her youth. In the late seventies, she performed in clubs and coffee shops as a stand-up artist. In 1981, she became an entertainer at Clyde’s Comedy Club. In 1982, Ellen was named the funniest person in America on Showtime.

In 1986, Johnny Carson invited a comedian to his show. So she became the first female comedian to be invited to a TV show as a star guest after a stand-up performance. Ellen showed acting talent in the movie “Coneheads”. She also appeared in several tapes called “Ellen’s adventures”.

In 2003, a significant event took place: the artist created a daytime talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. It stood out from the other shows on television. In that, Ellen joked with the audience, sang with them, danced, and raffled off tickets to other countries.

Now, Ellen is one of America’s most successful and beloved television hosts. The woman shines on the show and remains at the peak of popularity. Her Instagram has more than 82 million followers.   

22. Rihanna Instagram: 78 million followers

Rihanna is stylish, bright, recognizable singer from the first notes and at first glance. When it comes to Rihanna, any characterization is accompanied by the word most. Among that, she has a stable army of followers on Instagram and has the glory as of the most followed Instagram R’n’B artist.

Robin Rihanna Fenty (this is the star’s full name) was born in Barbados. She owed her exotic appearance to her father, Ronald, who had Barbadian and Irish blood in his veins, and to her mother, Monica, who had Afro-Guyanese roots.

At the time, the girl with a fantastic voice was noticed by producer Evan Rogers, who worked with Christina Aguilera and Rod Stewart. He recognized the Barbadian performer’s considerable talent and invited her to America to record a demo.

In 2007, Rihanna announced a change in musical direction and appearance. The singer refused a touching romantic image and made short haircuts. The wardrobe began to be dominated by black things with rivets and tight-fitting outfits.

In 2018, Rihanna has moved to the UK, where she rented an island where she was recording a new album.

Recently, she was working on a line of cosmetics, collections of underwear and clothing, and did not think about the record, although she said that there was plenty of music material.   

23. Demi Lovato Instagram: 76 million followers

Demetria Devonne Lovato – it is the full name of the favorite of millions, American film star and singer Demi Lovato.

As the main thing for herself, the girl considered music and singing, but fame came to her after appearing on the screen. Demi Lovato’s cinematic biography began with the popular film “Barney and friends”. On the set of this project, the young artist found a faithful friend Selena Gomez.

Demi Lovato’s creative biography as an independent singer began with her performance at a concert by the popular boy band “Jonas Brothers”. Soon after, the singer’s debut solo CD, “Don’t Forget”, was released. It received the highest ratings from music critics, who were impressed by the quality of the compilation, recorded in a record time of 10 days.

Now, Demi Lovato continues to develop a cinematic and musical career.

In 2017, the music video for the Latin-style song “Echame La Culpa” was launched, which demi Lovato performed with Latin pop-star Luis Fonsi. The official video has received more than 1 billion views in less than six months.

In 2018, she continued her collaboration with colleagues, recording a joint track with Christina Aguilera for her Studio album, which will be released in the second half of the year.

24. Zendaya Instagram: 64 million followers

Zendaya is an American actress and singer. Also, she is one of the famous people Instagram.

Zendaya started her professional career as a model for local clothing stores. In the same years, the girl participated in a backup dance in a Sears commercial, the main star of which was Selena Gomez.

In 2009, Zendaya recorded a cover of Katy Perry’s song “Hot and Cold” for the 15th collection of children’s covers. Many popular singers and actors at the time also had the honor to work for this beloved American project – among them Olivia Holt, Becky Gee.

In 2009, Zendaya recorded a cover of Katy Perry’s song “Hot and Cold” for the 15th collection of children’s covers. Many popular singers and actors at the time also had the honor to work for this beloved American project – among them Olivia Holt, Becky Gee.

The summer of 2019 was a success for Zendai – in June, the drama series “Euphoria”, produced by Drake, was released. Zendaya played a drug-addicted girl named Ru in the film. The actress admits that the role has become difficult for her, because Zendaya herself leads a healthy lifestyle, so she was afraid that she would not be able to reveal the heroine fully. However, judging by the assessment of critics and the enthusiasm of the audience, she still managed to get used to the character.

25. Drake Instagram: 62 million followers

Drake is a multiple winner of the Grammy award for achievements in the field of hip-hop, whose albums do not remain without the attention of music critics and listeners. His record “Scorpion” is among the top 15 compilations of 2018, and some singles may enrich the musician’s shelf with awards.

Young Drake began his career as an actor. When the Canadian turned 15, a school friend introduced him to his father, who worked as an agent. He arranged for the young man to audition for the series “Degrassi: The Next generation”. Drake was approved for the role of Jimmy Brooks, an undrafted basketball star.

A high school student’s athletic career was ruined by accident one day at a party. A classmate shot him in the back, which left him in a wheelchair. After that, he was paralyzed, with no chance of recovery. After overcoming the crisis, the young man devoted himself to music.

In 2019, a lot of events was planned in Drake’s biography: tracks from the album “Scorpion” are nominated for various awards, there is an opportunity to get another Grammy.